An Accidental Fest Of Cold Curry

I am writing…with my left hand only now (it didn’t start that way, but when my food came I suddenly remembered we eat with our hands in India), from a place restaurant called Lake Gardens. I was walking around with nowhere to go, and a man attracted me to eat here. The food is cold, but I’m committed to this meal. I have chosen the veg option, and that is to minimize chance of illness. Not just here do I choose veg; I’ve been vegging out everywhere. I am interested to see how this meal goes. I honestly don’t know why the food is cold…but whatever. It tastes like many of the curries I have eaten from the street vendors recently, but this meal is a cold and disappointing one.

Okay. I have finished the food. Now…I sit. One of the reasons I let the guy coax me into this building is because there are tables to sit at. Most of the places are simple stands, with no available seating, and when seating is available it is often crowded. Honestly though, this place is almost too empty. At first I thought it was simply an off hour, as the time is 14:30, and I don’t know if many of the locals eat around this time. but then the food showed up cold. Something I didn’t quite understand. I’m not about to leave this restaurant though. I paid mostly for a table to write at, and the food came secondary.

The news Google pushes to my phone has informed me that the bear market has arrived. Stocks are predicted to drop 20%…unless I am misinterpreting the article and stocks have already dropped. I’m playing it by ear right now, but pretty soon I will need to liquidate some of my stocks. I am almost out of money. Today? Tomorrow? Soon. That’s all I know.

Perhaps you can judge a vendor on if they consume their own varieties; as I watch one of the workers eat food he has just had delivered. I have already assessed that I didn’t enjoy this meal, but anyone can end up eating at a restaurant they don’t like. Everyone has different tastes (although not many have a taste for cold curry), but I am not worried about food that displeases me; I am worried about food that will get me sick…actually I am waiting to get sick from eating a bad meal. Everything I read on the internet about coming to India made it seem like getting ‘Delhi Belly’ is a certainty. Honestly though, I have a pretty strong stomach. Food that may normally make an American sick, perhaps I would survive. Remember, I spent a couple years only feeding this bad-boy alcohol. Many things are like bootcamp, and the treatment of my stomach is one of those things. It’s trained now, lol.

I am digging that this place has seating. Oh. and the name. Lake Gardens. Don’t forget that name if you are looking for cold curry. I think it is available to view on Google maps. I will say the hospitality here is good, at least from the man who speaks English with a rather high proficiency. So far in India, like I said, I have come through every meal unscathed. However, in times of uncertainty, as in, between the meal and 30-40 minutes after the meal, sometimes my mind can manipulate my feelings. If one has a genuine scare they might get sick, certain bodily sensations can manifest with ease.

I am thinking of jetting to the mall and chilling out for a while. Then later, Vijay is making dinner. He has been talking it up for a couple of days, and so I am excited to partake in his meal. The time is now 14:39, and I probably arrived here at 14:20. In America I would often base how much time to spend at an establishment on how much money the meal cost. Starbucks for instance is expensive as fuckkkk, and so when I go there I try to milk it for every minute I can. Since I have been at this restaurant one other gentleman has eaten. Now an older couple has been seated across from me. The gentleman came and went already. I’m still a little confused as to why the food was cold…did it have to be? How long might it have been sitting out? Honestly, idc. Indian food has many spices which act as natural preservatives. Oh, something nifty just happened. I saw the couple across from me used hand sanitizer  prior to eating. That’s probably the move. I did just eat a whole plate of rice with my hands directly after I spent the day dealing with money and phones and damnnn I even shook a couple of people’s hands, lol. Hmm. Plus I am already sick. No good. I think it’s going to be okay this time though. Maybe I will drop by Spencer’s and cop some hand sanitizer. Even though I am coming to disagree with shopping at Spencer’s, it may be the best place to buy hand sanitizer. The couple across from me is eating the same meal I just partook in. I wonder if their food is cold too. It’s 14:45 now. Should I head to the mall? Damn. Probably. and OH YEAH! I went and got a SIM card today, finally. The thing that compelled me to make the advancement on gaining a SIM, is that I want to be able to efficiently use Quikr and Olx. Even if I don’t need an Indian phone number to sign up, I will need it to contact the selling party. A lot revolves around having a phone number here, and so it turned out to be unavoidable: I needed the SIM card. It sounds like I will need an Indian phone number to purchase a railway ticket as well (not the local metro, but long distance), and rather than scrambling around at the last second, when it comes time to buy  the train ticket, now I will be able to simply move forward with that. Okay. I think I am going to hit the mall. Hmm…I could just return to the house actually. No reason for the mall, really. It’s kind of expensive at the mall too. I might just buy some sweets and head back to the crib. Stay tuned to find out! Well, actually, it’s not like this can be a cliffhanger. This will all be in a single article, probably published today (turned out to be the next day [he writes as he edits]). I am starting to think maybeee this older couple has eaten here because my presence dragged them in. I am judging this all on their acquisition of a bottle of water. Me? I brought my own water. I think I might film a video on getting an Indian SIM card today too (that video didn’t happen, but I do have a different, new YouTube video up). Should be a nice full day.

