Fresh From The Adelaide

I am sitting in the Family Room of the Adelaide Hostel in San Francisco. I rather enjoy this place. Today I experienced the swiftest check in yet, and it’s nice that after a couple times of coming and going they are starting to take me seriously. One of the hardest things about gaining and maintaining wealth is the consistency on which assertiveness is required, especially for a lil Wisconsin boy like me, with my trusting Midwest values. But I am learning, and I have been assertive with the Adelaide through and though. Today I had a great experience! Never underestimate the value of your hardwork folks! Every dollar you posses holds weight, but for best experience I recommend silver.

I’m getting Rick Rolled as we speak. That’s okay. I’m okay. I’ve heard ACDC, Michael Jackson, Motley Crue, and now Rick Astley. Cool. I was actually pretty excited to talk about the soundtrack I was experiencing here at Adelaide. As soon as I finished that first paragraph, the song switched to Rick. Now it’s over. Something new just started. I don’t know what it is yet. Okay wait. I don’t know what this is, period. Shazam! You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul, Modern Talking. The song is okay. I’m not feeling it in my heart, or my soul, really, but it’s whatever. It’s probably good clue music. So anyway…well it’s over now, might as well talk about what comes next. Nothing yet… Well anyway, I was going to talk about my future travel plans. I have fully applied for my passport now, and I am expecting no problems and to simply receive my passport in four to six weeks. The music is quieter now, and I can’t hear it. I hear like, a very little bit of something…but not much. I think the Big Cheese walked in. So maybe the bumpin’ tunes are over. Oh no, they’re back. Anyway.

Chicago to Delhi is only $310, according to Hopper

I plan to leave San Francisco in October. This date is nowhere near set in stone, but the longer I stay here, theoretically, the more money I should have. Money is what I need the most. I used to believe I needed content on my website the most, but now I believe that need to be fulfilled. I am sure I have spoken on this. From San Francisco I plan to travel back to Milwaukee. A lot depends on when I purchase my plane tickets. I downloaded this new app called Hopper, Jo showed it to me. The prices on there are quite good, but as I hate spending money I could easily see myself pushing back the purchasing of plane tickets regardless. We shall see. Today however, I have a loose, loose, loose, plan. I will…Fly out of Chicago (idk what airport), and my destination will be Muscat, Oman. I will spend one week, my first week outside of the United States in my entire life, in this city. Probably in a hotel. Maybe I will only spend two days. I heard from a guy once; a guy I trusted for the 4 hours I knew him, that Oman is ‘Very Progressive.’ This interests me enough to want to go there. I am seeking something unique, and this fits that bill to the fullest. I just learned that Oman has the second highest valued currency in the world from Google.

Leaving from the same airport I arrived at in Oman (I assume), I will fly into India. Mumbai, or possibly Goa. I need to do a little more research. I…in the truest sense of the phrase, have no idea what I am getting myself into…but my intention…I plan to take several months as I travel north to Delhi. From Delhi I will fly into Kathmandu, and climb Mt Everest real quick, then I will re-enter India, this time landing at an airport in Kalkota (Calcutta). This is where my current plan ends. To be honest I am a little intimidated by the thought of all that, but I have logically deduced it to be a doable feature in my life, and thusly I intend to implement it. I have to work in an hour and seven minutes, so I am going to hit the road and catch the bus now. Peace Out from Adelaide.

Chris (P.S. We Are The World, MJ)

The time is 9:47 AM in San Francisco, and I am writing to you from the family room of Adelaide hostel. I live in the Tenderloin ladies and gentleman. I feel at home here, which is an important thing. As I travel, I am learning more about myself; what I like, what I don’t like. Who I get along with, and who I feel estranged from. Last night I got off of work at 3:30 AM after completing my first impromptu shift as a saucier. I bought a Lyft for myself and invited one of the gentleman I work with, Fatty, to accompany me as I knew we were traveling to the same general area. I usually get a Lyft line when I get out of work Friday and Saturday nights, so inviting my friend into my cab was only logical. I set the drop-off point as 1 Isadora Duncan Lane. Once we hopped out of the Lyft I elected to walk with him to his house; I just felt like walking. Getting to know Fatty was quite an experience however. I learned a lot about life in a small span of time, from a Dead Head; from a guy who lived his life differently than a whole-lotta folks, and what he has achieved is unique and beautiful! What a life Fatty has lead! And what kind of knowledge has this life of his bestowed upon him? That which you would expect from a self-proclaimed San Francisco Gutter Punk. You will meet Fatty again.

Last night, for the first time, I cooked on a restaurant line. It was an extraordinary thing. The team consisted of Jack (as builder), Fatty (as dishwasher/expediter), and myself (as saucier). I would say, overall, that we crushed it last night as a team. We served probably…25 people from 12 – 2:30 AM, many of them coming in all at once around 1:40. That is abnormally early; the norm would be folks walking in at 1:57 AM, and it’s like 25 people and they all order complicated macaroni and cheese’s. I cooked until 2:30 last night, but it could have been later if I hadn’t walked into the MAC’D lobby at 1:45 AM and made an announcement: “Ladies and Gentleman, it is your lucky day! If you are in the building, you are going to get to eat! Everybody inside! Everyone’s getting fed.” I don’t remember what I said after that. I did say something more, but at that point I was, for all intents and purposes, rambling.

I began writing nearly an hour ago, but for the last 10 minutes I have simply been playing on my phone. I get terribly sucked into the phone life, but I do my best to maintain vigilance on that issue. Damn. I am quite tired. Fatty and I were choppin it up until like 4:45 AM, and he had to be to work at noon the next day. I know what that’s like though. No Doubt is playing on the radio at the Adelaide now. The same person is working (as yesterday), and thusly the music is consistently good. Oh shit. I was just zoning, playing on my fucking phone again, and then all the sudden it hit me! I’m being Rick Rolled as we speak.

I keep getting distracted instead of writing. I kind of just want to surf around the internet for stuff to buy, but in truth I am not in the position to be spending money, so I probably won’t be making any purchases. On the contrary, Jo and I are supposed to be having a garage sale soon. I’m hoping to make a little money there. I spent almost all of my first check from MAC’D, but I haven’t spent even one penny of the second. I have had $1200 hidden within a shoebox in Jo’s room since I cashed my check, which I think was on the 2nd. I don’t get paid again until the 15th of the month, and today is the 8th. If I still have all of that money when payday comes, I will feel quite accomplished. Patience is hard to maintain, especially when I have never really practiced it in regards to hardwork, and working at MAC’D is definitely hardwork. Freewill can easily throw a wrench in my plans as long as I work at MAC’D. Actually as long as I work in San Francisco (or Seattle), where the money is so good it pulls me in both directions, freewill can throw a wrench in my plans. Go spend the money and have fun being young? Or save it because I have never had the opportunity to make amounts this large and I should grasp it while I can? Even if I grab $100 out of my stash before payday, I will still have over $2000 after I get paid next. That’s crazy. I’m telling you guys that’s crazy. Do you know how long I had to sell weed to make $2000 back in Wisconsin? God-fucking-forbid making that kind of money at a real job in my home state. I have never saved much money working for other people. When I was delivering for Toppers Pizza on 124th and Capitol Drive in Wauwatosa I made pretty good money. Granted, I was slanging tree to everyone from the new guy, to the guy who started the business, and all of middle-management in between. Eventually I got arrested on my way to deliver a pizza; I was out of jail before my shift was over, and I didn’t get fired because job security is a motha-fucka. That event set in motion the beginning of the end. Police began to pay extra close attention to me, and I was still driving around smoking weed and delivering pizza until three in the morning. Several months after my arrest, I submitted my two weeks notice. A couple of days after my final shift at Toppers Pizza, my hood flew up while I was driving on the highway and destroyed my precious 2002 Honda Civic. What a shit show that was. Jared was rolling up in the passenger seat, and he later told me: ‘I thought a plane fell on the car or something,’ which has some serious validity, because the hood curled over the roof, and the whole windscreen collapsed to the point where it was comfortably resting on the dash. I was in the middle lane driving northbound on hwy 41/45. There was a semi-truck on my left, and no cars to my right. I used the side-view mirrors to pull the car to the shoulder of the road, and from there I drove it into the parking lot of Lemke Auto Body, a business located off of Main Street in Menomonee Falls. I consider that area Ernie Von Scheldorn territory…that whole fucking section of town, although by now (of course, due to his passing) his family may have sold off some of the land he owned there. I met EVS on one occasion and I remember it well. I served him water on Thanksgiving at North Hills Country Club, where I worked for quite some time. He was with his son. Anyway… So I elected to abandon the car temporarily at Lemke. Jared and I then walked to the Radisson Hotel down the street, where our friend Tyler scooped us up; in the clutch. We then proceeded to smoke the blunt Jared had previously rolled. It was actually a damn good day, all things considered. Did I digress? My b.

I can’t imagine what kind of money I might actually save up while working in this city. After closing the restaurant last night, I can officially do every job to be done at MAC’D. I feel real good about that statement. My job is not that hard, and after 4-5 weeks of working there, I am getting a sense of what true mastery of the MAC’D realm is. Should I become a store manager? That is a tough question boys and girls. The answer should definitely be yes, because that is where the money is. Also, know that the question has certainty. I am fully capable of running a restaurant, but holy shit it would be a lot of work. I wonder how much money I would need in order to do such a thing…I have a feeling, even before delegations have started, that I will be talked into a lower amount. I can…change the face of the planet I live upon by serving mac and cheese to people! I work for a man named Chen-Chen, and he has no idea who I am. He does not know if I have good ideas, or if I am forward thinking, or a keen problem solver. He doesn’t know what I am like in any sense. The truth I believe to be however, is that his restaurant left to the control of my maniacal mind…would generate us both a generous profit. I am here to take over the world. I am here to etch my self-asserted/publicly-approved wisdom into the sands of time. When I consider what my future will be like in regards to the MAC’D empire, I cannot lose sight of my goals. The money has to align. Real Good.



Whew af. It is midnight on the dot, which means it is officially July 9th in San Francisco California. I just left work, and I am damn happy I have tomorrow off. I earned $106.25 tonight. At work, we use an app called Homebase for our scheduling, and it works quite well. All the data you can imagine wanting about your work shift (at any Donald Duck job), Homebase has that. It’s the future of work environments, and I am rather okay with that. Our time clock, P.O.S. System, and direct deposit are all managed by a different app called Square. If you live in the bay, you have probably used the Square P.O.S. system to pay for food. You would have done so via an iPad docked into one of Square’s signature white bay’s, which pivots and has a magnetic stripe reader. Apparently they are running quite an operation, if they are handling our direct deposit. I am not very sure one can receive a paper check from Square; end of story.

I’m sitting here daydreaming about being the manager of a MAC’D. I never thought I’d see the day; me, fantasizing about middle management. But The Moneyyyy. There is a gentleman who I know as Mr. Lebri. I had him as a teacher for one class, Sociology. He was better known, to me at least, as a history teacher for…I think 7th graders. I didn’t have him until 11th grade…now I do recall he switched schools. Anyway; he used to tell his 7th grade students “It’s all about the money.” Seventh graders; people! That’s pretty young to be having truth thrown at you, especially that truth! From the person you’re parents surely told you to trust: your history teacher! Mr. Libre was, and might still be, a fucking savage for that. I always kind of wished I had him as my 7th grade history teacher. Why didn’t I speak up about wanting to be in his class? Surprise! & a catch 22; the answer might be, because I didn’t have Mr. Libre. Hmph. Anyway, the money.

