I work at a restaurant called MAC’D, and we specialize in macaroni and cheese. I have been employed at this location (the only MAC’D) for just over 2 weeks time, and I proud to say, with certainly, that I am at a company who’s potential has outgrown it’s flagship, and is well on the way to achieving nationwide success. The restaurant has been open for just over 1 year, and in January MAC’D had a video featured on BuzzFeed; the video went viral. Since that video debuted, MAC’D has matured significantly. They hired a head chef named Greg, and he didn’t start but a few days before I. He has made a whirlwind of difference in a short time; while I work the expendable positions such as cashier and dishwasher, Greg has the helm of our cheesy ship, and in his wake there is a growing amount of satisfied customers. The fact of the matter is, there is money to be made here, and many of the people I work with understand that just as well as I do. When I began to talk to my superiors about the prospects of a MAC’D blog, I realized I was circumnavigating the obvious; I should just start writing about my work on Heart Of Zeus. Here I am; I’m doing it.

My phone died this morning, and I just turned it back on. When I went onto the Homebase app, which is how we do our scheduling at MAC’D, I found that we are offering a Mexi-Mac! I remember when this idea was just a cheesy little tadpole. Now it’s on the menu board, and we sell it! I am loving the creative ways MAC’D is bringing the people exactly what they love; bringing the people what they have been missing their entire lives: Mac & Cheese with ease, and precision.

Working for a company like MAC’D, which is still a very young business mind you, is quite motivating. While I stand behind the counter and take orders, talking with the folks who come in from across the globe; or if I am in the kitchen, rather impressed with the streamlined nature of this cheesy beast, I am always thinking to myself “what can I take away from this, make better, or make my own?” I often times achieve little victories, generating an idea I am happy with. Most of my ideas last neigh a day or two.

The two gentlemen who started MAC’D, originally named Mix and Mac Foods, did not flounder their cheesy dreams, they manifested them into a reality. A reality that has them free to dream new dreams and achieve even greater prospects in the future. I cannot simply work in this city; live in this city of San Francisco, full of start-ups and entrepreneurs, and allow the opportunity for hardwork and capital gain to flow past me. I intend to pool my money back into Heart Of Zeus, but today I am asking my readers to assist me in funding the next leg of my journey. That’s right, I’m talking money. Let me take the next couple minutes to tell you what I would really do with a little help from my friends.

The first thing I want to do is leave San Francisco. This may sound unfortunate, but I assure you it is not. I have a desire to visit my family. My intent is to go home for a short amount of time before venturing onto Cambodia and India. Originally, months ago, I was telling people I was going to Cambodia like it was a certainty. It is unfortunate that I may be changing my plans before any execution occurred, but India is beginning to align better with my needs, and wants as a writer and website owner. I desire more time to create more content. I want to tell you what I think about 4 topics, each broader than the last: Hosteling, ASMR, Hardwork, and Turpitude. With the money I earn at MAC’D I intend to travel to India, staying at hostels and utilizing all my time to write.

Patronage is the act of one individual/institution bestowing a gift of financial aid unto another individual/institution. When you visit and make a contribution, you are becoming a part of history; etching your mark into just one little piece of humanity, but in the long term you will have found you made quite the difference. One truth I have discovered about myself, in the sea of insecurities that is our humanity: When I Talk, People Listen. When I find my stride while conversing on a subject with which I hold passion for, I am an unstoppable force of communication and debate. It is for this reason I believe you will find Heart Of Zeus an admirable candidate to represent both the Hostel Community, and the ASMR Community. If you desire to read about the passion I have for Hosteling and ASMR, you must scroll through the rest of the posts here on Heart Of Zeus. I will also take this time to say just how excited I am to begin posting more about ASMR. I believe myself to be well versed on the subject, and I hope my readers will enjoy what I have to say.

I don’t feel I am being very direct, but that is as direct as I can get. My indecision really shows through in my other two topics of choice for Heart Of Zeus. Hardwork, and Turpitude. Now if you have been reading you will know I believe myself to have learned a lot about hardwork since leaving my hometown of Menomonee Falls, WI. Some of my knowledge on the subject came from the book Outliers; I highly suggest it. In the future I will be writing more in depth about the Art of hardwork, How to streamline your work to waste less energy, and Observing what ‘hardwork’ really means across the globe, which is where the real education will be found.

Turpitude is “depraved or wicked behavior,” and that is exactly what I intend to talk about on that part of Heart Of Zeus. I come from Wisconsin, and my state has it’s fair share of serial killers and odd stories. I am happy to talk about stories from Wisconsin, but also worldwide under the Turpitude section.

When you visit and make a monthly pledge, you help speed up the process of bringing you writing, and more, on the subjects of Hosteling, ASMR, Hardwork, and Turpitude.

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