Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! 46% ladies, and 54% gentleman! That is according to Google Analytic’s, which I trust to help me keep track of my readers. Just like WordPress.org, open source word processors (My Blog, my rules right? Henceforth I shall be using the acronym oswp. I bet I won’t stay true to this, but it does sound like a fun prospect. I believe there will be A LOT more oswp’s in the future.), free online education, and overall how to be a profitable vagabond; I am still learning how to utilize Google Analytic’s to its fullest potential. I am working; everyday working, on my organizational skills. One of my current missions is to have a set list of skills I work actively to develop. My skill set is quite varied, but I am not a master at any one thing. I often hear folks older than I talk regretfully toward there lack of mastery. I intend to maintain constant vigilance in relations to my goals and prospects. At current I have a strong interest in developing skills that can be used in the virtual world, as I believe a life behind a computer best suits my needs, wants, warrants, and confines.

The Great Digresser Returns! I have spent the last 30-45 minutes sifting through my Instagram feed; not to no avail. I messaged a company: @brush.naked, and they make a bamboo toothbrushes. Since it is earth day there are many eco-friendly posts on my Instagram feed, and @brush.naked is the product which stood out to me the most as I perused this morning.

Honestly, I am not progressing in this writing today as I had hoped. Today is a day for some background work here at HeartOfZeus. I may or may not venture to Oakland today for @meetartsesh, that is up in the air. Really, I should stay on this side of the bay and try to get as much work done as possible; but what am I even doing?


* * *

A Note from the future:
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