I could make a lot of money working at MAC’D. Twenty thousand dollars? Fifty thousand dollars? Both of those figures are astoundingly achievable for me right now. It’s obviously all about how I play my cards; If I do not maintain my vigilance, I could easily spend all of my money. San Francisco’s expensive af. If I do maintain my vigilance however? I could have 10k in my pocket by Halloween of this year, 2018. If things at MAC’D stay consistent, 10k by Halloween is an achievable sum. That’s if I only spent about $800 between now, and then. Okay, so maybe I doubt I will achieve that number. I could be a little sloppy, and comparatively get pretty close though, I tell ya. I could make 8k by Halloween easy. Even at that, are we not talking serious numbers?

What if I considered the long term though? What if I did that?! Well to be honest I could probably save 100k if I worked at MAC’D for a measly 5 years. Would I give five years of my life for 100k? Damn son…that’s a serious fucking question. Undoubtedly, if One works at a restaurant for 5 years and saves up 100k, One will probably get approved for a business loan; that’s where the big bucks are. Damn. Such a humongous divergence from the plan I talked about in the upper part of this article; the difference is staggering. Go to India with 5k, or work for five years and save up 100k? This is where I am at in life. Dilemma of dilemma’s, whatever should I do?!?

. . .

I just smoked a j with Ricky, one of the dudes who works here sometimes. It’s smooth smoking in the alley way, because there is no wind, but it’s a double edged sword; you can’t make any noise after 10 PM. So you can’t really kick it at 4:20 AM and chop it up with the boys out front, on some disturbing the peace shit. Easy enough to avoid however. Ricky is leaving for Europe in less than a week. He seems nervous. I will be nervous to, when it is my time to go. He is going to Prague to spend some time with his father. Ricky was born in Brazil. He’s a veteran of the armed forces of the United States of America.

I am getting comfortable more everyday with the pen. I play this keyboard how Jimi plays a guitar. Loose. Loosey Goosey bby. I correct a lot of things I put into divination. Right now I’m just lettin em fly. If the world is my oyster, then my pearl is of ink; drying slowly. Okay, I went back and corrected one thing there. Most of what I write I do not go over until I am finished with the whole piece. I’m getting a lil craze overhere today though, and if yall’ll have me, I’ll ramble mo.

I’m about to look up an India population map. Brb… Well that was fun. Now I am going to bed. The time is 1:55 AM.


Hello. I am writing to you from the Barbary Coast Dispensary on mission street. This place is lit af. It is not anything like SPARC, which is antiquated with sturdy prestige in my mind, a brilliant place to write, and my go-to with absolute. Today however I am at Barbary coast, with inner decor that is straight out of the 20’s. The booths are tall, and of rounded bar style, with rivets into the red leather coated cushioning all the way up. Hardwood floors and stained glass chandeliers. Fuzzy red walls. The music brings it all together. It’s boppin. Unfortunately, they only have one outlet that fits my computer, and its on a large plateau of a bench (red leather), upon which I can not see myself being comfortable. There are no wall outlets; all the tables have extension cords coming out of the middle. There is one row of the aforementioned bucket booths, and then a long-bench/table/chair set-up across from the U-booths; they force the leftover hardwood into a hallway leading to the plateau bench at the end. I’ve been here for quite some time, at this point. There are five TV’s in this room. To be honest I think it’s a little extra, considering everyone is on there phone or their laptop, or they are just smoking that loud. Soon I will need food. That is the only certainty.

I have realized I didn’t even tell the story! The story of how I ended up at Barbary Coast. I had just left the Adelaide on some business not related to smoking weed. Then, in front of me, walking down the street, I see a lady carrying my water bottle. I had just been thinking about my water bottle, and how I left It at the Adelaide, and what I was going to do. Did I really want it back, or was it time to start over with a new bottle? Now that I saw the bottle bobbing down the street in front of me, the answer was obvious. I approached this group of three citizens walking together, and inquired if they were staying at the Adelaide. The lady said she worked there. When I informed her about the situation with the water bottle she apologized quite profusely. I did not think much of the thing. I debated letting my water bottle go. But to not say anything ever would have been ludicrous; I might just end up working with those folks. If I saw that water bottle everyday it would just be an awkward situation. Eventually she might see the bottle on my Instagram, and then she’d be like ‘wtf, why didn’t he ever say anything.” Okay whoa, the music just took a serious change. Cue new paragraph.

It’s 2:10 PM in SF, and the booth I am sitting in is beginning to get quite uncomfortable. Not only am I a crippled piece of shit, but also I have terrible posture. Soon I will take my leave. I have originally decided to simply write until my computer died, but I guess it has a pretty long battery life. WOJARGHOJADGIOFISNHOEARF. The alert just came on: my power is running low. Progressed will be saved, I will switch to looking up restaurants on my phone, and I will continue writing to you from a place with power. And food.


The time is 5:30 PM, and I am writing to you from Bob’s Doughnuts. I just pounded a cinnamon sugar cake doughnut. It was hella dank. Soon here, I think I will get another. I am too tired to be eating sugar, but I am trying to kill some time until Jo gets off work. I bought coffee…idk if that is going to help. I ate some gummies earlier, and they are doing something forsure, lol. Normally I swerve from edibles; usually I end up a tidbit disappointed. Today, I ended up sleepy.

Bob’s Doughnuts is open 24 hours; I asked the lady. She said the next time they are closed is Thanksgiving. That’s amazing, and simply an awesome fact to know about the city. They have an outlet here too. You can spend a buck twenty-five and get a dank ass doughnut. What’s better still; that same principle applies at 2:52 AM when you’re stranded and simply need a place to be, and power would be a convenient convenience. The doughnuts are just awesome. And you know what, I feel good after drinking that coffee. I am still going to ruin it by scoring another doughnut. I might get a dozen and share some with Jo and her family. Maybe not though. I got a dozen Krispy Kremes only one week ago and carried through similarly. Bob’s is pretty damn lit through. Krispy Kreme locks down one market, but Bob’s has this local shit on perfection. They have a TV playing the news. It’s just what a guy like me wants in a writing location. I may be here more often. Bob’s Doughnuts is located on Polk Street, not too far from the new MAC’D location. I have never been scheduled at that location, so theoretically I should not be in this neighborhood often, but as of late I have been finding myself here. Polk Street is damn cool, I gotta say. Darbar, MAC’D, Bob’s Doughnuts, and (if they gave out free refills on iced coffee) Quartz Internet Cafe.

Okay, so I refilled my coffee, and got three doughnuts. I got two more cake doughnuts, and I got a maple glazed raised doughnut. Good stuff. I am going to dig into the maple. Donald Trump is on the TV talking his fat head off. Nobody likes that guy. He has nominated Rhett Cavinknow to the United States Supreme Court. Sorry Rhett, but if Trump likes your ass, nobody else, including myself, does. Holy shit, did I smash that maple glazed or what?

The lady who took my order originally just came back to the shop, and in her hand she has a bag of MAC. I wonder who made it. She got the Vegan, which I have still yet to consume, but I have cooked it now. Looks quite good, I can not lie. Who doesn’t like blended cashews? I just asked her, and she is pleased with the Mac. Her only concern seems to be that the Mac was rather expensive. I would agree. When you get the vegan with cauliflower, it becomes a $17.44 ordeal, instead of the standard $11.99. We are going to need a combination deal for that sort of thing, forsure. She also mentioned that she makes a vegan mac & cheese, and in her’s she uses not only cashews, but also sweet potatoes and carrots. I would get down with that. How much time was really spent on our vegan recipe? I have no idea. I should ask Chen-Chen about that. The vegan is certainly popular enough. Mmm, and what if we had sweet potato fries? Now that is something I can get behind to the maximum extent! I love sweet potato fries. Doesn’t everybody?

I am sitting here eating too many doughnuts. I am ¾ way through my 3rd one. Ick, lol. Forreal though, I am addicted to food. It’s a cursed life I lead. Wednesday morning I have made a makeshift plan to come into Bob’s doughnuts and smash a doughnut in under 2 minutes time. It’s a pretty big ass doughnuts. Apparently it’s the equivalent of 12 regular-ass doughnuts. I have to purchase the doughnut, and I have if I finish it in under 3 minutes I get a t-shirt and my name on the wall, but if I finish in under 2 minutes I get all that plus my money back; I need my money back. I can’t be willy-nilly paying $12 for a huge doughnut! Plus…it couldn’t be bad for my rep.

Okay so I willy-nilly just went and bought one of the giant doughnuts. I got the glazed, and I kind of wish I had gotten the crumb. Oh well. I really think I am going to come back on Wednesday and smash a giant doughnut for competition. This big dude working the counter, apparently he did it in a minute and 25 seconds or something. That’s pretty quick. It’s a dense fucking doughnut, that’s forsure. 1:26, I just over heard them talking about it. Apparently that’s second place overall. First place is 1m14s. That’s crazy fast. I don’t really know how I am going to do. Under 3 minutes, certainly, under 2 minutes, mayybbee, under 1 minutes and 30 seconds? That sounds way fucking impossible lol. We shall see. I am just going to give it my all.

Oh my goodness, it’s my lucky day. There are two folks sitting here doing the doughtnut challenge right now! A man and a woman. The lady who ate the vegan is going over all the rules for the doughnut eating contest. They just started! It’s viciously exciting. I don’t really think they are going to break the three minute mark. I feel a little bad talking shit; I’m like 2 feet away from these people. The lady working here recommends dunking the doughnut in water as you eat it. I suppose I’d rather dunk it in coffee. Damn. Look’s pretty intimidating. The truth remains however that I am a much larger human than these two individuals attempting the challenge at current. (timewarp) They didn’t make it. Dang. I was pretty excited. The guy almost made the 3 minute time limit. His girlfriend didn’t actually seem that interested in the event. I bet Bob’s is making a fortune slanging doughnuts out here. I ate half of the giant doughnut I bought. I am such a fat ass. I bet hell is expecting me. Fuck skool. I am sick and tired of carrying this laptop again. I was not fed up with it, and now I am fed up with it again. Ugh. Whatever will I do?! I still have at least 45 minutes before Jo gets off work.

I have been sitting here, floating in and out of consciousness for some time now. The clock currently reads 10:04, which means it’s 8:04 PM in San Francisco. My clock it still running on Milwaukee time. Yay! Jo just texted me and said she should be off work soon. I’m ready. Unfortunately I might just fall asleep on her, but I have half of a large doughnut with me today.


I am sitting at the Beanstalk Cafe, and it is rather busy. I ordered green tea today instead of coffee, and right off the bat I am disappointed. It’s just a tea bag, made by a company called mighty leaf. Granted it’s a great looking tea bag, perhaps the most artfully designed I’ve ever seen. Still, I am disappointed. I paid three dollars for a tea bag (plus the space, and the WiFi, and the lights). That’s expensive, plus it’s practically about presentation at this point. Why not have loose tea and a bunch of those little cages? Everyone be using those things nowadays. What about a pot of tea? Beanstalk, if I could come in here and order a pot of tea, I might just do that. If I got my own cast iron teapot full of loose tea, and I could keep refilling the hot water? I believe people would pay for every cup they received along with apparatus. Would the profit not be there? Why I pay three dollars and get a tea bag. I shoulda, coulda, will probably go back to getting coffee next time I am here. Gotta pick your battles; it might be a long time before anyone at the Beanstalk Cafe reads this.

