2 x 4 AM

It’s all in my head. That is quite obvious. Went to the rehearsal dinner tonight, and I guess what I am walking away with is…I didn’t know rehearsal dinners were actually an excuse to party. It was 2:15 AM when I awoke to poop, and it is now 3:41 AM. I wrote the first sentence of this post, then Jo came downstairs. We hung with her brother Eddy for some time before he proceeded onto bed. We drank a few Pliny The Elder beers and went to bed after the rehearsal; dinner; her auntie Mel, uncle James and her brother continued to drink for 8 more hours. In fact auntie Mel was able to say goodnight to me, and Eddy became the last to go to bed. Whew. Long evening. And now I’m writing. Actually just prior, between sentence one and the rest, I watched the first episode of Death Note, thinking Jo was going to partake in watching but she ended up sleeping a little on the couch, which is probably better anyway. And now that this post is done, it’s onto bed with myself…again. Goodnight.


* * *

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