3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Examining Goals

The Triage Of Life; an Introduction of New Format,

By Chris Buckley.

I am not the type of individual one would consider “organized.” As I grow older, I am forced to deal with life as it is thrust at me. While I learn to dodge bullets, I also accept the peltering of boulders as part of daily life. Sometimes I tell myself it’s okay to be mediocre, and that is just not okay. This is me writing to myself, a note, that that is not an okay way to go about ANY day.

At the somber age of 25 I am finding I want a different future than the one I am currently progressing towards. I envision a life of fortitude; my cup overfloweth with out-of-season juices. Today I will be discussing a practice I call The Triage of Life, which is just how I go about organizing my activities. I use this method to dictate short-term and long-term events. As realized through my development of it, clearly I was in need of a time-benefit-analysis, and I am happy to present that to you.

Veronika, Lee, and Gardner.
Thanksgiving 2017.

1. Can It Be Done Today?

If you can’t do it today, it’s better to schedule time to think about later. This is an attribute of successful people, and something I learned from a man named Gardner Kent. The most important tasks are the ones that can be gotten to: today! I put this question as the first part of the analysis as to maintain constant vigilance in regards to it as I move forward with the triage. If you get to the third step and find yourself asking, “Can this task be accomplished in a single life time?” You are about to attempt a task you are nowhere near prepared for; schedule time to think about that stuff later.

2. What Is The Next Step?

Okay, so you have decided your task is a doable feat, and will not result in an immediate failure that could have been easily avoided with a little mental wherewithal. What will be the next step? Even further, where will this task end? Sometimes, especially for the day dreamers, it’s hard to tell where one task ends, and another begins. Today, I will be off to get my passport. I am not going to buy any plane tickets, or say goodbye to anyone I love yet. However, the idea of leaving spawned the idea of getting a passport. I began with a single thought: ‘I want to go to Cambodia,” and then when I ran that idea through The Triage Of Life, I saw clearly the first steps are to save money, and buy a passport. Then comes buying a plane ticket, and finally saying goodbye. The idea to leave did not sprout yesterday however, and a big idea like leaving my home country for the first time takes patience to incorporate into reality.

3. Does it scream “YOU,” or is it just the flavor of the day?

The worst thing, especially for the rootless-entrepreneur, is to invest too much time into something that, really, might have been a pipe dream. Even after you have examined this new idea of yours, and decided it’s a venture of attainable value, you must make the decision to manifest this dream unto your yet untold story. The final step is two parts: realizing accountability of your new project, and incorporating it organically into your daily life. This is where the act of triage comes in. By this third step, you can determine the overall value of a specific idea, and now you need to be truthful to yourself when you ask this next question: “Can I fit this into my already busy life?”

With great power comes great responsibility, and we all must choose wisely how we exercise our great power. I gave some real thought to my Cambodia venture, and find it to be stepping out of my comfort zone, without stepping outside my sphere of affluence. It is important to stick to the confines of reality when delegating time, and maintain constant vigilance in regards to how valuable your time is. Choosing a path totally divergent from your usual activities is not outlandish by any means, but this is the step that separates the men from the boys. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish that task/idea. This third step is about looking at all your ideas and tasks as a whole, and seeing the reality behind the question: “Can I really do all that, and will it make me happy at the end of the day?”


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