I failed to go LIVE, pretty much

I am in the ballroom of the Green Tortoise San Francisco sitting across from a man named Josh Martin. He is a traveling photographer only here for 2 nights. Tomorrow he will return to Los Angeles, and next Tuesday he will fly back to London. His job is to take stock photography, and he has been in California for 2 weeks doing that, the whole time in LA. I learned quite a bit about the stock photography business talking to him tonight, and if I had been live Live on Instagram like I had promised, it would have been quite a thing to watch. Darn! Next time! As going live and writing is going to be my new thing.

So here I sit, with a Corona cracked open and my laptop cracked open even wider. I’ve eaten too much bread tonight, but that is the usual occurrence of my life. The knowledge I just gained about stock photography seems near folly to write about. The sad fact is, that information was meant for the video, and I have failed you by not providing it. I asked this man questions, and he answered them fully. To write about the experience would not provide the same effect. Perhaps I am not the proper individual to relay said information. All I have to say to you from my conversation tonight is: travel more, and send out a lot of emails. That’s how one may find success in this day and age.

This all being said, I am going to head to my house and catch some rest. My shoes and my business cards came in the mail today, but I might have to send the shoes back for being to small. It’s very frustrating because I know 1 size up will be to large, but if I want to continue walking, being a bi-pedaling mother fucker, I need shoes. fml. On a much happier note! Yesterday was Jo’s birthday, and we spent the day at the beach just hanging out, it was very relaxing. Today however I worked a good 8 hours of housekeeping. My job is truly beginning to take a tole on me. My shoulder is in no condition to continue doing the work I do, but I feel very close to my transition into a career as a writer. I guess I never thought I would end up choosing writing as a career, but I always knew I would work for myself, so ending up where I am seems quite fitting.

I wanted to end this by talking about how some of my decisions are made based on the simple fact that: if one is not going to kill themselves, then one must figure out a way to make it in society. However I was worried that might clash a little with how I started the article, and I don’t want to scare away Josh Martin. So I’m just gonna skip that part today.


* * *

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