Why You Should Move To San Francisco or Seattle, Today!

The accepted minimum wage in the cities of San Francisco and Seattle is $15.00 per hour. Last year I moved from my grandparents basement directly into a tradework position the Green Tortoise Hostel in Seattle. It was the best decision I have ever made for both my wellness, and the wellness of my personal economy. After 4 months in Seattle I relocated to the Green Tortoise Hostel in San Francisco, where I have been enjoying a winter without snow; the first in my lifetime. Why should you join me, and move to the West Coast of the United States of America?


A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but rarely does anything grow there. Move to a new city! Get a fresh start! Honestly, you might just cut your hair, and find motivation within yourself to figure out the next step. Okay, so you can’t leave Today. You can however take the first step to improving your personal economy, which is what this is all about! Get a job and start saving money! There is at least public respect, and personal solace in improving your personal economy; you may even find yourself happy. If you are in the United States I know you have this ability at your finger tips. You should be happy to accept the work that is available; pretty soon McDonald’s is going to be staffed with robots, and you will find your comfort zone has been built around your ease in opportunity to find work.


Okay, you you have a sustainable income, but you still want to get in motion with…something. An individual who moves to San Francisco and finds work anywhere will be able to take home well over $1000 every two weeks, and that is with no prior experience. Restaurants, Retail, Hotel Staff, Bagging Groceries, Counter Help At Marijuana Dispensaries (As of January recreational marijuana is legal in California). You will be able to find a job that pays $15.00 an hour in the cities of San Francisco and Seattle. I meet folks everyday that have lived in the city (SF) for months with no permanent residence, and they have the ability to save money unlike anything I have seen before within the realm of unskilled professionals. If you’re already saving money and just waiting for that next step in life, it wouldn’t hurt to do so in the city with the highest minimum wage in America (That article is out of date, but it is one of the better citations I could find).


If you have never been to the West Coast of the United States, you are missing out. We are not as concerned with Donald Trump out here, we are worried about ourselves! From Vancouver down to San Francisco, probably all the way to Tijuana; It’s a Vibe. The difference out here is palpable. The people are happier, and they are not as idle. There are successful recycling programs. There are not so many Wal-Marts. Being present among these things, along with some healthy choices, and one may begin to grasp the large picture of life;

we are all going to die, but probably not today.

– Chris

* * *

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