I am thinking about walking around the corner and buying an Ernest Hemingway book. I have never read one, as I have said, but I feel like now is the time; before I start traveling. He went all over Europe. Way, way, way back in the day. That’s pretty nifty. I would like to sit in a Parisian cafe and write. Oh for glory’s pitiful sake, I will! But perhaps it will not be as exciting as some of the cafes I will write to you from in India. Hmm…traveling to Greece will be quite an event too. I hope I don’t receive flack about Heart Of Zeus… They need to fix this door here at the Beanstalk; it closes much to slowly. I’m getting sidetracked, but I am sidetracked from nothing, to something else. The work I do is all futile, but as I do it within a fertile land, I feel the buoyancy.

I have been here for quite some time. Soon now, I must leave and go to work. I expedite tonight. I rather enjoy working the expediter position, but now that I have been saucier one time, I feel I should be continuing down that route. That’s where the real money is. I have already decided if I learn to ‘cook my ass off,’ as I put it in my head, I am going to ask for $22.00 an hour. That’s the kind of money I would need to be in there, and cooking everyday. I am very reliable. I can cook all night, and then I can clean the shit out of the kitchen at the end of the night. Perhaps I could get away with only working Friday and Saturday, and possibly Sunday night as well. If I could catch 40 hours in those 3 days, that would be quite a thing! I know it is possible. Noon-close for all three days would be, oddly enough, about thirty-nine hours. That’s what I want. Perhaps I will try to get that. It would be a good life. Monday-Thursday I would have to myself! Would I get a second job? Would I take that time to write? Only time will tell. And tbh, we both know I am going to switch my mind up in five minutes anyway. The time is now 3:30 PM in SF, and I am going to head out into the world, and go to work.


I am sitting in the lounge of the Dakota Hotel in San Francisco. The walls are painted to give the illusion of a library, stuffed full. The floors are of battered hardwood, and the furniture is elegant. Flames leap behind the scene of a young man reading a book; he’s on a couch, I’m in a chair. There is one desk in the room, and a computer already lives there. The folks in the room are talking about Green Day’s American Idiot, and to pair well with that, Donald Trump is getting mentioned. Our president is a real fuck-up. I can not believe America got so high on it’s own affluence, that Trump is what we have come to. Do you guys know what comes next? Because I do. It’s the fucking end of times.

Just kidding. Trump is not the bringer of the Dawn of the End of Days. He just isn’t. He isn’t so important. He wants to be, but the mother-fucker just is not very important. To be important, one must be a very good president. How many presidents can you name? Probably about seven. I’m way-out rambling now. But my point remains, that most people can only name the best-of-the-best presidents. Trump just is not that important. He will not be bringing about the end of day, because his position of power is too protected. He’s not the Pope; your fucking holiness. The current Pope, Sir Francis, is the most progressive leader of the catholic realm…to ever live past the assassination stage. He is a wonder! I really like what he is doing, and let’s get real, Religion is in its dying days. Do you go to church? One day, all the people who go to church are going to die, and then who’s going to fill those tax-exempt buildings? If the Pope wanted to bring about the end of days, he would have one gigantic head start on fucking Trump. Which means Trump is not going to accidentally bring about the end of days. End of story. We’re just going to have to wait this one out. Thanks London, for reminding us to take things a little less seriously. Seriously.

This puts us halfway through page eight of this post, and I believe this is post 90. Not very long ago, a mere three posts, I was talking shit about how I am going to reformat. But damn. I am writing a lot more than I was even three weeks, or a couple of months ago. That might make a serious difference in how I progress. My position at MAC’D might also change, and I will adapt accordingly. Will they make me a store manager? I certainly wouldn’t mind such a thing. Let me tell you what happened: the guy who hired me put his two weeks notice in. The man’s name is Eric, and he is from the same part of the world as I am! I am almost certain I have discussed this before. He hails from Hartford, which is just down the highway from me; in fact it’s not that far from West Bend, where I spent a lot of time, and my Mom still lives. So anyway, Eric is leaving. I know they will not be giving me the position that he held, but positions are being generated all the time, and I am interested to find out what is in store for me. I talked directly to Chen-Chen, and he alluded strongly that there is something more for me at MAC’D than what I have experienced thus far. I know there is money to be made, because folks are coming through and eating the food. Do I want to stay around in the city and get that money? Perhaps. There are folks working at the Adelaide that have been here for quite some time; seriously. How much money could I make if I stayed in the city? If I am ready to work hard, we know the answer is a lot. Ugh. I don’t know how much hardwork I’ve got in me. Only time will tell. Now I will head off to bed, in room 505. There is a Chef in there. I was given an apology for his stuff being all about. Little does anyone know, I am quite used to such a thing.


It is the morning now. In truth, there has been a little turbulence this time with my stay at the Adelaide. Granted, these issues of turbulence have stemmed from grants of pardon from the normal rules. I was put up in a room that is a long term dorm last night, and upon entry I found a man painting on the ground. He told me my bed was not made. Now, initially I figured this to be a fault of housekeeping, perhaps it is easy to overlook a top bunk in such a large building. However, upon further investigating, I discovered the gentleman I shared a room with last night had disallowed access to an individual the previous night: he told them it was a private room and they couldn’t stay there. Now imagine you are an intimidated tourist. Even if the front desk escorted you into the room after that encounter, you would feel comfortable? Well the guy gave me no problems upon entering the room, but I did find out he openly lied to me; telling me there were people last night, that they must’ve showed up late and left before he awoke. Lies! That motherfucker turned this unnamed folk away! In all likelihood he did it with very broken English. The gentleman is from Ecuador, and he is here in America for one year to improve his English. He is taking classes for that purpose, and he is working as manager at a local restaurant to support himself in the meantime. He told me the name of the restaurant, but I don’t recall. He said it was on Mission Street, and if nothing got lost in translation, they serve Chinese or Korean food; I am not sure he knew which.

I am getting more and more excited to write my first book; everyday. I can feel it in my bones. I am as ready as I’ll ever be; or at least, with the plan and goals I have set in place, I am prepared to be as ready as I’ll ever be. Landing in India with a little bit of money in my pocket? With the plan to travel around and write my first book? Damn. That really does sound nice. That would be me living my best life. Sometimes it feels like I will never get there. It is also true, that I am not assured anything. If I were to, for instance, begin drinking copious amounts of alcohol, like I like to do, I would probably lose all my money and never make it to India. Nope. Not happening. I can not falter this time; I must succeed! I am planning to get paid on Sunday, and once this occurs I will be in possession of over $2000. I haven’t had 2k since I was 19 years old. I remember sitting in my maroon colored 1992 Saturn SL2, with 2k in my hands thinking to myself “I should just drive to LA. Head out to California and get into the entertainment business.” I didn’t end up doing that. Mostly I was scared. I also had, over time, tethered myself to the use of a substance or two, and that only escalated my fear of leaving. Hindsight? I suppose that life is so far from the life I am leading today, it’s impossible to envision a situation in which I did things differently. I was young. I came out to California at 25 and I’ve been finding great success and happiness. If I had come at 19, perhaps I would have died from ‘too much partying.’

Ugh. The time for leaving America is still so far away! I am ready now. No. That is not actually the truth. In fact I was just stating about that I am simply setting myself up to be ready. The 2k I am about to have is just the beginning. Really, I need to make money until I simply can’t anymore; my body won’t be able to take it, and I will know. I will be over San Francisco to the fullest extent. That day has not reared it’s beautiful head yet, and thusly, here I sit. How much money will I have that day? I am excited to find out! I am excited to tell you guys, is more like it. I will be putting updates on my Instagram, probably just on my IG story though, about where I am at with savings. I suppose, to be on track with things, I should be saving 2k every month. That is a healthy amount, and I think also a very doable one. So far it is going well. The time is 9:52 AM and I am about to leave the Adelaide, and go to Jo’s house.


I need water. I am sitting in the Dakota Hotel again tonight. My body is too disheveled to be living a rugged lifestyle, who am I trying to kid? And so I spent sixty-four-fucking-dollars to stay here. Ugh. I really like money yall, but as it turns out, I also really like shelter. What a dilemma I have. I always knew I liked food. In fact, there is a truth, that I had one other option tonight. Jo works until midnight, and I could have snuck into her house afterword, but in the meantime waiting I would have probably spent $20 on food over at Lori’s Diner; forsure I would have gotten coffee, not like $4 or $20 compares with the $64 I actually spent, but I am confident I made the right decision. My shoulder hurts, and a bed to sleep in on my own schedule is something I can (somehow) afford, and so I will partake in tonight. Yay! There is a man sitting across the room from me named David, from South Africa. Actually he just got up; been there through jus’bout this whole paragraph. I don’t know much about him yet.

Big things are happening. A new schedule was published today at MAC’D, I received an email while at work. I am on the schedule for 61.25 hours next week. Cool. Very cool. I am wondering what comes next. I don’t want/need a raise, I make pretty good money as it is. I do not care for any change in title. The titles associated with working in management pay me no interest, as I am taking the path less traveled. Middle management will probably not be what carries me through to the next stage of my life.


Middle management is where the money is at…especially for me, with no college education. Everything is going smoothly right now. I have received an increase in hours, and an increase in responsibility would be…tbh i’m already a pretty bossy sob, so it would be as expected, I guess. I use logic, so logically I am going to come out on top. Things seem too good actually…and so, we wait. Wait to find out if Chen-Chen and Greg are going to approach me will salary pay. I am poised to be grossing over 2k every paycheck. What kind of salary do you think they will offer me? 1.7k? Hmm…now that I am considering the big picture (a practice that seems to coincide with my writing and rambling), I am not of the belief that I will be offered Salary pay. Obviously I would not take it. 2K gross is what in the net? 1.5-1.7? That’s a big difference. If I can save 3k every month, then we are talking serious dollars. We are talking 36k a year! I do not think I will be here for a whole year. In fact, what you are reading now, and probably most of what you read on this site, is a daydream. My reality is much different. I will probably get fed up quick, and if I am lucky…I will not get stranded in some foreign country, robbed blind and drunk as two skunks. That’s the type of shit I get into. Damn. I might really get into it out there in the wide, wild world. Gotta maintain my vigilance.

I still need water. But now I am also thinking about food. To think I just paid $64 to not eat oatmeal! I doubt they will have resolved the oatmeal crises at the Adelaide by tomorrow morning. What a travesty. But to go spend money on food now would be…over indulging. I got mac’d tonight. Damn. I get mac’d everytime I work. I’m either munching on the Brussels, curbin a mac, or dippin fries till the sunrise. Seriously, I get fuck’n mac’d bro’o). It’s no good. I gotta get my shit in order. I follow this guy on Instagram, Futura4200…maybe I have spoken of him prior. He wrote about how over consumption of glucose throughout a lifetime will lead to dementia and alzheimer’s. I totally believe it. The Keto diet seems to be the move, and to be honest, I am preparing myself mentally to hit my Keto stroke; and istrong. Contrarily, eating tons of carbs at work is no good. It’s all sugar. Beer, bread, pasta. It’s all no good! We consume a-whole-lot of all that bullshit. Real talk. Where are the veggies folks? And where is the fruit? Damn though…who am I? to be asking where the oatmeal is… A damn fool, that’s who! To hell with bread! That way, it’s there for when I need it most. The afterlife.

