One Day Late, but always on time.

I will never again be writing to you from the Ballroom of the Green Tortoise Hostel. Let that be simply stated. Today I write to you from Cafe Mason, and this is my second day in a row here. Like most things in the city, the service is amazing, and I can’t afford it. Places where service is shite? I can usually afford what they are offering. This should tell you something about the customer service to profit ratio.

Currently I am staying at the Amsterdam Hostel, still in San Francisco. I am looking avidly for work, and I am going to pay to stay in the city from here on out, instead of maintaining my residence through tradework, as I have been doing since my arrival upon October 31st. My goal is to save as much money as possible, and then jet to Southeast Asia. Still. My old roomate saved over $6,000 since March 1st, and he works 40 hours a week for that money. His living expenses are taken care of in the 23 hours of trade for the hostel room. So that’s a 63 hour week. Not bad when it equates to 6 grand in 3 months.

I am not sure how long I can remain at this cafe without encroaching upon the universal time limit…however my sever just welcomed me to enjoy my time here on my computer, and I am grateful for that. The food is good, but really I am paying for the time in the cafe. After this I will be returning to the Amsterdam, possibly spending an insane $0.50 on 2 sheets of paper, and then heading across some fairly large distances to give out some resumes. I am desperately wanting to cut my hair, so you can expect that and find the final product on my Instagram page when it happens. For now I bid you adieu.

Chris (null and void)

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the inauguration of my website! Huzzah! I am proud to say adopting a medium to publish and receive feedback on my writing is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The gratification is palpable, and the motivation I receive from the people around me is continuous, and without it I don’t know how far I would have come on this journey.

Thank You, to all the people who have visited HeartOfZeus this year. It is with an almighty reprieve that I move forward into year 2. You all know who you are. My gratitude is enormous.

The post written above is one I wrote earlier today. However when I returned to the Amsterdam Hostel, I could not get the WiFi connected to my computer. OML I don’t think my computer asked for a password, and that’s why I can’t get access. Alas, here we are, much later in the day, and I have more to tell! I still can’t get the internet to work, but I will inevitably find a way to post this (soon). Since the earlier words I have garnered gainful employment, at a restaurant called MAC’D. I start tomorrow at 4:30, and I am quite excited. I think it’s going to be a good experience, and I intend to stay for a while and save some money. Perhaps my relationship with my new employer will be long, and prosperous. Somehow I fuck everything up, but I am really gonna try this time folks! Here’s to another year, with twice as much fun, and four times as much hard work!


P.S. I am posting this a day late, not even on the 1 year anniversary of my website. Hopefully this doesn’t set the tone for the second year lol.

* * *

A Note from the future:
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