Should You Buy The Tai Lopez Holiday Special?

Merry Christmas to all! I wish you all good fortune in 2019, as we are approaching it with unrelenting speed. Today I would like to talk about a series of advertisements I saw while on YouTube this morning. Have you ever heard of Tai Lopez? Many people connect an image of Tai Lopez just when they hear the sentence “I’m here in my garage,” the line that made him famous when he ran an advertisement on YouTube a few years ago. Well, this holiday season he is selling a bundle of online classes for $497, apparently 81.82% cheaper than the classes normally are. I am here to help you decide if you should buy his classes or not.

Let me start by saying, I have not purchased anything from Tai Lopez. I am in no way affiliated with him or anything he is involved with. I am just a guy who writes a scatterbrained blog, and right now I am sitting at a restaurant called The Big Byang in Kolkata, India, where I have been since November 29th of 2018.

There were three consecutive advertisements brought to me by Tai Lopez this morning. The first was 3 minutes in length, the second was 10 minutes in length, and the third was 30 minutes in length. I watched the first two advertisements in their entirety, but didn’t watch any of the third. Out of curiosity (which killed the cat), I followed the ‘view advertisement’ link in the upper right-hand corner of the video, and after filling out a reCAPTCHA I was brought to a section of which detailed his holiday special promotion. The promotion is his ‘8 most popular selling programs for $497.’ Here are the 8 programs and how long he is offering them:

– Knowledge Society (2 Years Access)
– How To Invest (Lifetime Access)
– 12 Foundations (1 Year Access)
– 5 Minute Mentor (1 Year Access)
– Trend Mentor (Lifetime Access)
– 67 Steps VIP (1 Year Access)
– Traveling CEO (Lifetime Access)
– Social Media Secrets (Lifetime Access)

Seems like a good deal, right? I mean if you can invest $497 dollars into yourself and come out a millionaire, which is much cheaper than any college, I would say you make the investment! Let me tell you, I lost $1500 in the stock market since October, which is actually about 1/3 of my total assets, and I have been considering pulling the remainder of my money out and investing that money into myself and my tools. When Tai Lopez (who is clearly successful) presented me the opportunity to invest in myself at only 18.18% the price it normally would cost, I became legitimately interested in the prospects. So I decided to take to the internet and see if other individuals have found success with the programs Tai Lopez offers.

When I typed “did you find Tai Lopez worth the money” into Google, I was presented with more YouTube videos that written articles, so I clicked on one of the videos, and I watched several YouTube videos on the subject before I was satisfied. The first video didn’t cover the subject of Tai Lopez in the way I was hoping to find. It was instead a young man putting the advice he got from Tai directly into action. His videos seem successful, and so I am guessing that customer was satisfied with his purchase, even if I didn’t stick around to hear him talk about it.

The second video I watched, I found more helpful. This time it was a gentleman who has purchased Tai’s 67 steps to success package, and he seemed to enjoy them, although he described what Tai was offering as: “every self help book ever, summed up into 67 videos.” If you have seen Tai’s advertisements, you are aware he talks about all the books he has, and all of the books he continues to read. What I am lead to believe is that Tai is offering a very expensive shortcut to the hardwork involved with reading a short list of books. Do I think you will find better results with reading the books he read instead of watching the videos he filmed? Yes. I do.

My suggestion to you is this: Before you purchase the Tai Lopez Holiday Special, read The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People. and do it before the sale is up, so you can decide after you have read the book if you really want to spend $497 on auspiciously marketed online classes. I do think Tai has something to offer, but I am under the impression some of his teaching are too specific to help the great many people who will be purchasing his holiday bundle. If you have a friend recommending you to invest your money in the Tai Lopez teachings, by all means, your friend knows you better than I do, and maybe you should listen to him. However, if you think you might just need a little nudge to get the ball rolling on a more successful YOU; a more successful LIFE, I would highly consider reading one of the books he talks about in his advertisements.


P.S. I am very tired and just ate a whole dominos pizza (dominos pizza in India is a thing. I like the cheese burst crust. My Christmas Present to myself), but I decided getting this article online was better than waiting until tomorrow to post it. So editing will occur. Once I edit the piece, this message will disappear. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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