@TheLostWeekends, Bring It On Home

The hostel I work at has live music every Monday. There are 4 different acts, and on the 3rd Monday of every month at the Green Tortoise Hostel in San Francisco, you can find The Lost Weekends. All the bands that play here have their quirkiness about them, as they must to be found where I reside. I do especially enjoy The Lost Weekends. It’s the only Monday I note in my mental schedule (I should switch to paper or pixels tbh tho), and if you’re in the city you might as well stay here and see the free music. Not to mention there might be some free food.

Now I will take the time out to scold my new found friends, as I usually do. I couldn’t find you guys on Instagram, @The Lost Weekends! It is proven that Instagram advertisements lead to more connections made than Facebook advertisements. Also, 5 million more people use Instagram than Twitter (I don’t like that source, and tbh idek if it supports what I just said. fwm). So when I couldn’t find The Lost Weekends on Instagram I was at a loss. I hardly even use Facebook, except for messenger (I try, and I even have a HeartofZeus FB Page, Go LIKE!). A local group like The Lost Weekends could have an amazing Instagram; one worth following, where they put time into their social media and it is palpable. A page that is enticing to the goers of the Green Tortoise. Following an Instagram page is easy! Pictures can be enticing in so many sensible ways! However, Facebook is different. I would use Instagram to get the Facebook likes. Travelers of the Tortoise, young folks from India, Russia, and Australia, are not going to have a practical interest in keeping up with your show dates on Facebook. For instance: I was trying to get people to give The Lost Weekends a big ole LIKE on FB, but I realized how futile the act was, because these people will be going home in a few days, and The Lost Weekends is a local group. Instagram is a fucking game-changer. It can bring local groups to fame because of the effort they put in on this very large, yet simple and regimented platform. Hashtags are the organization of the future. Governments do no have their fingers dipping into the Hashtag world, it’s just basic humanity; us trying to keep our Giant Photo Journal organized.


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