#85: Periodicals, ASMR, The Outline

And for my next trick, I will operate a computer. A very heavy computer which I am trying to sell. Want to buy a laptop? I am nearing post 100, inching closer to it everyday. I have big plans for Heart Of Zeus, but I am not sure how things will look at the end of battle; ain’t that the Art Of War though? I have been shying away from making prophecies I cannot fulfill. Today however I am feeling optimistic, so let me discuss a little further what I intend to unfold here at Heart Of Zeus. Firstly I plan to stash these 100 posts, of which I am typing number 85. I am going to archive them. I intend to change formats…basicallyentirely. The future here at Heart Of Zeus lies in the world of Opinionated News. The way I intend to maintain credibility is by having the “opinion” part of the news validated by the conglomerate that will be Heart Of Zeus. As I reread what I just wrote and ponder the probability of success, I realize that my intention to keep my Instagram page as a personal page might be a problem. Shit…it would almost look like two different entities. I literally just put a video of me smoking some loud on my live feed, and that is not something I have been shying away from recently, so…probably a mistake. Okay, I deleted it, lol.

So anyway, I’ve got a lot to do today. I’ve got Gray Bailey playing as I am writing this, and but he is getting into quite a talk about being a loner, so I am going to pause writing and listen to him. When I come back, I will be continuing. OKAY I’M BACK! I considered deleting this whole paragraph because it is very jumbled at this point, but then I had some renewed inspiration. Now I have a video playing titled ASMR Whispering Useless Facts (Ear To Ear). I clicked on this video because I was interested in it, and then I realized all at once that I should be writing more about ASMR. SO DUH! There should be an ASMR section on my website. Once upon a time not so long ago, I bought asmrmagazine.com. I still own it. At this point in time the website just redirects here.

Whew, I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY. My inspiration for the continued patience needed to write comes from Stephen Hawking. That man wrote more than one book, and the method he used to write required much more patience than is required of me when I write. When I get overwhelmed with tooo much to say, and that feeling clashes with the anxiety of “Will the finished product even be any good?,” I just meditate on what Hawking had to go through to bring the world his point of view on certain matters; if I can demonstrate even one-tenth of his patience I will surely succeed. Damn though, sometimes I just be ranting. Like, I definitely just wanted to make a little note about this before busting into the real content of the paragraph, and now look, we’re like a whole paragraph in! Well damned as it may be I’m gonna make this bad-boy long af. Moving on…I have been critiquing magazines for quite sometime now. Not only have I been viewing People, Time, The Sun, National Geographic, and STAR for nearly my whole life; recently I have been seeking out the magazine sections at my local bookstores. Green Apple Books, The Alexander Book Company, City Lights. I have been looking at their magazine collections. I have been asking the clerks which magazines sell the most, and I have been getting a lot of the same answers. Some magazines jump out at me, not just because of their content but also because of there reader-base, (which is important: I don’t need to overlap; there is room for me to carve of a niche, and if someone is already bringing quality content I don’t need to combat them for readers). I speak of Juxtapose, Wired, Mad (they changed for 2018), The Atlantic; there are more I could name. I was surprised to find American Rifleman, a magazine run by the NRA, one of the better selling publications. I would be interested to know what kind of readership they have, but I am not feeling motivated to Google such a thing right now. Anyway, end of the day type shit, I decided that publishing a magazine isn’t within my realm of want or possibility. It also does quantify the ‘Get in where you fit in’ rule which I have adopted and am trying to follow. I am steady not interested in overhauling my entire life and starting anew. With a new outlook and new intentions. Becoming publisher and editor of my own magazine would be that exactly. I also don’t have the money to hire people to run a magazine for me. I do however have the money to hire people to run a website, which sounds like a much easier task. Yesterday while I was fact checking for Article #84 I discovered TheOutline.com. I am impressed and inspired by the website. Again, I do not want to combat them on readership. There are billions of people on this earth, more and more gaining access to the internet everyday. Alas, the more I talk about it, the more I realize if I am talking about a website, I am probably going to fall into the gravitational field that is there combative zone. Oh well. I’m going in.

I encourage you, look into The Outline. I haven’t even checked out the mobile version yet, but I know it is going to be a sight. It is an in-your-face website when viewed on a desktop; I found it looking up articles about Patreon, now I remember! The background was blue and the text white, just on this particular article, and center aligned all the way down. I enjoyed the article, and I will continue to read The Outline. Reading will allow me to practice my patience as well; you can never read too much. Can one become addicted to reading? The answer is very obvious, and the answer is yes. Although I have never diagnosed such a case as this. I digress, but know that I will bring you updates on The Outline. At current we shall return to the task which is revamping Heart Of Zeus.

Okay wow, I just took like a 20-30 minute break for lunch. Made some ham; made some plans to make ham later, but differently. My clock now says 2:59, but that is in Wisconsin time. It’s 12:59 over here in San Francisco. I am in a house with 3 cats: Sophie the elder, followed by Minerva, and most recent Athena has joined. The gap between Sophie and Minnie is near 14 years, so we’re talking tiger numbers. Athena is only months old. None of them have to do with Heart Of Zeus, but I fed them a little meat during lunch and I just wanted to tell you about it. I have recently been informed that house cats have a digestive tract that is similar to a human, so they can eat many of them same foods. Today we went H.A.M.

