Do Shrimp Have Wings?

It has been over four months. Have you missed me? and the truth is I am not back yet. I am ‘home for the holiday(s),’ as they put it. However I will only be staying for Thanksgiving. For Christmas I will be in Kolkata. I arrive there the 29th of November. In fact, tomorrow I will be heading on down to Chicago to apply for my visa. Let’s hope for the best! In the near future I will have much to share. I intend to purchase a 360 camera, and get involved with YouTube somehow. Also, I have 100,000 words for you. I just…need to edit them all. All the writing from my last several months in San Francisco, I plan to edit the writing when I get to India, and I plan to post it all as soon as I possibly can! Duh. Bare with me folks. I…am a man of many words. This is me in my learning stages. Garnering precision by taking the wild shots. The time is 00:10 on 11/12/18. I have so many ideas…and plans…and very little money…Prepare to hear all about it!


* * *

A Note from the future:
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