I feel like I should have ended it there. Maybe I should have ended it a while ago. I am paying attention to the keyboard I am typing on, and I suppose I am coming to notice that I don’t like it. It’s massive af. But there a thing about it I don’t like…can’t quite put my (proverbial) finger on it. Hmm. I am excited to try out different keyboard setups. The Lenovo Thinkpad looks nice. I see a lot of folks with them lately; or maybe I’m just paying more attention. Jo’s mom offered to sell me her Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for $400. Unfortunately I don’t think I am going to bite on such a thing. I don’t really want a surface. It’s just…more than I need. Plus, one main reason I took a keen interest in the surface was to use it as a drawing pad, but my friend (whom I would have given the surface to) claims the Surface has nothing on the Apple Pencil. Cool. I forgot apple had that shit on lock down. Just simple, like magic is. So anyways, now I am back to looking at laptops. I think I am going to get a Thinkpad. I am pretty set. The only question is…will I regret that shit when I travel? I have no idea what life is going to be like for me on the road. This laptop has done me well, and for that reason I have strongly considered HP for my next machine. Only time will tell, right? We all have to wait and find out what kind of computer, if any, I will get. Ugh. I am glad I am falling out of love with spending money, but sometimes it turns regular-ass-decisions into long-drawnout-things, for no reason really. The end result is usually the same as it would have been had I made the decisions within two seconds of my initial reaction. Malcolm Gladwell has brought that very vivid reality right to my vision. Thank you, Malcolm. I am currently reading Blink, and I am enjoying it very much. I need food and water, for which I am hoping I do not have to leave my shelter: Dakota Hotel.


This morning I woke up, several times, but finally and for good around 9:30. I checked out of the Dakota Hotel, and jetted to the Adelaide for breakfast only to discover they have discontinued their oatmeal regimen. Travesty above all travesties!; I have to make my own oatmeal. Fuck. I drank 1.5 cups of coffee, and one large glass of watered down, concentrated orange juice. I still need water. I didn’t even drink any damn water last night. Now it’s the morning, 10:51 AM, and I still still still need to drink water! What kind of human…forgets to drink water? One that does not have their priorities in order.

On Top Of The World, by Imagine Dragons is playing on the radio. There is a Russian Gentleman working the front desk. I have talked to him a couple of times. I get the sense that I bore him. That’s not unjustified, because I am always high, so I’m probably always doing high person shit like talking about the same thing twice. Whoa. I got way distracted texting Jo since the start of this paragraph. I was intending to speak about how the music was making me want to play guitar, and I as I sit here I realize that one of the things I miss most about the Tortoise is playing guitar on that stage in the front of the ballroom. I would play for folks at breakfast every Sunday at the end of my 5 AM cleaning shift. Those were good times. I got many a compliment playing on that stage. I am aware there is a guitar at the Dakota Hotel, but I have not seen one here at the Adelaide. I wish I wanted to purchase one. Alas, it is not within my scope of interest at this point. I might dabble on the one at the Dakota however. I am finally going to drink water.

I drank water. I also talked to Jo on the phone. She got into a fight with her step-dad. I have long been unsure how I feel about him. In a lot of ways, he reminds me of my grandmother. Right off the bat, that will make him hard to get to know, and here I am literally invading his privacy. I have been aware of that for some time; that my constant presence is not enjoyed. Now I am seeing the escalation of this long stand-off, and it is not pretty. What am I supposed to do? Jo and I are bound to hangout, and I don’t live anywhere. He could be a more assertive gentleman, but that just is not the case. I have said before, and I will say again, that I always come into people’s live at some of the most intense parts. Maybe I just take life very seriously? I am going to go meet Jo though. It sounds like I will not be allowed at her house again. Although…it’s much more complicated than that.


How many more days must I wait? Many. The answer is many days. According to my Homebase App I have worked 37 shifts at MAC’D. Whoa. It feels like way more. Last night, I cooked. I cooked all night. I was supposed to work the register, but my friend Jack whom was scheduled to cook, is not a cook. I took over, and things went…pretty well, I thought. I only fucked one order up. Okay, so I fucked a couple of orders up, but I made like one or two hundred macaroni and cheese’s. Only a small handful of them came back to the kitchen, and I am pleased about that. Earlier in this article I spoke about the gaining of hours. Turns out I was trusting my app to much. Greg did not use military time, and although it says I have 61 hours on the schedule, I only have 40. If I am going to cook, I am going to need more money. Have I spoken about this before? Damn. Cooking mac & cheese sure does make the time fly though. Last night I clocked…well let’s just have a look-see. I clocked 8.7 hours, for $153.85. That’s a decent Friday night. Bartenders make more, but for some reason I never ended up in a gig like that. My clock says 1:11, which means, actually, that it’s 11:11 here in San Francisco. I had just been considering discussion of the time, because otherwise these long posts can get a little bit hard to follow, I am sure. Perhaps they are inevitably hard to follow.

A second paragraph is due, and so I have brought. I’m thinking about how I want to go to work tonight. I want the money. I could catch an extra $150 tonight! I have made plans to go to the baseball game with Jo however, and I will probably follow through on those plans. Damn. I almost know I am going to get a call halfway through the game asking if I want to come into work. I will want to go, and then I will be far away. I guess the grown up thing to do would be to just prepare for the money. I feel like Jo always ends up taking the money, whereas I don’t. But we have plans tonight! I really want that money though. Money is very important. I’m just going to try and not think about it. We are planning to get a room, but if I have to go to work, I am going into work. The money doesn’t sleep, and thusly I will not sleep on it. I’m trying not to get ahead of myself. It’s not like we won’t have the same problem in the future; this has been recurring.

I have been writing for over an hour. Now I will depart from the Adelaide, and I think I am gonna go kick it with Fatty. I just texted him. I was kind of expecting him to hit me back right away, but that has not happened yet. When I stay at the Adelaide I am right by his house, and I ended up staying here twice this week when I normally would have headed elsewhere, simple because I was following Fatty’s footsteps. The Tenderloin is a nice place, once you get the feel for how it operates. Fatty has not hit…NVM he just called me while I was typing that sentence lol. I am about to hit the road and head to his crib. I am going to meet his family. I wonder how strange it’s gonna be. He has his girl, and a 3 year old son at the house (his family wasn’t there, I had just heard them on the phone and assumed). I am going to help him put some music onto his phone. Should be pretty cool. From there, I am not sure where I will head. Probably just end up kicking it there until Jo gets off of work and then going to hangout with her. Maybe I won’t end up at work tonight. Anything could happen. The time is 11:36 in SF. Peace.


Holy Shit. What a morning. I slept at the Europa Hostel last night, and I am writing to you from the Beanstalk Cafe, located in Inner Richmond. Jo’s step father has demanded I not enter his house, and so I came to pick up some clean clothes from her house. We had decided to get a room last night, partly because we ended up with tickets to a Giants game (MLB), but also because I can not come over to her family’s house at the current point in time. The fight Jo got into with her step father began when she inquired about going to the baseball game. At the end of the fight he decided to kick me out. Obviously I have been aware he didn’t want me at his house as much as I have been there, but part of life is putting the pressure onto folks. It costs lots of money for Jo and I to find a place to stay together, and to be honest we probably won’t be spending that many nights together if we are not at her house; she’s saving money. I try not to get to stressed about what is going on; I’ll just get a room at the Adelaide. Jo seems very stressed by the whole situation. I feel bad that the only thing I can do to help, is stay away.

The time is 10:01 AM, so it’s early here in SF. The ladies sitting next to me at the Beanstalk Cafe are discussing travel. One of the ladies must travel often; she is telling a story about catching a fever in the jungle, and she also has a bag with her right now, poised to leave for a three day trip. I am great at eavesdropping. I ordered food here for the first time, and let me tell you, it’s something else. The Bush St sandwich is a really good sandwich. I am surprised at the guy they hired to fill the morning position. He is a young gentleman of Asian decent, glasses, and his left arm is tattooed all the way down, including his hand. Really, a bold move for Mina to make. Mina is the lady who owns the Beanstalk. She has another location as well, and I have seen it from the outside several times (I recall), but I don’t remember where it is located and I have not been inside. I walk by it often. Anyway. I like the new guy. First off, he makes a fire sandwich. Second…he’s tatted to the fullest! That’s pretty cool. I am proud to write from a cafe that is owned by some progressive individuals who embrace the very-much-thriving tattoo world.

The time is now 10:15. I have finished the sandwich. It was a glorious sandwich. Yesterday I went into a local computer store…maybe the last one in the city proper…that isn’t Best Buy (I worked at Best Buy for 3 months in 2014 or 2013. It was for the Christmas season.) Anywho; I was told by the guy at the store, as he was very, very helpful, that I should buy a used computer. He recommended a used Thinkpad, as he could not recommend I bring a brand new computer to a third world country. I am happy for that recommendation, and I am going to take some time out this morning to look for computers online. I am going to do that right now.

The time is now 11:30. I have killed a serious amount of time looking at computers. I am slowly talking myself into a cheaper piece of machinery. Whew! I am pretty sure that if I had gone and purchased a $1000 laptop, I would be disappointed right now. Waiting has been a great choice. I need to remember the laptop I am writing to your from is worth some money still. Ironic. I look to my left, and what is the girl typing on? A Lenovo Thinkpad. I am almost certainly going to get a Thinkpad, now it’s about being patient and getting the right model, at the right price. As for right now, a much too caffeinated Chris is going to head over to Geary, and catch the 38 east to the TL and get a room at the Adelaide. I might skip the fucking around and just book a full week. I am ready to stop mucking about. I work hard, and I don’t play hard, so I will stay hard…or live uncomfortably. I am starting to think comfort, especially in regards to my shoulder, is a good investment. A bed is a proper solution for me. So, to the Adelaide I go!


My Adelaide Bed

I am sitting in the Adelaide, and it is 8:53 AM. Hot and Cold by Katy Perry is on the Radio. I just learned (through instagram) that Pussy Riot took to the field during the world cup. Fucking. Awesome. I love Pussy Riot. First off, the Russian Government is probably a bunch of scumbags, somehow; because I’ve never met a person from Russia I disliked. Actually, I just talked to one of my good friend Sal yesterday. I stood up in his wedding. I really like Sal. He did paralegal work in Chicago for a long time before taking to traveling the United States. He has told me stories about many things; Slab City sounds intriguing. Many a traveling kid will make a pass through slab city. Sal is from Russia. I don’t recall what part, but it’s usually Moscow. He left forever you guys, that’s a big thing. He can’t go back. Sal’s family members are all going to die (of old age), and he can’t go back to visit any of them. Sad, but true. So when you consider what Pussy Riot did at the world cup, remember that if you leave Russia, they don’t really want you back.

One of the ladies for the SF Free Walking Tour just came into the Adelaide and tempted me with a free walking tour flyer. Open Office doesn’t want flyer to be a word, but I’m saying fuck that; if I feel the right way about a certain situation of letters, it’s a word. Did you guys know the name Jessica was invented by Shakespeare? It’s the women’s version of Jessie. Shakespeare invented a lot of words, and many of the phrases we use today come from his writings. I have heard that Shakespeare was actually a conglomerate of writers. The world of difference the fucking camera has made. It’s incredible. Imagine seeing a picture of Shakespeare, but we missed our chance for that…probably all started with the second burning down of the Library of Alexander. Damn You, Ceaser! I know it was an accident, but still. Talk about the biggest fuck-ups of all time. Killing Jesus, Burning down the Great Library, electing Donald Trump. All bad, bad things. No good! We are a plague to ourselves; I am excited to see more of it.

