I’ve been had a cold since my arrival.

Life in India is not much more difficult for me than it was in San Francisco; and that is to say it is difficult. Having absolutely nothing to do with my surrounding, I still can’t seem to figure out how to be a normal human. I used to leave my house in San Francisco to go find food…but instead of getting food and then moving onto the more important tasks of the day, I would end up walking for hours and hours, because I was dissatisfied with all the food I found. I am occurring the same problem in India. It is true that you can not run from your problems. I am loving it here, yet I am still hating myself. This is something that will take time to fix, but I will keep you updated. Most of my problems stem from the inability to make decisions, and my fear of spending money. It’s…so far beyond frustrating. The ways of daily life elude me in a way which I cold not possibly foreseen as a a child. I am able to write, and be funny, and entertain, and problem solve…but I can not buy food, or make friends, or find decent place to live, or even use a bathroom with confidence (again, same problem in America. I actually prefer to poop outside, I’ve found). As time goes on I will be talking more and more of the many items in my life which you may find interesting. Including my excessive drug use, my mistreatment of women, and my lack of navigating through the assets we associate with daily life. Stay tuned.


* * *

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