Wedding Weeknd On The Russian River

I write to you from the Russian River, one to two miles east of Heldsburg, CA. The Air B&B which has been reserved for the wedding is a beautiful log cabin. Three floors and vaulted ceilings? I’ll take a memory, Thank You very much. I am very thankful to the Gotthardts for including me in this weekends extravaganza; truly I am ecstatic to be attending a wedding. As some of you may know, not from my writings but simply from going to school with me, I worked at North Hills Country Club in Menomonee Falls, WI (my hometown) for several years. Every Saturday in the Fall, a Bride and a Groom were to be found bubbling over with anticipation of their new lives together, and to be a part of it made for some of the most consistent beauty and love I will ever experience in this lifetime. If you had a wedding reception at North Hills Country Club, on behalf of all the staff and most certainly myself, I Thank You for allowing me to be apart of your celebration. Tomorrow I will be in the presence of another couple bubbling over with anticipation of the journey that lies ahead; I could not be happier than I am today, writing in a cabin on the Russian River, about to participate in celebration and witness the Vows of Brittany and Nic Stergion as the are joined together in Harmonious Matrimony. I welcome you all, as well and invite and allow you all to be part of this Beautiful Experience through my telling of its tale; please, do follow me down the rabbit hole.


* * *

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