#84; Soundtrack: Australian Chamber Orchestra

This is post number 84, and if you’ve been reading you’ll know that Heart Of Zeus has recently turned one year old. When you consider all things, one year is a small amount of time for a website to be in existence, and thusly I am still settling into my virtual pants baring the Heart Of Zeus name. As I near post #100, I intend to bring about change. Your patience on the matter is not only appreciated, but will be rewarded with a unique and viable source of information that keeps on giving. I often daydream of changing paths entirely and adopting a new website name, something more direct, but the prospects of that are slim. I don’t actually want to change the name, I still believe in Heart Of Zeus, but let me tell yall: it’s about as random as it gets. The name sprang into my mind as I was inputting various prospecting into Google Domains. I tried also Mind Of Microft, as well as many others which at this time I don’t remember. Once I saw the vacancy of this domain however, I jumped on it’s acquisition and have since accomplished my goal to write more and to receive criticism and feedback on my writing.
Thank You All who have helped me with this task over the last year. I feel confident and comfortable now; perhaps some would say I found my voice, although I do not deem that to be true. If I am to continue the practice of hardwork, which is my intention; that which I will call my magnum opus has yet to bud. At the end of my life they can talk about when I found my voice. Today you get 25 year old Chris, and in 9 days you’ll get 26 year old Chris; this is all I know.

So if you’re in love with the website as it is, then I apologize in advance for the change that will be happening. If you are indifferent, cool. If you’re looking forward to the change, I hope I don’t let you down! I do enjoy a good let down, especially being on the light end of the load-drop, but I have focused intentions, and that always helps with forward motion, so chance of a let down is slight. Also, I am leaving the deadline open-ended as that deadline is post #100, and this is post #84. So I may take my time, or I may speed the process up greatly; I do enjoy jumping the gun.

I am going to be seeking help on the revamp of my precious Heart Of Zeus. What I am specifically looking for is someone experienced with Word Press, but can also handle the task of bringing my internet presence up to speed. I have recently made a Patreon account, and that is one of the first tasks that might be worth tackling. I am just writing what I see, but my observations are worth something to somebody. I need your help to put Heart Of Zeus in front of the people who might actually want to read it. This task will require maximum effort and elbow grease, thusly I expect to sift through some bullshit before I hit the proverbial diamond that is a hard working individual. I am definitely looking to work with someone in the Bay area. This person exists, I know they do. So, how do I reach them? This kink has yet to be worked out.


* * *

A Note from the future:
You can now support my work directly using Patreon or Venmo!
After writing for over three years, I have confidence my hardwork is showing through,
and so I have no shame is giving my readers an option support my work.
Thanks in advance!