86 Hopes & Dreams

I am writing this sentence in order to anchor me to finishing post #86 today, but before I continue I am going to load the b and rip that s. Iv’e got the Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets score playing as my writing music today; already going. Before I go to work at 6:15 today, I also intend to organize a travel bag, because I will not have access to my stuff for almost a whole week. A little scary, but let’s get real, these stints are only test-runs for my indefinite travel; on which I want to bring no more than a Jansport sized pack, and maybe a laptop bag. Okay imma smoke. Clock says 3:09 PM

Okay. I’m a heretic now. Time to write. Clock says pi. Yesterday I had the day off, and I used that time to ramble hardcore. Today I am apologetic to say; the same might happen. The first thing I did this morning was reach out to my sister in an attempt to get her in on this project that is Heart Of Zeus. She has yet to respond to me, and honestly the prospects aren’t, and have never been all that prosperous. Business built by families and friends are different entirely than business which is conducted between two unbeknownst, yet like minded individuals. For some reason my family doesn’t seem to do business together, although I thought I might be the one to change that. So actually, there is still hope. My sisters name is Eve, and you might start to hear from her around there parts. Still lots of kinks to be worked out, but hot damn I am learning some stuff over here.

My friends are not exactly plentiful, but they are quality representations of humanity. I know I can count on these gentlemen for support as I move forward, and thusly I will be forcing ambassadorship upon them. Jared, Alex, #D.L., I’m talking to you. I am also hoping to include you, Eve, in on the mix. With great preparation and flawless execution, greatness can be achieved. I would like very much for you all to be a part of this journey. We can get a van that says Heart Of Zeus on the side, and we can drive from Cambodia to India in that van. That would be a crazy endeavor. Who knows what kind of guerrilla marketing campaign I will actually move forward with, but let it be known that I am thinking way outside of the box.

The clock now say 3:50 PM. Inching closer to the time I have to work. Still however over 4 hours away. Quite a lot of time. One thing I am becoming aware of is how much time I waste; consistent squandering of my time here on Earth. Quite literally: my biggest problem. I want my old age to full of relaxation; be retired early, I say. Yet here I sit, squandering my youth, which is the best time to plug yourself for retirement, since you’re able bodied and ready to work. Trust me, if you hate work now, you can rest assured it’s only gonna get worse. Unless you get complacent, or, better, work on your state of mind and attitude towards the subject of work. Hardwork will bring you a better life. If you have not been taught this, or have not had it demonstrated to you through the course of growing up, I promise you, the best course of action is still to try again.

Now I am eating walnuts. I am cracking the shells, and I am eating the walnuts inside. I feel good about it. I am also seeing it is not a quick food. I can’t crack the shells, eat the walnuts, and type at the same time. I really wish I could. The time is now 4:20.

The time is now 4:21, and the most recent words to have left my mouth were “Alexa, shuffle play John Williams.” I have been on quite a John Williams kick lately. If you are unaware, I am speaking of the composer who did the scores for Harry Potter, Star Wars, Catch Me If You Can, and Lincoln. John Williams has done the scores for many a cinematic masterpiece. Apparently he has done the scores for 8 of the top 20 box office grossing movies in history; I just read that on Wikipedia.

The time is now 4:55. I took a bit of a break to eat some walnuts and play with the cats. I still have yet to pack any stuff up, which I really ought to do. Soon… It’s now 5:11; I was talking to my Grandfather on the phone. Now I’m going to call my father and talk to him about all this. I will return, as always.

The time is now 6:26, on the clock in the corner. Actual time is 4:26. Talking to my grandpa and father brought a little relief to the stressful situation that is life. I am however going to do some power cleaning and and preparation for the next couple of days, so I will end it here. I am going to be doing a lot of moving around, and minimal spending of money in the next 2 months, and that shit starts this week! Woo!

The time is now 6:38 in Wisconsin, and I am finished editing,


* * *

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