I think it’s time I head for coffee. The time is now 9:11. That practically requires a moment of silence. Do you remember where you were on 9/11/2001? I do. I was in my grandparents kitchen with my grandmother. The TV was a tiny white thing, with very aerodynamic vents at the back; I recall the pleasure of running my hands over them. I saw the second plane hit on live television. Little did I know that would change everything, forever; as I write to you today it is affecting my travel. It changed history. The time is 9:23 now though. I spent a lot of that time listening to Katy Perry. I think it might have been a full Katy Perry album. Now it’s Taylor Swift. Greg just sent a message on Homebase thanking me for the idea of pouring boiling water down the drain. Cool. It’s always nice to be appreciated. He is going to pour the pasta water down the drain everyday. That will be great for the drains, I’m sure. We boil a lot of water in the morning for pasta, I didn’t really consider that when I brought the idea up, but seriously…it’s going to change our drain game. I still haven’t gotten that coffee. I’ve been thinking a lot about how much of everything I consume. Maybe when I travel I will adopt a better lifestyle. Perhaps I will jumpstart the process with a meditation stay at a temple in India. The first time I ever meditated was at 14 years old, and although I am no expert, I consider myself practiced. I could decide to not drink coffee…but I never do. Maybe I’m going off the rails on a crazy train and I don’t even know.

Psyche! Everything is under control. I’m gonna get old and die, and everything between is just for fun, right? That’s not totally true, but I’m trying to just go with the flow; when the coffee is free, I let it flow. I realized as I was walking downstairs to the kitchen, pondering the time, that I have to check out of the Dakota at 10 AM. I am thinking about extending. It is the easiest thing to do. Otherwise I have to pack everything up, including my gigantic computer, and bring it all to work. Never an enjoyable experience. I could store the bags here, and just check back in later…no I’m probably not going to do that. Okay. It’s 9:45 AM now in SF, and I work at 11 AM (until 9 PM), so I am going to hit the road. Try to extend my stay, and then doubly hit the road and go to work. Should be a good day. Looks like I am going to be spending a lot of days with Greg. 11-9 and 10:30-7. Then they threw in a 6:30-3AM shift on Friday just for shits and gigs. Nifty.


I am writing to you from the pho-library of the Dakota. I was just handed a sheet of paper that states it will cost me $137.18 (in total) to stay at the Dakota this Friday and Saturday night. That’s almost twice as much as I would usually pay. I am probably not going to stay. That is a little disappointing, but I have the weekend off, so maybe I will still figure something out. For that price I could practically get a hotel room, provided those prices don’t go way up on the weekend; or when it’s the busy season lol. I’m fucked. I don’t think I am going to pay to stay. I am probably going to cozy up with my sleeping bag and save a couple hundred bucks because of it. Besides, I paid to rent the bag. I will get my money back out of it in just two nights, if those nights are this weekend. Dang. Talk about a sticky situation; I was excited to have the weekend off, and be comfortable. Now I will just have the weekend off. There is nothing glorious about crashing in the park. Perhaps I will get myself a sleeping pad too. That would make all the difference in the world. So many things to consider. Unfortunately, I have to be to work at 11 AM, and it is 10:09 AM right now. So I think I am going to hit it and head to MAC’D. Fun stuff. I will earn more than enough just today to stay here for the whole weekend. Still, I can not bring myself to do it. I have $2050 dollars in my pocket, and I do not have it in me to spend any of it quite yet. I haven’t even cashed my third paycheck yet!


My computer is telling me we have 9% battery life left. Well, here we go. I am on my break at work. It was an eventful day, in sometype of way. I have been promoted. Chen-chen, the owner of MAC’D has

My computer up and died on me! I was chillin at Asian Box around 4:30 PM when I was writing the above. Since then I have closed another night at MAC’D, and curled up in my secret spot for some zzz’s, awoke, and now the time is 5:03 AM, and I am at Bob’s Donuts. I really enjoy that this establishment is open 24 hours. There is some old school Chinese music playing, and an Asian man preparing donuts. He uses a machine to portion the donuts, and then uses two sticks to flip them over in the fryer. This whole scene is quite tranquil right now. Soon it will change. The sun will bare over the horizon, and the city of San Francisco will come alive again with tech-savvy migrants. Bob’s donuts will have tourists coming and going all day, and I will be over at MAC’D working from 10:30-7. Then! After work I am going to Jo’s. Her parents are going out of town. I am pretty excited. I saw Jo last night for a brief second, but otherwise it’s been a couple of days. I miss Jo.

So anyway, I was speaking of the fact I got a promotion at work. Nothing will take place until the next pay cycle, which is fine by me; patience will be the bringer of my fortune. I dropped a lil bitta doe on some tree yesterday, so let’s get real about it, I no longer have the whole two gees. Still, I feel good. We all knew I was gonna bust a move similar to that. I digress; I know not what I am being promoted to, but I have been informed it will come with a pay raise. I am already making more money than I have ever made in my life, and it would be wise to stick around at MAC’D. In five years time, this job could really pay off. Already, since I began at MAC’D, we have opened two additional locations: one on Polk Street, the other in Portland, Oregon. That’s big stuff. Polk street, I believe, is meant to fill the shoes of our flagship store, which will eventually be demolished, as the building is scheduled for demolition. I hope Chen-Chen is not upset for me exposing that information, but let’s get real, only a handful of folks are going to read this article before the demolition of the building. I am not sure how long the Marina building will stand, but it could be near a whole year yet before we say goodbye. I have considered postponing my travels until then, because of the monetary benefits.

They are talking about the influx of RV’s and camper vans in the the bay on the abc7 news. Apparently Palo Alto is going to help those people transition into permanent housing by giving them a safe place to park their RV. I don’t think it will work. I don’t think a lot of those folks want permanent housing. Shit, I don’t even want permanent housing. If I end up working at MAC’D for the next year, I do not know what I will do about housing. Perhaps I will post up at the Dakota. That could be the move. I am hella not staying on track this morning. I was pretty excited to sit down and write. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t write last night, and was rather excited for this morning. Yet here I sit, writing to you from Bob’s at 5:42 AM, and I am digressing as hard as I have ever digressed.

Bonnye’s Sweet Tattoo

Now it’s 5:52. I was playing around on my phone for a second there. I uploaded a 360 photo to the MAC’D Polk street location. I am hoping my Google Guide status will help bring it to the map. Apparently we don’t show up Google Maps yet because there are no reviews. I bet our other location is just so popular, Google always suggests it when you search for MAC’D. Although this lady I work with, Bonnye, pointed out that in the Marina we are providing a unique service, but the Polk street location has some fierce competition. I will also take this time to point out that Bonnye got a badass tattoo while she was drunk. In fact it’s so cool I thought I should take a picture of it; for my collection of contemporary images. She definitely understands the seriousness of the tattoo she has acquired, and that is what makes it okay to tell you about the situation. People are entitled to tattoo whatever they want on their body, but it’s better if we get to laugh about your foolish tattoo (placement) together. Everybody show Bonnye some love for doing what young people do best: get fucked up and do fucked up shit.

Note the cup in the road

I just watched a guy walk into the middle of the road, set his coffee cup down, and then return to the sidewalk. Homeless people do the darnedest things. I wish I had a sweatshirt. Union Street Coffee House is open now, since it’s past 6 AM, but I believe I will have the same problem there as I am having at Bob’s donuts, which is that all I have are hundred dollar bills. Seven of them. And a paycheck. That’s some shit that nobody, including me, would trust. I always check the big bills that come through MAC’D, and hardcore. If you give me a one-hundred dollar bill, do not be insulted when I check for validity. It’s a lot of money, and a fake should be easily identifiable. I look for the little red and blue hairs. Obviously the watermark is another way to check, but I prefer to look for the blue & red. Hmm. Perhaps we should get one of those bill markers at MAC’D, the ones that test for fake bills. Probably not as foolproof as checking bills the old fashioned way, but other companies trust the marker, and so I believe MAC’D can trust the marker too. A line is forming at Bob’s here. Damn. The line is getting pretty serious, pretty quick. You know I thought this once before, and perhaps MAC’D could sell some of these doughnuts over at our store. You know, we would sell most of the donuts at the marina, but it would be a good excuse to talk about our Polk Street location, and perhaps, with our combined fame, it could be enough for some more media coverage. I wonder if any other stores in the city sell Bobs donuts. On the news, they are talking about a company called Just Foods. It is headquartered in the Bay. They have isolated a protein in a type of bean, and they have used it to create an egg substitute. No joke you guys, this is gonna be big. I can tell by watching the eggs cook on the news, that these are the real deal. They isolated a protein that resembles the protein in eggs. Amazing. Just amazing what the future is bringing us.

I just stepped outside to get a lil fresh air this morning, and I noticed that Bob’s is right across the street from Good Vibrations, the premier store for vibrators and sex toys in San Francisco; I have not been inside yet. I have been inside Mr. S Leather, but that’s the only sex store I have been to in the City. It was intense as fuck lol. There was men having sex on televisions all over the shop, and they have a whole section devoted to leather dog costumes. I perused the goods for about forty-five minutes. I have had it starred on my Google Maps since before my visit, and it remains starred.

My leather coat is damp. Damn. I am one conceded mother fucker. I was just thinking about how maybe my coat will be sought after some day, simply because it is my coat. However, there is a twist, because the coat is clearly recognizable as mine. The right sleeve has white specks of paint on the outside, and these came about when I was doing some painting for Gardner Kent. I primed, and painted over 40 sheets of plywood white on one side, and now they make up the roof of the Green Tortoise Adventure Travel Company’s bus station in Oakland, at 2021 Brush Street. This is the only time I have ever done any roofing work. So on one of the first days, I jumped right into painting with my coat still upon my shoulders, and bam; paint on my leather coat. My nice, free, Joseph A Bank leather coat. Damn. I remember my initial reaction to that. As I consider selling the coat in preparation for warmer climates, I wonder what the result would be if I sold the coat as part of a fund raiser for Heart Of Zeus. Hmm. Am I not really doing work over here? I believe in what I am doing, which is simply…writing about nothing, at this point. I began writing this on July 7th (pretty sure), and now it is July 18th (certain). This post is now three lines into page seventeen according to Open Office. Sweet. All single spaced. I feel good about how much I have written. I heard a quote from Stephen King once. He was talking about how even when one does not feel like they are accomplishing anything whilst writing, they should continue, because one may never know when they are actually producing something of brilliance. I have also heard from Jack Kerouac, that if one wants to be successful, they must keep writing, and keep writing, and keep writing. So here I sit. And I am writing. I am getting a little bored of Bob’s donuts. I am running on minimal sleep, and I have to work at 10:30 AM. I will probably get off work before Jo.

