The Pen Is Mightier, But The Keyboard Is Quickier

I meet numerous people. How many are wise people? Some. What would happen if the sum total of wise men (and women) outweighed the ignorant? Would we have world peace? Or global stagnation? I would deem it important to note that if the sum of wise individuals does not soon outweigh the number of ignorant in the world, we are more than likely doomed to bring about our own extermination. If you disagree with me, well, I have a comment section. I’d love to receive some legitimate comments. Most of what I receive is spam.

Every day (nearly) I consider adopting a new name. I am Christopher James Buckley, and many people call me Chris. I own the website, although nobody calls me Zeus. I don’t deem that they should either. I don’t feel like a ‘Zeus,’ but rather…I suppose I feel like a Chris. Today I am considering adopting yet another moniker. In this day and age, adopting a name is easy. How do I make it official? I change the name on my Instagram account. Not the username, which will probably stay heartofzeus forever, but rather the proper name that appears in the details of the profile. Does the fact that I am continuously displeased with my name as a penname deserve merit? I can’t tell. The eventual goal is to write and sell books; the books perhaps leading to lectures, and the books and lectures together leading to an income (finally!) There are three factors which I cite when telling myself (and others) I am deserving, and smart to be changing my name. First, there is already an author by the name of Christopher Buckley, and some Americans (and possibly folks outside of America) will know him because he wrote a book that became a popular movie, and that book/movie is Thank You For Smoking. So if I don’t want people to confuse me with that author, does a change in penname not seem wise? Second, the name ‘Buckley’ is not a name I am related to by blood. My father is adopted, and the name of his birth father is Gallagher. So technically (is it technical? I’m not sure) my family relations are to the Gallagher’s, not the Buckley’s. I feel like a Buckley far more than I feel like a Gallagher though. My grandmothers maiden name is Armstrong, and I hold deep roots of Scottish lineage on her side, so I have considered legally changing my last name to Armstrong…but that is expensive and time consuming, and not the same as simply changing my Instagram name. and so I am very precautions, maybe even skeptical about a legal change of name. Third, I want a pen name that sticks. Sticks hard. The name Stephen King is a popular name in literature, but I have read before that his name has much to do with his popularity (K.I.N.G. fits perfectly and symmetrically on the front cover of a book, and his first name S.T.E.P.H.E.N. sits perfectly in an artistic offset fashion above it). Now, we could consider the involvement of a god-like figure to explain why an obviously talented author also ended up with a name that assists in selling books, but I will just move past that, because it is not wise to over-think certain transient subjects; coincidence is just assistance from the universe in my eyes.

My oh my, we are already at a whole page of word processed writing. I am making a diligent effort to write shorter articles so I have the energy to edit them also. I have soooo much writing that I have not posted to this website, and it is not something I am happy with. So I will wrap things up. I don’t even know the point of this article really, but I read this morning: “If you wish to be a writer, write.” – Epictetus. Here I am! Writing! I decided to push out a quick article before reading and doing some preparation for my trip to Thailand (leaving from India where I have been one month). I want to be a writer. and so I write.


* * *

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