I Was Born A Rambling Man

Are all Rambling Men born as such, or do some develop that way? I am a rambler by blood, not relation. This is a clear statement of fact for anyone that knows my father. When I begin to talk it is the equivalent of a ship leaving the harbor with no plans or thought of the next dock; doesn’t even check the fuel just goes. Talking someone’s ear off can definitely make for a lowly first impression. My gauge for judging human distaste continues to get more refined with age, but mostly I use logical deduction to determine someones emotions towards me; makes for confusion, sometimes. This is inevitable and I navigate around it as best I can. I get better. Are you still with me?

The clock on my computer says 2:52 AM (6/13/2018), and what it is actually displaying is Wisconsin Time. In California, where I am right now, it is actually 12:53 AM. I have never bothered to change the time; on the contrary I rather like it. The people in the flat below me are almost certainly watching a horror movie; based on the bass heavy soundtrack I hear. There are two black cats in the room which I sit. I am under the impression these cats like me since they are in the room with me. Whenever a human treats me in a way I deem unkind or unfair I meditate on the fact that animals enjoy my presence, and I believe it fair to use animals; non-human animals; non-human domesticated animals, but not all of them, as a universal judge of character. 2:59

I have the next two days off from MAC’D, and I know not what I will do with my time. I focus a lot on the task of making money. The fact that has been reiterated to me however, and now remains, is that I must put in an initial investment of hardwork and time. My job will provide money, and I intend to reciprocate that money into the heart of my own business venture, which is this blog and website your attending now. In my last post I talk about how I want to start selling T-Shirts. I still am riding that wave. I reached out to 6dollarshirts.com and asked if they did custom printing. They do not. But if 6 Dollar Shirts can provide me 10 shirts for $50.00 based in Gainsville, Flordia, I am interested to see what better deals I can find. The price of clothing is going down nationwide. We are seeing one of the direct effects of the internet. Why would I buy a shirt at a shop for $20.00 when I can go online and get the same thing for $10.00? Well that isn’t the case anymore, prices are becoming pretty equal. It Chinatown and The Mission of San Francisco, I can get like 4 shirts for $10.00 I think. That’s more guessing that I usually do in my writing, but in an effort to write more I guess I am moving to Stream Of Consciousness writing as they call it. I am certainly not in love with that name, but I do what I do, and I have settled into trusting the humanity that came before me, so I use the name. So anyway I am guessing because it’s quick as well as the end result doesn’t matter, and I’m rambling on about it because I’m Chris Buckley,

The End.

* * *

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