Well. I just happened to look at my schedule for work, and have discovered it to be changed. Kind of disappointing that I was not notified, but whatever. So now I have Thursday and Saturday off, but I work Sunday. Okay cool. I suppose I will enjoy the day off tomorrow. Over all it will result in less hours, which is a little lame. Yesterday during a discussion with Chen-Chen, I cited that I had a specific interest in staff training, and this is because I believe in my teaching abilities wholeheartedly. Today, Greg has thrown himself on the schedule with the title STAFF TRAINER for Thursday. I can work for Greg, I have discovered. For the money, I will deal with a lot bullshit. Monetarily, Greg makes sense to have around. He has cut back on use of many, many items at MAC’D; deli cups, excess dishes, over staffing/under staffing, and the overall final product has improved since Greg’s arrival. That doesn’t separate you from the things I know about Greg, but I can certainly divide and conquer my conscious to work for you. Working for Greg Engelhardt ain’t that bad. At least he is consistent. I used to think he would eventually get himself fired, but now I am beginning to see that may not be the case; he may be more professional than I knew. Only time will tell about Greg; the same as only time will tell about me. Perhaps this paragraph will be the death of my employment at MAC’D. Perhaps I will edit it out because of this possibility. Only time will tell, but right now I can tell you the time is 7:13. Earlyyy af, especially since I now work 11-9 today, instead of my previously scheduled 10:30-7. I had a suspicious feeling I would end up working until 9 PM. I didn’t suspect I would have Thursday off. I just rechecked the schedule, and Greg is not scheduled to show up today. That’s alright. I can deal with a second day of No Greg. Like I said, I can work for the guy, but everyone likes it better when their boss is not their, right? Ugh. 7:20 tho. It’s gonna be a long day. I really shouldn’t drink anymore coffee. Only time will tell if I do. It is starting to feel about time I left Bob’s Donuts. Perhaps I will head to Union Street Coffee House. Perhaps I will just go into MAC’D at 8 AM and write in the break room upstairs. Either way, here goes.


Surprise, surprise! The time is 7:54 AM, and I am at USCH. I walked a little bit of the way, but then I took the 47, and 41 buses to get here. When I got off the 41 at Union and Fillmore, I found myself outside a flower shop; same flower shop that is always there. Today I inquired about flower prices, and of course they are normal fucking flower prices. It was then I realized, price doesn’t actually matter. I intend to buy some flowers for MAC’D (I never did). I don’t believe it would violate a health code to have flowers at our front counter? Most importantly, lavender keeps flies away. As an added bonus however, flowers happen to be beautiful and smell nice, and their presence makes customers happy. Science says I should buy red and yellow flowers if I want to make our customers hungry. Would purple and yellow make them less hungry? I was thinking lavender to keep the flies away, complemented by some sunflowers to bring the bees in. The bees are important, people! Soon all our bees will be mechanical. Then what? I would just be attracting good ole organic bee’s with the sunflowers; it could be worse. Perhaps I should swerve from the sunflowers? Perhaps I should swerve from the flowers all together! I intend to do some research about flowers and restaurants. and used laptops. right now…So I am going to take a break from writing. As I am poised to buy a new computer very soon, perhaps this post will last until I sell this bad-boy. It’s already hella long. Hmm. Could be this weekend. Could be tomorrow! Only tImEwIlLtElL.


The time is 12:09 AM in San Francisco. I am writing to you from my old spot on Bartol street. I grew a lot as a person in this house, and this will certainly be the last speech I make from here.

* * *

That was it (since I wrote this a lady named Daniella move in, and out of the house). After that my friend and I ordered from Pizzelle Di North Beach and we ate. It was a good night. I slept well, and I awoke rested. I didn’t have a pillow, but I made due. My life has changed so much. I’ve always been gritty, but now I feel like the King of Grit! My life is organic, and I know not where my roots will expand unto next. I am starting to feel a long way from home, and it feels good.

So I awoke, and I walked to Sacramento St where I caught the 1 California bus (aka Neo). Now I am sitting at the Beanstalk Cafe. The time is 8:36 AM. I am drinking coffee, which I usually regret later. Tbh I am surprised how much coffee affects me. The effect is that I am anxious. It has always been like this, and I know not why. After 25 years and 27 days, the necessary adjustments I should make to my coffee intake allude me still.

Big decisions have been made within my ever churning mind. I am going to get an old computer and put Linux on it. Not that old; I am thinking about purchasing a Thinkpad T430 from a place called Unwaste located in Berkeley. They want $150 for the machine, and it has Windows 8.1 installed on it. I plan to remove that install in favor of running Ubuntu Linux. I will have two computers for a short amount of time, and then I plan to sell the one I am writing to you from. Damn. The more I think about it, the more I want to just buy a bulk amount of computers, put Ubuntu on all of them, and then resell them. I really think there is money in that, but maybe only for the next 3 months to 1 year, before people make the same switch I am about to make. Dang. So many possibilities; such a restrictive amount of time.

I am kind of waiting for Jo to message me back. So far she has not. In actuality that is a good thing, because it means she’s actually getting some sleep. However, at this point I kind of wish I had jetted across the bay already to visit Unwaste. I foolishly didn’t look at the hours until I got on a bus going in the wrong direction.

I just got out of a 20 minute conversation with the owner of the Beanstalk Cafe, Mina. She is a very nice lady from Korea, and this would be the second time I’ve talked to her extensively. I quite like talking to her, as it turns out. She is very passionate about her business, and it is very interesting to hear her speak about it. The conversation was probably a let down on her end, because I had to tell her my interest in working here would now majorly conflict with my employment at MAC’D. On a brighter note, I told her I had a friend that may be interested in employment, and I really think that situation might work out. Casey can build sandwiches, that’s forsure. Working at the Beanstalk would be a good gig, and if I wasn’t already fully invested into MAC’D, I would probably enjoy working here. You know what though? I already do enjoy working here, I just work on my laptop. I am starting to find substantial value in being a good customer. Today I was gifted a ‘toast cup’ and a free refill on my coffee here at the Beanstalk. These are the spoils of my hardwork. I am out here writing, and I am finding my reputation to be growing in value, and my monetary situation is expanding due to a totally separate premise. The time is now 10:19 AM, and I am going to head over to Jo’s. Then later I will head to Unwaste. Probably.


Fuck You! That’s what I think. I am writing to you from Ashley’s cafe within the Inner Richmond district of San Francisco, and I am doing so from a Lenovo Thinkpad I ended up buying yesterday for $120. I purchased the computer from a place call Unwaste, which is short for Universal Waste Management Inc, and the place is located in Berkeley. I took a rather difficult journey out there yesterday, and what was difficult was walking from the BART station with all of my stuff. I am very tired. In fact, I keep accidentally falling asleep.

I got off work last night at exactly 3 AM. I kicked it with my coworker Cam as he waited for the 22 bus, and then conveniently my bus, the 91, came soon after. I normally would take the bus west, but last night I was headed east. I left the bus at Van Ness, and then walked up to Bob’s Donuts. It was more crowded than other times I have been there at night, and I unfortunately couldn’t get the seat next to the plug, so I couldn’t do any writing last night. I kicked it at Bob’s donuts until just after 4:20 AM, and they I took walking to Lafayette park, where I was intending to crash. On the way to the park however, I found a comfortable chair to sit in, and although I walked past it initially, I soon realized the chair was better than the ground for which I was headed. The chair had a handwritten sign on it saying BIR, which stands for Bulky Item Recycling. I had already assessed the area to be wealthy and homeless free, which is important. The only way I am sleeping on a couch I find on the road in SF, is if I am the first person in said chair. Last night, I was the first person in the chair. There was a coiled rug atop the chair when I arrived. It was misting a little, so I unrolled the rug a bit and used it to cover my laptop bag. I then fell asleep in the chair for about two and a half hours. It was way better than what I was expecting when I left MAC’D that night, i’ll say that for damn sure. The ground is not a great, good, or even mediocre place to sleep. Sometimes though, you just gotta save that money. I also ate four donuts in the middle of all that. Probably not the brightest decision, but damn, those donuts are good!

This is the first ever piece of writing from my new (old) computer. It is a Thinkpad T430. So far I am pretty pleased with the thing, despite it having Windows 8.1 installed, which is just atrocious. On an unrelated note, I think i’ve had an infection in my left ear for months now, I should get that checked out. Today specifically it is bothering me. I WONDER WHY!?! Fuck God. He isn’t real, and gives a pitiful sense of false hope to people that deserve to have been taught better. That’s what I think about Saturdays. This is the first time I’ve played with the computer since I bought it yesterday. Everything seems to be in working order. I don’t know why I was expecting the device to have MS office, but I didn’t find it, and so I have taken to Google Docs. My girlfriend uses Google Docs for everything. So far, so good. I am still very tired. I know not what to do. I am going to run into the same problem tonight when I get off of work; having no place to go. Apparently the Rugby World Cup is happening right now in San Francisco, and because of this all the hostels are full. Even if they weren’t full, last night I saved $68 by not staying in a hostel. Tonight I will save the same. I am not prepared to spend that kind of money for a place to stay. It’s a ludicrous amount of money. If these foreigners are willing to pay that, well that’s fucking lame. I wish everyone would simply boycott San Francisco. It’s stupid how expensive it is, and for what? The protection of the bay. That’s why this city is so expensive, is because it’s surrounded by water. That premium paid for safety has carried all the way over to the modern day. Sure, things have changed in SF, but since the cost of living has gone nowhere but up, the root of those costs is still very relevant. The city is literally a tourist attraction. In fact, all of California is a tourist attraction. It’s kind of…a fucking joke, actually. The generations that have come most recently before us used marketing for a sick, dirty ploy unprecedented in the history of mankind. But the money has been filtered up, yall. It aint coming back. The business men that made their wealth far too easily have already manifested their destiny. I don’t understand money really. I mean I want it and all, but with great power comes great responsibility. The world will maintain balance, which means we can expect an influx. I am expecting a violent uprising in America, and I will be very disappointed in my fellow Americans if it never happens. I am doing my part by writing this website. I just state my opinion on here, but over time I have logically deduced the value of my opinions to be high. Very rarely do I predict an impossible future. Ugh. I think I am gonna hit the road now. I guess I am going to head to Jo’s. She said I can come over whenever I want.


I am rested now. I feel good. I was just daydreaming a little; I saw an old picture on the Green Tortoise Instagram the other day from 1974, and boom, in the upper left hand portion of the crowd gathered afront the bus I see Gardner Kent. His bone structure is quite identifiable. OoOo some Katy Perry just came on at the Quetzal Cafe, that xtra strange song she does with Kanye about aliens. I heard it the other day for the first time in a long time, while I was writing at the Adelaide, and here it is again. Must be back in rotation? My veggie burrito just arrived…I literally dropped the mic right there and started eating. I’m halfway through my salad. It comes with a salad; so do the quesadillas. Now run this town with Jay Z is on. Rihanna is involved too.

Mission Salad: Accomplished. I am moving on to the burrito itself. But first: I bought a flash drive from Staples, of all places, located around the corner from me here. It is 32g. See, I was carrying around this nice usb stick with a slick lil cover and everything, for real cheap at $15.99, had 3.0 capabilities. Then, right at the register, I switched it up to a stick of the same size, but of lower quality, and I saved five bucks in the process. Pretty much immediately after I left I regretted my decision. The stick I have now simply slides, it doesn’t have a cover, and my bag is dirty as hell all time.Dumb dumb me, and I’ll tell you I know exactly what happened; I over thought the scenario. I have the best deal in the store in my hands, and I traded for something cheap like…like I am still a rookie! I am certainly thinking, upon my own, that I am past the stage of rook; yet! We have this! I realized soon that if I told you about the folly of my ways, my purchasing of this USB stick would not go in vain. I am sure I will be getting one with a cover in the future. For now however, I will make due with this. I thought about returning it, but eh…I just don’t return. I suppose we could say returning there might give me a little anxiety, and so I avoid it. Not always though. When it comes to the important things, I get stuff done. I am actively trying to move money further up the list of ‘important items’ so I can be more bold about my acquisition of it.

