First TED Talk, and I Feel Good About It.

I have been hearing about TED Talks for quite some time (years), but yesterday was the first time I explored the website myself, which is simply I have been hearing talks about this medium of education for years; and I have long since associated TED Talks with education. As of late I have been (practically) frantically researching; brainstorming about the possibilities of learning a new skill, or finding a more specific niche to write about. When I heard TED Talks mentioned recently, I thought: “Could be some inspiration there, mhm.” I scrolled through the topics and landed on “Open Source,” as I have been very much into open source everything recently, and this is in opposition to a ‘for profit’ system. Good ideas deserve to reach the public without money being involved, and the internet is going to make that easier, and easier as time goes on. So, anywho, I clicked on the “Open Source” topic, and this video was what I ended up watching. It sounded the most interesting, and also is the newest video for “Open Source.” I have been greatly inspired by the video. Perhaps I have a future in transcribing academic articles for the common reader; I feel confident stating communication as a strong suit of mine. Interviewing the individuals involved a academic research, and then writing my own articles on HeartOfZeus; articles much easier on the eyes, for my lovely readers. Ha. I’m just day dreaming about my future, but today I decided to write my thoughts down, and post them.

Getting involved with academics is certainly where my interests lye.


* * *

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