Heart Of Zeus needs more organization and I cannot say that enough. Consistent Fonts and Colors. I want to settle on some of my scattered ideas, and at the end of the day be able to say: “This is Heart Of Zeus, this is what we do, and this is how you can recognize us.” I am hoping to build a team here. The more minds put together on a project the more success that project is bound to see. Not to be too blunt, or “republican” about the situation, but more minds put together will mean more money forsure; and if there is one thing I have a better grasp on due to my time in San Francisco it would be the value of money (even though I’m still not spending it right, but writing it down is part of the combat). I would like Heart Of Zeus to generate money, and as the future continues to rear it’s ugly head day after day, I am seeing now that I may end up generating capital for the continuation of this venture in some strange ways. With a few motivated, hardworking individuals, running an online publication could be quite cheap to maintain. I am not going to throw money aimlessly at a problem, I am going to do some diagnosing, hypothesizing, simulating, and reflecting when I tackle a situation, and this is going to keep Heart Of Zeus efficient, and that efficiency will lead to accessibility for the people. Do you hear that? Because I believe it strongly to be true. If education is fulfilled as a prerequisite, then efficiency is the next factor to be considered on the road to success and notoriety. Do you even know what you’re getting from Heart Of Zeus? Honestly, I don’t, other than you’re getting me and my point of view on some matters, nothing truly newsworthy I would say. But that is all about to change. News is the future here at Heart Of Zeus. I want to bring the focus more centralized to education as a genre, and that will be through the format of News; the definition of News being any piece of information new to the reader, not necessarily the most current event that is happening; and certainly not the most popular event that is happening. My clock is now displaying 4:04, and I am going to smoke a little weed and either take a nap, or continue to write. Let’s find out what happens. I’m still smoking on some Pink Chilean from Inspired Extracts. I was told it’s a landrace strain from Chile, and that it’s a sativa. I like it quite so.

Okay so the clock has only advanced to 4:19 (still Wisconsin time), and I am back. More than likely I will still end up napping, but for now I am awake and I am writing. Okay 4:20! Time for bowl numero dos. While I take the rip and let it settle in, I will talk about one of my favorite ASMR videos, which is actually a pair of videos…Whoa, as I moved forward I realized I am in need of a base set of articles written on the topic of ASMR to refer you to. I believe in and advocate very strongly for ASMR. I have written This Article and Another Article on the subject of ASMR in the past. Even A Third. A portion of my motivation came from This Video posted by Tarot Reader ASMR. She dedicated the video to me and my undertaking of this venture, HeartOfZeus.com, and I’ll tell yall: I listened to the video over and over and over again. Not in a row, but over the year since I received the reading. I am listening to it now at a low volume, for good luck of course. I have an interest in tarot reading, and just after creating this website I ended up with some Tarot card. Purchased them at a market in San Antonio. Quite a find. I still have the cards, but I use them much less. Originally I borrowed a copy of Tarot For Dummies from Nikki at GT in Seattle and binged on learning the cards during my time there; she doesn’t work at that hostel anymore. Also I gave the book back when I left that city. It wasn’t really that long, but it feels long ago. I got to San Francisco on the morning of Halloween 2017, which means I left Seattle just 2 days before that. Wow…I digress however. The video I was intending to tell you about at the beginning of this paragraph was This One, a Vocabulary Builder by Springbok ASMR, one of my all time favorite ASMRtists, without a doubt. She does a Cylon ASMR video that is To Die For. It is now 5:02 according to the Wisconsin Clock, and I still haven’t smoked that second bowl. Time to get to that. And then I think I will really sit down and listen to this Tarot ASMR video. One year after the fact, and before I continue writing. One thing I will say: I know Tarot Reader ASMR makes a pretty penny on Patreon. She was one of my main inspirations for joining the site (check out my account HERE FOLKS!). Overall I can say I quite like her YouTube Channel and I watch it often. I watch in binges, but I tune in monthly. Okay, Imma go smoke now brb.

I ended up taking a nap. Now the clock says 8:06 and that means Jo is out of work! Woohoo! And we were going to clean her grandparents apartment tonight, but as it turns out we have time to accomplish that task in the morning. Right now, I’m going to go chop up some zucchini and makes a casserole real quick, then come back to finish this article later while Jo is writing her essay.

Jo is writing her essay, and hot damn, I guess it’s editing time for me. That means it’s a wrap for the day. Tomorrow I don’t work until 6 PM, and if everything goes to plan I will be posting again tomorrow.

Okay the clock now says 10:51 PM, and my editing process is complete. I wrote it, I edited it, I am about to post it. I hope you enjoy my ramble, because I certainly found enjoyment in writing it.


P.S. Just minutes after Athena got done eating, she went and dropped a massive deuce in the litter box, a nice wet one that competed with the older cats. So maybe I won’t go H.A.M. again.

* * *

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