Ramble #?$?


I am writing to you from Snowbird Coffee, in the Sunset District of San Francisco California. It is a wonderfully homey vibe in this coffee shop, and I am happy to be here. The coffee is pretty good. I like a dark roast, always have, and as I have gotten older and found my particular tastes for caffeine, I enjoy a dark roasts even more. So anyway I finished my cup, which is a mug and not a to-go cup like many of the folks sitting on their laptops here, and upon finishing I approached the counter to ask about the price of a second cup and the young women simply filled my cup, and requested secrecy on the matter. Thank You very much, and let it be known that Snowbird Coffee is a friend to Heart Of Zeus.

I have decided to start putting spaces into the Heart Of Zeus name. I think it brings about some class and simplicity to the name, and I am always seeking to advance those atributes. Eventually the goal is to just tell people “Check out Heart Of Zeus,” and I am sure folks are going to call it the Heart Of Zeus, but mostly were focusing on how I will drop the Dot.Com from the name. Right now I need it. It is what I have. But truly, my Instagram name doesn’t contain any .com, and if I’m already doing it there I can certainly do it in the logo. Secondly, in any IG name, one drops the spaces as part of our online grammar, this is a known fact, just as we drop the spaces in URL’s and email addresses. So I see adding spaces to a Brand Name or a Logo as a freebie; if you want them, or even want to try them out GO FOR IT, I believe (remember, all I know if you’re reading this) your target audience will know when to abandon the spaces for virtual navigation and tagging purposes.

I brushed my teeth and flossed hardcore this morning. To be truthful my oral hygiene is impressively bad, but I am maintaining my vigilance on the matter and well on the way to a better self; in that regard. Right now my gum kind of hurt, and it feels good, but probably not as good as healthy teeth will feel in the end.

Tonight I go back into MAC’D and do a lil 6 hour shift. I wasn’t sure how my schedule was going to end up, but as it looks I will be working 5 nights a week, which is a nice amount of hours considering the amount of projects I am intending to assemble in my free time. Speaking of all that jazz, I was actually supposed to end up at the Helen Crocker Russel Library, but instead I swerved to hit this coffee shop. I still intend to go to the library and get a little work done on The Book, as I will start presenting it. So far I have written like 2 paragraphs. I enjoy writing these short articles much more. Basically just a rambling sesh, and it actually feels quite healthy for my psyche. I often end up learning thru discussion, wherein I will make a discovery while rambling on to someone about something. Through Heart Of Zeus I get to ramble, and I get to learn through my rambling is a different but similar way to talking aloud, and if you want to read it you can, and if you want to avoid it you can easily go that route. Wow, actually this is one of the more random rambles I have had in some time, but I am not done yet.

I was intending to return to Adelaide Hostel this week, but I am now rethinking that. More than likely another week will pass before I return to Adelaide, but I do intend to return there and nowhere else. It really is a nice, nice hostel. I haven’t done any writing there yet, just played on my phone whilst I sat around the lobby, but it most certainly will is a grand place to write, I feel it. So this week I have off Wednesday and Thursday from MAC’D, otherwise I work at night everyday. This means there will be plenty of time for me to get some work done. Will it be writing? Ugh, I certainly hope so. There’s always that change I end up searching online for the lowest bulk t-shirt prices for when I finally decide to start pushing Heart Of Zeus merch. Some dreams just take a long time to assemble, and spending too much time researching that dream can be an unhealthy overkill; I’m sure some of you know that feeling. Well, with no outlet near me, and my HP Pavilion dv7 on it’s way to death, I bid you adieu.


* * *

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