Mmm. The Quetzal Cafe has damn good food. The veggie options have zucchini and broccoli inside. Pretty legit. I’m still not convinced it’s ‘healthy’ per say, but I feel. good. about it. Now I am sitting. I have 3 more hours until I have to be at work still. Forever is a mighty long time, and frankly, right now, I’m gonna have trouble with a simple 3 hours. I am considering going back over to Bob’s donuts. I really like donuts, what can I say? And damn…it is probably really bad for me. I am definitely using sugar to supplement for the tobacco I used to smoke, but that was long ago now, almost a whole year, so I need to start rectifying the situation. Also if I drink coffee today…ugh. It’s going to be a long night. I am going to have to reset somehow, in the near future. I have Tuesday off, and honestly I want to rent a room and sleep the whole damn day, but Jo got free passes to some of the attractions in the city, and so we will probably go do some of those things on the one day we have off together.

I need to write something different. This blog thing is…well this is a long-ass post at this point, let’s start there. I wrote 18 pages on my other computer, which is sitting under Jo’s bed. Now I have written two and a half pages on my ThinkPad. I am no longer writing a blog post; I am writing a fucking memoir. So my strategy needs to change. Writing fiction would give me a medium to really flex my daydreaming muscle. I am rather enjoying the life of a nonfiction writer though. I have reached out to a couple of folks about doing some writing on Heart Of Zeus. We shall see how those outcomes proceed. One of them is dontmesswithreceptionist. I have been following her on Instagram for quite some time. I found her page through a hashtag; I am certain. She works at a hostel in Barcelona. Someday I will probably visit Barcelona. Who can really be certain. Anyway though, I messaged her on Instagram and she responded to me. There could be a collaboration in the works!

I am probably going to keep blogging. Maybe I need to keep the blog posts short and sweet, and potentially write a website that has many facets. A little fiction, a little non fiction; history, news, biographies and stories of folks I know and have met. I am just sitting here playing on my phone now. I got problems. I am going to go to Bob’s Donuts and get my fix. To you though, it’ll be like I never left.

* * *

Well. I am at Bob’s donuts. I am using WordPad as my word processor right now. I have been denied access to the internet, but probably for good reason. There are a grip of folks here. A line out the door, and another whole line of kids at the donut bar and watching a movie. What a chill spot. Forreal. There is an old chinese man sitting at the middle table. I am guessing he is the owner of Bob’s. This is one of those cities where you can often find the owners hanging around. I am using WordPad because Google Docs requires the internet. Realistically, nothing seems different. Why do people buy MS office just to use Word? Seriously. Americans that are in my age group are becoming more vigilant about their money. I think I just caught the old Chinese gentleman looking at me (Okay, so he could be Asian and of non-chinese decent, but the Chinese citizens of SF are plentiful, so it is a good guess). Someday I will sit down across from him at that table, and I will pull my recorder out of my bag, and I will interview him. Recently, I moved my recorder from its normal spot; for a long, long while I had my sony recorder in the same pocket in my laptop bag. I moved it recently in favor of a nice pair of raybans Fatty gave me, in an attempt to protect them. I have since decided I need a case for a gift so nice, and I have switched back to crappy plastic sunglasses. I failed to put my recorder back in it’s very well assigned pocket. This is my folly, and the result is that I can not sit down with this man for an interview today.

OOHHTUAERFADf oOh my. That’s what’s gonna happen to my writing. I am simply going to spend the same amount of time writing, but I am just going to talk about less bullshit. Sitting down to interview this man, who I now see all the employees talking to, would be a valuable addition to my website. Instead, I sit here and write about the prospects. But really, today, I don’t have my recorder. Damn. I am nervous; not of talking to the man, but of talking to him and then not following through. It’s easy to conduct the interview. I recorded an interview with a man who bicycled from Rio De Janeiro to San Francisco; a journey that took him neigh 13 months. I have spoken of that interview before, but I have not gone on to produce a verbatim written copy of the interview for my site, which was really the end goal: that type of interview you see in magazines, where it shows who is talking, and you can easily follow the flow of conversation. I can envision a future where I post many interviews with many people. Heart Of Zeus Interviews With…The owner of the Beanstalk Cafe…The owner of Bob’s Donuts…The owner of MAC’D. I am really onto something here. But, is it not true that I have been onto many things since I began the writing of this article? It is well over 20 pages now, written from two different computers, and I have zigzagged in&out of many goals since it’s beginning; I have the original file saved as ‘Fresh From the Adelaide,’ and that will be the title of the article. What a long article it will be. That’s what I need to do Tuesday, edit my article (8/1.18:16.still editing). Seriously. I need to maintain my constant vigilance in regards to manifestation of my own destiny. I too hope to sit in my (proverbial) donut shop someday, and listen to the sounds of happy customers, and the money they generate…I am finding it harder and harder to find time. I know not what I can do to bring more time into my life. Oh wait…I do suspect I could smoke even just a little less weed, and I would probably feel my time expand.

The time is now 5:45 PM on July 21st of the year two-thousand-eighteen. I have to be to work at 7 PM, but honestly I am thinking of showing up early. I am also thinking of bringing everyone donuts. I will take this time to point out that when I first wrote of Bob’s, I spelt it Bob’s Doughnuts, but I now see that on the sign, it says Donuts. The line just keeps coming and coming. The kids filling the restaurant were, I am guessing, a rarity. The line however: that keeps coming.  I imagine at bar close it is…just straight fuckery. We need to do a deal with Bob’s; something like if you buy a donut at Bob’s on July 31st or Aug 1st, you get 10% off an order at MAC’D. Who knows what will occur. Probably nothing, because I don’t feel as dedicated to the MAC’D cause as I could be. All I care a lot about is Heart Of Zeus.

I am texting Lan Ping right now, a good friend of mine; if you have been to the Green Tortoise (in SF) for any extensive amount of time, you know who Lan Ping is. She is saying she has a bone spur in her foot. Idk what that is, but right out the gate, bone spur sounds painful as fuck. She says she is going to the hospital today to get a shot. No good! I have heard that the Green Tortoise is shunning her instead of offering her compensation! This will not be tolerated! I hold passion. I hold…an understanding? I am the one best suited for war with the Green Tortoise. In actuality it will be waging war with Gardner Kent. He would not associate my silent disgruntledness with the cry of war, but lest I be mistaken! I am getting carried away. I need not talk like an archaic master of the pen to bare my point boldly. Gardner, you and I both know you are doing a whole lot of shady shit. That’s not what I care about. I care that after 14 years of fucking servitude, Lan Ping is being treated as such. She makes $17 an hour! After 14 years of hardwork! I happen to know Chris Pratchett, the man who redid all the bathrooms in the building, gets paid near $50 an hour. That’s such a vast difference. Lan Ping has managed to buy a house in San Mateo during her time working at the Green Tortoise, which is quite an amazing feat; someday I hope to write about her life, it sounds like a truly magical one. I will sit down, and record her whole story. We will spend weeks together as she tells me story after story. I will put them all down into the written word…this is future talk. The time is 6:26, and I am going to head on over to work. I bought a grip of donuts for the people at Polk. I am off! It has been nice, and Thank You for staying with me through the whole act! Stay tuned. For my next trick, I will need endless paperwork, a 6×9 cell, and a loaded weapon.


Oh my. What a dream it was to consider that I would actually be finished with this post. Never. At least not yet. In fact, at this point I am praying for the motivation to edit. STAT. The time is 4:09 AM and I am at Bob’s Donuts on Polk Street. You already know I am in San Francisco. I got done with work pretty quick tonight, even though it was my first day. The MAC’D Polk street location is certainly not as busy as the Filmore street location. I had heard talk of how much less business there is at Polk, but tonight I really felt it. The difference is palpable. I am happy to be at the busy location. We can call it training with weights on. Oh my. I think they are cleaning the deep fryers here at Bob’s. They are pulling some serious residue out ha; I feel cooler now, to have bared witness.

In My Dark Times, by The Weeknd is playing here at Bob’s. Good times it is. I am quite sleep deprived. I can feel it. No good. Yet, here I sit. Tomorrow I suppose I am preparing to stay at the Adelaide. I hope the prices have gone done, however at this point I should be worried that they even have rooms. The next step in regards to my housing situation must be way outside of the box. I can not let mania be the death of my prosperity, but if constant vigilance is not maintained…the truth is I am going to have to change the game up today. This is insane. I am putting in more and more work, and my living situation is getting less and less stable. I have: Considered buying a boat. Considered buying a car; I have no license. Considered going door-to-door and trying to rent a room that way…which I guess is solicitation. Considered working at the Adelaide, which would obviously be the cheapest and best option, but putting more work on my schedule would be quite tough. Paying to stay there is a nice option, but I simply am not ready to pay what they are asking. Stability, however, is becoming key. I hardly tell you the truth in this blog. I mean, I tell you the truth about what is happening in my life, but there is so much going on in my head. How to bring those seeds to fruit however…really I’m more stuck on: ‘Are they the right seeds?’

It’s 4:47 AM here at Bob’s, and it’s starting to get busy. The Fire Dept. just left, said they’d be back next week. Seems like a reoccurring thing. Cool. Everybody likes Fire Fighters. Forreal. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this Bob’s Donuts place until recently. It’s definitely the chillest spot one can hit in SF during the twilight hours. There is also a 24 hour Subway (sandwhich shop) on Van Ness and Washington right around the corner. There is Pinecrest Diner, which almost everyone I meet recommends, but they do not have any outlets I can use. Lori’s Diner & Jack in the Box are both near Pinecrest. Denny’s on Mission street in South Of Market (SOMA). This place I read about in the Castro, but now I can’t find it on Google Maps and am too tired to do more research about. All of these places are open 24 hours. I feel this is good information to convey to you. However, I doubt one would find this information with a Google Search about 24 hour spots in SF. I am quite tired. I suppose I will move on from Bob’s, and will probably write sometime tomorrow or the next day.


Did you miss me? The time is now 7:21 AM and I am at Ashley’s Cafe again. I am, in all essence, waiting for Jo again. I am not entirely happy with this scenario, now that I am so deep into it. It does not make me happy that I am relying on Jo at this point, and let it be certain that this morning, waiting for Jo is exactly what I am doing. I am tired af. I left Bob’s and I walked to Adelaide Hostel; I was able to reserve a room for the night. I didn’t even ask if I could check in at that point in time. To be honest I wish I would have asked about a private room. If I could have checked in right then and there, and I probably would have paid $150 for a room. Privacy is…well it’s starting to feel more and more…valuable, but I almost said priceless. It would have been really nice today however, especially because it would have allowed me to sleep twice in one day. The path I am taking, I am almost guaranteed to be super worn out by the end of the day. At the absolute most, I can expect a 4 hour nap at Jo’s. If I sleep three hours I would consider myself lucky. I know that will not be enough to operate at a peppy level, which is what I try to bring at work. Ugh. But I am going to make it through today, and I am going to make it through the week, and I am still not going to cash my paycheck, which means I have just over $400 cash right now. I need to make that stretch for 10 more days. Very possible, but not without occuring more nights like this one.

