I Am On YouTube Now!

It has been a long time coming, but I am finally producing video content. Catch me on YouTube and Instagram under the name ‘Read.HeartOfZeus.’ Below is a 10 minute video I have recorded recently. I am dying to get a 360 camera, but the Insta360 One X is out of stock, and I don’t want to settle for a different camera. If you go to my YouTube page, you will see my first video titled: ‘my trip thought professorville,’ was shot in 360. I used the Rylo 360 camera to do that. I had purchased a Rylo and a Theta V camera (at the same time), and I ended up returning both of them because I was not happy with the products. This is 2018. They need to be making better 360 camera’s. Especially the Rylo. I was heavily disappointed in the Rylo. I sent them an email about sponsorship, because I figured with a product so chintzy they would be desperate for good sponsors. Alas, they responded with an application of sorts…but I was going to be returning the Rylo unless the president of the company personally emailed me back. Everyone might think I’m am crazy and audacious for saying such a thing, but the reality is: I think it’s time we all held ourselves to a higher standard. I always demand the respect before I have earned it…tell me otherwise?

When I get a 360 camera, I will be posting much more content. Until then, stay tuned to learn how, and why I am going to KOLKATA, INDIA.

* * *

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