Brunch Is Over; Summer Has Begun!

I am sitting at the head of the table near the door leading to the porch of the cabin where we have been staying, and The Wedding is over, and Brunch is over, and today is Jo and I’s final day here, and we leave tonight to return to the city. Whew%$#@! I am not even exhausted, but I feel the decompression difference of this vacation. For BS&NS this could very well be the most important weekend of their lives. I am not married, and honesty spoken, in many regards I am still a child, but I would be willing to bet any married couple will have many more important days of their lives ahead of them. The birth of children, death of loved ones, and the communication required for those cataclysmic decisions that breach the ripple of time; acquisition of property, shift of career, migration of family, will weigh much more important than the invariable wedding day in that final Web of Memories that is our sentience and existentialism. Humanity is a beautiful thing. It’s the simple things that separate us from the animals that I love. We bury our dead. We marry and cooperate. We cherish art. We write.

Merry Sunday; until later.


* * *

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