The Tired is setting back in. I am thinking of just and crashing on a bench outside. It will be cold, but at least I can catch a couple of Z’s. Jo works at 4 PM, and she is going to drive, so I will probably ride with her. I work at 4 also. It is 7:50 currently, so that puts a large gap between myself and work. Not that a sooner start would help me exactly; I certainly am in no position to go in right now. I have kind of been considering purchasing food, but…I don’t really like the folks that work here at Ashley’s cafe. They are the type of business operation I am just not into. The hours however are very inviting. Especially today, when they are the only thing open on this side of town. It’s 8:09 now. I have literally just been playing with my phone while bobbing in and out of consciousness for the last 20 minutes.


When I began Heart Of Zeus, I discovered another company called Head Of Zeus. I discovered them because when I looked myself up on Google, I would get Head Of Zeus. Today I gave thought to opening a publishing company; simply because I am writing a lot, and eventually this material will be piling up. The cheapest way to go, would be publishing it all myself. We’re talking palpable media here, since I already entertain virtually. So anyway, that’s a weird clash of interest, and of names (slightly). I also gave thought to hiring them for my publishing needs, but they are located in the UK, so probably not. After that ran through my head, I gave thought to a series of writings: biographies of people’s lives. In a world where everything is getting more and more complex, non-fictional stories, and specifically biographical writing of people’s lives can tell us a lot about ourselves. It’s one thing to learn from the mistakes of a fictional character, but the people around you may be able to tell you much more, and fast. I have a vision for a series of books, written by authors that I hire through the (future) Heart Of Zeus publishing company, as well as several written by myself. In fact, I may write many of them, I have no idea how much it costs to hire an author. I imagine it is…variable. Anyway; a series of books that are simply biographies. I could title the series ‘The People I Know.’ That name could certainly use some work…but I could sit down with my tape recorder, and talk to some of the people I know about their history, and listen to the stories they have lived. Then, later, I will sit down and re-listen to the stories, and scribe them down. I could break the series down into even smaller categories. For instance, I know a lot of chefs. From my North Hills Country Club days, I know Chef Jeff, and Chef Santo. I also know Chef Mike. I pissed them all off when I got drunk and walked out one day. I convinced another worker to come with me. None of that sits right, considering how much I liked that job overall, and how well they treated me. I am kind of an asshole sometimes. I digress…

At current, I know Chef Greg Englehardt. He is a good man, and a really solid chef. Maybe the most efficient I have ever seen. He is pretty damn funny sometimes too. He was a top level Chef at the only stand-alone michelin star restaurant in Vegas for 10 years. Then he moved to the Virgin Islands, and that is a totally different thing what happened down there. It’s a little gritty. It’s a little dirty. It’s all part of a very good story, and something the world can learn from. As I have recently been reading Malcolm Gladwell, his writing has given me a feeling that there is a lot of oomph to the stories of everyday people. All people grow up. You have read this far; many of the people you know are going to do extraordinary things. You probably have patience. The time is 10 AM on July 23rd, and I am writing to you from the Adelaide Hostel. A girl I used to work with at the Green Tortoise is staying here, Camilla. In fact there is a picture of her on this site! Ha! I just remembered that. Funny stuff. I need to get everyone I know free Heart Of Zeus merch. Would you wear a Heart Of Zeus shirt?


The time is 9:17 PM on July 26th, 2018, and I am at Bob’s Donuts. I walked here from the Adelaide, which was a rather quick walk. Twenty minutes, maybe? My computer tells me it is going to die, and that there is only 10% battery life left. My intention was to edit this giant post, but after editing just 2 pages (for the second time), I decided to give in and just do what I love, and write.

I am officially out of money! Woo! I had that $1200 in a box at Jo’s house, and now I have $31 in my wallet. I also have a medium sized jar of change at Jo’s house, and pretty soon I hope to deposit that into a bank account. Tomorrow morning I intend to go open an account somewhere, either a bank account or a credit union account, and that will be the first step in a big change. I currently owe money…not all over the place, but I do owe money to this institution and that institution. I plan to pay that off, fix my credit, and start things over at Zero. By the time I am twenty seven years old, I will be in the position to accept all that life can offer me. As things are now, I simply can not spread my arms wide enough to accept it all.

Refocusing on the money though; the time has come to cash my check. This is the check I recieved for the first 15 days of the month. Next Wednesday, I am scheduled to receive another check. That will be the final check at my current pay rate. I want to do more for MAC’D, really. I believe the money is there. I don’t necessarily have an over-the-moon passion for mac & cheese, and in fact I would find it hard to outline the criteria for which is required of me to get behind a product, but what we serve at MAC’D is a goddamn reasonably priced option! Especially for the Bay, let’s get real folks. That is something I can get behind, and so I am giving it my all. The whole point is, that I am quite glad I am getting compensated properly for my work. Or at least, I got a raise. I don’t know how much, or what position yet, but at least I am making the first step. The check I recieved on the 1st (or was it the 2nd?) of the month has lasted me until now, and I am pretty happy about that. I have been staying at Jo’s significantly less, and subsequently I am spending A LOT at the Adelaide. A couple of weeks ago, I was offered a decent long-term rate (granted by now it would be ending). At the time, it didn’t seem like I was saving that much, but since then the prices have jumped wayyy up, nearly $20 a night more than I was dealing with last month at this time. On top of that, PJ is out of town. His niece Sarah is treating me well though, and for that I am grateful. So being that I am out of cash, tomorrow I need to cash my 3rd check from MAC’D. I don’t know how long it will last me, but I doubt it will be as long as this last one at nearly 28 days; the entire month of February! Nearly the same amount of hours my mom would spending getting ready every morning, on a yearly basis. I calculated it one time…and I believe I even wrote about it on this blog before. Anyway…

I have been looking at banks. Online banks, as well as brick and mortar locations. Credit Unions. Financial advisors. The five institutions that have my attention are: Simple (online banking), Charles Schwab (investments), Fidelity (investments), Vanguard (credit union), and Alliance (credit union). I already got denied when I applied for a Simple account, which is really my favorite on the list. Investing will probably be something I get hands on with. I haven’t necessarily listed these in order of interest, but I do like what I read about Charles Schwab Investment Bank, and they will probably be who I try next. See, the truth is, I know I will not be able to open a bank account. I still have debt, and I owe other banks money; my finances are a messss. As soon as I can switch to a fully online bank account, I probably will. I guess that means my goal is to open a Simple account. I also have looked into Chime, but I haven’t finished my application. Firstly, I figure if Simple is going to deny me, Chime is going to deny me. Secondly, I liked what I read (and watched) about Simple online banking more.

I want to get back into buying stocks. I used to use Robinhood to trade stocks, and I definitely want to get back into that. I made like fucking 20% yall! That crazy! If I made 20% off the money I have now? Well shit, I’d be doing pretty well. Plus, it’s fun! I enjoy messing around with stock trading. To be honest, I wish I had just left my money in there…who knows where it would be at now. Maybe it would have gone up? I try not to let my anxiety build about something so uncontrollable. I don’t still have those investments, and it’s that simple. Nothing to get torn up about. The opportunity to make money still exists. In fact, the time has never been more prime! Mmmm. A beautiful scent is in the air here at Bob’s Donuts. It’s not the smell of money, but everything is relative.

The time is now 11:01 PM and I am still at Bob’s Donuts. I have to peeee real bad, and they have no public restroom here. I am debating what I want to do. The real move would be to go back to the Adelaide. It is late, so I couldn’t chill in the alleyway there (depending on who is working. When Ricky was working it was super chill, but I only experienced that a handful of times (not even). Now that the real rush that is the summertime tourists in SF have begun,and the Alleyway is pretty much fully off limits in the nighttime. I just walk to the street if I have the desire to be outside now. OMG the line at Bob’s has finally subsided. It was going on and on solid for over the last hour. They do some serious business here at Bob’s. Ha! And I was sitting next to the older gentleman who was: first putting stickers on all the boxes, and now folding them. I asked him for a couple of stickers, and I put one of them on my Lenovo. I hope I don’t regret that. I usually keep things pretty plain and stock. I think it’s a good look. But I kind of want my laptop; much like my laptop bag, to be recognizable. It is as it was, but with a Bob’s Donuts sticker; in the right hand corner if you’re looking at me. Who knows where I will take this laptop, but now I will always recognize it as mine. I am not worried about a duplicate laptop in this city, much less the rest of the world. Okay, I am going to grab a few more donuts and hit it to the Adelaide, where I will probably continue to write. I work tomorrow night, so I’d like to stay up and sleep in.

* * *

I am back at the Adelaide, writing to you from the dining room. Unlike the Tortoise, the Adelaide does close the kitchen overnight. This can however be circumvented by staying at the Dakota Hotel, where the sign saying the kitchen is closed overnight, but the sign is not true. So within the ‘Adelaide Complex,’ as I have come to know it, there is a kitchen available 24 hours a day. I am eating an Old Fashioned donut from Bob’s, and I am quite enjoying myself. I am also drinking a coffee I brought from there. Both items are about the same temperature. Whoa. and I just bit into a maple coated Buttermilk Bar, which is something I have always known as a Crueler, and it is delicious. Damn, I am gonna get fat and I am gonna be sad about it. I seriously need to lay off the doughnuts.

G I A N T S G A M E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

So tomorrow I hope to open a checking account, but at the very least I need to cash my check to continue staying at the Adelaide. I also hope to edit…a little more of my post. I usually do it all in one sitting, but that just isn’t working out this time. The post keeps getting longer and longer lol. Now we are at 34 pages. When I began this article, I only had my HP dv7, and now I am writing to you from my Lenovo T430, and my HP is at Jo’s. When I began this ramble, I was using Open Office and now I am using Google Doc’s, from which I do not see myself retracting. Except when I will inevitably need to use a word processor away from the internet…hmm…I don’t like the thought of using both, unless maybe I use both at the same time, and always. So I type it up on Open Office, and then import it to Google Doc’s at the end of every writing sesh, then I edit the whole thing in Google Doc’s, and save a seperate file for the finished version in Open Office (nope). I digress…When I began this ramble, I thought I would be leaving for India in a couple of short months. Now? Well now I could see myself here for a while. Working for MAC’D is different, and I am excited to grow with the company. Perhaps it will keep me glued to SF for quite some time. I just took a second look at the schedule for the upcoming weeks, I see myself on it less than the past couple of weeks. Also I see myself working at night more. Recently I have been scheduled a simple Open to Close shift, and I rather liked that. As I have been speaking about, I believe this could lead to the offering of a salary position. As I look at the schedule, I may believe Greg to be understaffing us. It is honestly impossible to say. Some days we are inexplicably busy, and other days strangely dead. But I believe we should be ready to handle anything. I am ready for anything, but I am trying…you know what? I am definitely not trying hard enough yet, to make myself indispensable at MAC’D. I will. I am on my way.


I have just installed Ubuntu Linux on a USB stick, and I am writing. I have not fully installed Ubuntu, I am just trying it out, but I think I like it. There is a mouse (cheese) in this room down here, and it is making hella noise. I guess I am going to go upstairs. Plus I kinna have to poop. But I don’t know if I am ready for bed yet. Either way, I might do a little writing tomorrow(nope)!


* * *

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