Good Ole Fashion American Ramble

Ladies, Gentleman, and Nikhil, who I can’t hangout with today because I am doing more work on my solo mission that is life.

I am writing to you from the city of San Francisco at an undisclosed location, and I am listening to the Catch Me If You Can soundtrack by John Williams. From 16:30 forward you will find me at MAC’D getting my exposition on. In regards to Heart Of Zeus I am working on a new project, in which I intend to sell promotional shirts. I will be using the art of #DL and the main purpose of these shirts will be to spread the words I write here at
Heart Of Zeus, but if I can make a little money I will; one thing I learned in The City is the importance of making money. I haven’t necessarily learned how to make the money, but with patience, and tactfully reaching out to the right people, money will come. This we know. Hard work pays off, and subversively there is no way around it; on the way to success. I have witnessed a lifetime of freedom with an absolute lack of discipline or hard work, and in America it is true that freedom is not success. Money is an evil thing, but it is truly the best we’ve got. It’s the standard by which we measure our humanity, and by fucking god it works! It works eerily well. It works too good, and unfortunately you are born into the debt of your parents. In the U.S. One does not inherit debt from their elders, but as I grow older I find that to be an inevitable constant world wide. What is Zero on the economic scale? If the homeless in the slums of the world are -7 (Acidic) and The Rockefeller Family is +7 (Basic), where does 0 lie? Is that The Middle Class, the folks I know here in America? Hmm. I bet XKCD could answer all this for me. XKCD, are you out there?


* * *

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