Live Post #1

I am sitting in the ballroom of the Green Tortoise Hostel in San Francisco, and I am live on Instagram as I write this. The video has been rolling for quite some time now…no one is watching at current, but viewers have come and gone. Ugh. I’m a little stoned, but I’m not sconed, which I usually would be right about now. It’s Wednesday, which means Taco night at the hostel, and as usual some free pastries and sandwiches (brought to you by Illy Cafe, which I have never talked about before, but as we enter my final leg of employment with the Tortoise it is time to talk, and talk well of Illy). I have been nothing short of well fed, and have not been grocery shopping in months (eating in hostels is easy, trust me). Illy is much to thank for that.

I just wanted to write a little bit, not to much. I am pretty tired. I am probably going to lay down and nap quite literally where I am sitting, in the ballroom of the Green Tortoise. At Midnight it is Jo’s Birthday!! I am excited. She got the day off and now we are gonna hangout all day. Woo! So I am only going to nap until, at the latest 11pm, when she is done with work.

Godspeed, Chris.

* * *

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