Wedding Day!

Today is wedding day! I am uber excited! I began the day with some eggs and a bagel. I feel so-so about it. The eggs were good. In the future I would like to consume less sugar and bread, but this weekend it’s a celebration bitches, so I’m going h.a.m.a.f. It’s an easy acronym, don’t over complicate it. I am drinking a La Croix and day dreaming about getting a good deal on lumber someday; it’s a business kind of morning with the undercut of a celebration, and the Aura of: The Big Day, as a universal term. The ceremony is going to be held at a place called Barndiva, which I have not been inside of yet, but I have heard good things about it. I had the opportunity to see the building last night I am sure, as the rehearsal dinner was across from Barndiva, yet I failed to seize that opportunity. So here I sit writing to you, sitting on the Russian River same exact spot at the table as yesterday morning and last night, and I am writing to you blind of where this ever-important wedding is being held because I failed to fucking look around and observe lol. Guilty as charged for slacking; I am holding myself to some accountability for my readers, so if you’re reading this I want you to know I am making an effort to build trust through consistency.

Anthony Bourdain died this weekend. Since his passing I have seen a large amount of heartfelt Instagram posts, which has molded my opinion of ‘Tony’ much more than ever had been the case during his life. We are not just talking about a nonsense, zomlebrity here. Apparently Mr. Bourdain was a cultured, fun, inspirational individual. His quotes sure are something to read, and that’s all I can say for now. Many of the hostels I follow tell of Tony having the heart and soul of a backpacker, and that’s something I can really understand. All I remember about Anthony Bourdain was getting bombarded with commercials for Parts Unknown. Should have used better advertising if he was such a cool dude. My Lyft driver the other day also mentioned Bourdain, saying she saw him and he shrugged her off. She told me he was a real asshole. I figured she just built up her expectation wrong. Wonder how she feels now. I bet he wasn’t an asshole.

On Monday June 4th, between 6 and 7 AM, 47 people visited this website. So thank you all, if you are still returning. Or if you are just tuning in for your first time, Thank You, and I invite you to come back for more, as I revamp and reorganize the site in the…near…future.


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