The Philosophy Of Turning Twenty-Six

It’s currently 10:37 AM, and as I am beginning to type, I am realizing a finger injury that I sustained this weekend is creating an Ephemeral Rift between my keyboard and I (Really proud to be able to use that proper noun in a sentence). Prior to my beginning that previous sentence I was feeling quite optimistic about writing. I Shazamed what I am am still hearing. I sit in SPARC and take part in the closest thing I have to a morning routine. Damn though…I cut a significant piece of my left-hand-ring-fingertip off cutting brussel sprouts the other day, and I am totally avoiding typing with said finger. No good. I was worried about it effecting my guitar playing, while simultaneously remaining excited to write. I did not even consider this very obvious outcome. There’s a little guise into my psyche for you over-examiners out there. The song is now ended; Lagos Calling, by Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra. It had me dancing.

I am attending a wedding this weekend. I just finished week one at my new place of employment, MAC’D. It was fun, exciting, and I look forward to going back after the wedding. Since I departed from the Green Tortoise Hostel on May 25th, I have spent a majority of my nights between Amsterdam Hostel and Adelaide Hostel; in that order. Of course I liked Adelaide more, who wouldn’t? I also spent 1 night outside, and several nights at _____ house. It has been topsy-turvy forsure, but I am loving every minute of it. Yesterday I spent $95.00 on some pants, and today I will continue to spend money as I hunt-down and purchase a white shirt, black shoes, dress socks, maybe a tie…I think that’s it. Then later on I will travel two hours north and attend an elegant, beautiful, tasteful, California Wedding. My first, but probably not my last California Wedding. The event is Saturday, but the celebration is all weekend.

My schedule is about to be more structured than it’s ever been, strangely enough. But know that this is not a corner I am being pushed into. I need a little more structure in my life, and anyone who knows me would vouch similarly. I have developing intentions to become more prolific with my writing, and that is what I am building the foundation of my schedule with. I hope not only to maintain this blog, but to make it even better! Better formatting, layout, better structure with my content, and above all else Organization and Ease of Navigating Heart Of Zeus is at the front of my mind! I also hope to work a full 40 hour week, and mingled in with all that I feel very motivated to begin work on my first book, and thusly I intend to maintain my vigilance in regards to finishing it. Above all else however, note that I have ascertained a source of reliable income, and I believe this will provide the most growth here at Heart Of Zeus. A sad truth that I have realized is: Sometimes you just gotta pay a motherfucker.

That is all for me today folks. Its now 11:10 AM, and I intend to go look at those clothes. Once I have found the clothing I need, I suppose it will be on to the Library to continue writing. If I am truly a writer, then I gotta write more, because this is not supposed to simply be a hobby.


P.S. After obtaining the WiFi password, copying in the text, final editing, and somewhere mixed in: another Volcano full, it is now 11:37 AM. Wow lol. Start to finish ONE HOUR! Woo! My life has great timing, and I am grateful!

* * *

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