@Cafe Murano

Today I write to you from Cafe Murano, which is one of the more pleasant coffee shops I have been to in the city. The thing about San Francisco is that all the good hangouts are either over-crowded tourist hot spots, or god-sent hideaways. Cafe Murano falls easily into the latter category. The music is tasteful (currently Otis Redding), the Coffee takes precedence (The WiFi pw is Ilovecoffee), the décor is bright and the furniture comfortable. There are plenty of outlets. The staff is gracious and welcoming. Jeez, could I boast anymore about it? Honestly, I am having a great day and that could be effecting my review of the Cafe, but nevertheless if you venture here, especially to get some work done or to grab a decently priced bagel in the ever expensive expanse that is San Francisco, you will not be disappointed.

A whole lot has happened to me this week, and after some turbulence I am starting to feel really on top of things. I got a new job, some new shoes, a little bit of a haircut…and all of this to complement my ever evolving aptitude for hard work. The fact that yesterdays post didn’t go out until today stems from a habit of procrastination I am trying valiantly to break. There is not substitute for elbow grease and lack of sleep, I see that now. So as I go into my first day at my new job today, I am maintaining constant vigilance in regards to my financial security; something I have long understood yet ignored. I have dreams of travel, and writing in exotic places. I have been given the blessing that is San Francisco, a city where an American kid can actually save some money, and so I must do just that. The Green Tortoise helped mold me, and as I enter employment at MAC’D I have different goals than when I entered employment at the Green Tortoise. The summer has arrived. Last summer I was in Seattle, and this summer I shall take on San Francisco. Still a journeyman traveler, I feel good about my prospects, and am excited to write more and more as the future greets me with superior organization and patience.


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