The time is 17:57 on December 10th, and the year is 2018. My temporary roommate Vijay just showed Richard and myself a video about Vijay Mallya, who is a business tycoon that has defaulted on many loans in India. The U.K. is extraditing him, and apparently this is one of the first times a white collar law breaker in India is having to face the music.

Wow! I am having an amazing time hanging out with the two gentleman of which I spoke in the above paragraph. Today I posted to my Instagram a series of three photographs. In the future you can find them by seeking the post from December 10th. The first photo is of a car, the second is of a street scene of a road I frequent, and the third is a selfie I took posing with three other individuals. Now…let me try to relay to you the frequency of which people ask to take selfies with me: I feel like a rockstar. Seriously. When I went to the Victoria Memorial, it was a barrage of selfies. I am not complaining, but it’s certainly different that what life was like in San Francisco. Sure, I was the coolest cat in San Francisco when I was there (like everywhere), but very rarely did folks ask to take a selfie with me, and if they did, it certainly wasn’t their opening line. Here? A selfie has marked the beginning of many interactions. So, when I was walking down the street today and the gentleman (who is standing closest to me in the photograph) accosted me for a selfie, I was not taken aback or taken surprised in any sense of the word. It has become the norm. Why am I telling you this? It’s my introduction to tell you that I don’t understand the young people of India…yet. I am sure I will come to understand them, and befriend them severely, but at this point in time I am finding much more fulfilling companionship and conversation with the older gentleman whom I have been living with. Right now Richard is leaning into the television as several individuals discuss the ongoing news that is: Vijay Mallya. I can tell this extradition is big news, and not just because my friend Vijay (not the same Vijay, obviously, but that’s ironic isn’t it? [Vijay means Victory]) came out to display the news so excitedly for Richard and I. That was about two hours ago. Vijay himself is preparing the south Indian food still. I am excited to try this food; I am falling in love with the cuisine of India. Coming from a country where we over indulge, and saturate everything in rich; often too rich of flavors, the change to a complicated spice arrangement is fully appreciated.

The time is now 22:52, and since the paragraph above I have eaten my favorite Indian meal so far. It’s a bit ironic that for lunch today I had my most disappointing meal on the trip, and then for dinner I had the most satisfying. Also, can I really refer to what I am doing here in India as simply ‘a trip,’ or ‘a tour?’ People ask me often ‘what are you in India for?’ and I have come to tell them ‘tour,’ as it is the closest to my actual purpose; plus it is a simple answer, and as I grow older I hone better my skills of when to give a simple answer. If what I am on it a tour, then I was on that same thing in San Francisco. I think what is happening is: I am on a journey that one can only call life, and the further I get from my youth the more places I find to call ‘home.’ Eh. Perhaps San Francisco was different. The first truth of many is that I am now a man of San Francisco. Not only do I feel welcomed there, but also, it has with certainty become my plan to recombobulate myself there upon the end of my ‘tour.’ In fact I just messaged Casey about that matter right now. I want to build a home in San Francisco, to the point where I would consider returning there sooner, just so I could save my spot at his apartment. He has a hella kush spot.

Okay. My mind is wandering, and so I will move to a bit of a ramble before I hit the hay, and then probably edit this article tomorrow.

You know, I was really hoping to do more than I am. I was hoping that when I came to India I would start pushing out content like crazy. On YouTube, Instagram, and of course, this blog, I hoped to triple my efforts. I still have a whole fucking book worth of writing you have yet to read! Is that writing becoming less relevant? Hell Yes. I can recall specifically one piece of writing from my ‘unpublished works of San Francisco (we will call them),’ where I say ‘you can see Greg Engelhardt tame a bull in the Marina right now.’ That is no longer true. He is taming a different bull in a different arena. HE is still in San Francisco I believe, but not at MAC’D. I see now the flaw in my ways. If I had been posting my writing everyday instead of just hording it…would I be experiencing something different now? Quite possibly. Damn. and this whole ‘Kris Kali’ persona I have been trying to accelerate…I am falling out of love with that idea. hmph. So I dropped a quick $45 because my anxiety got the best of me, and I devised a quick solution to my problem that in the end has done nothing to consul me. Sure, I have some new websites, including, which I actually think is a pretty good name, but what am I to do with it? I am Chris, and I am in many places. but the second truth of many is: I am Heart Of Zeus. I am him. Everything else I am is simply an extension of myself as the Zeus personality. I did go through a period where I thought I may begun to be referred to as Zeus, but that time has come to pass. I have been titled ‘Mr. California’ since my arrival in Kolkata, which is something I can get behind, but now I must get real; I need to bust some kind of move. Whether that move is branding this new persona Kris Kali, or sticking with my Heart Of Zeus progress…I just need to make some decisions. Point the thing, and then shoot it extra hard. I will sleep on the issue. Tomorrow, I will make some big boy decisions, along with editing and publishing this article. Never again will I let a piece of writing go unread! I haven’t posted the old stuff yet, but I am guessing it won’t have aged like a fine wine when I finally do. I could absorb myself in editing for the next two weeks and just get it all done…maybe that is how I will go. Maybe. I feel it coming, but that doesn’t guarantee me a damn thing. That’s all I know. Now, off to bed. The time is 23:25 on December 10th, 2018. Adieu.


* * *

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