Bangkok, At Last!

I am in Bangkok now! I never thought I would end up in Bangkok. To a larger extent, let’s take five years ago: I never dreamt the day I would be traveling abroad, much less traveling in Asia. I can’t say I am loving it over here in Asia, but I can tell you I am having an experience. First of all, I don’t understand most things. Everywhere one will go it’s going to be a mix of people, that is with certainty. but in India I didn’t under first: why everyone litters, and even went as far as to tell me that they don’t want to stop, and second: why so many people in India were so rude! Like seriously rude af. Mostly the men, of course. but it was definitely a thing. Of course all the people I hung out with were not rude, but then on the bus I’d see some twenty-something dude pretend to be asleep so he didn’t have to let some old guy sit down. Like bro…I am the one who invited him over to sit, so you’re wlecome to have a problem with me. That was on my ride to the airport.

Anyway, enough bitching about a place I no longer reside, and onto bitching about my current situation! I am liking Bangkok! but it is certainly wearing on me that I am a broke mf. Nobody likes broke mf’s, that’s forsure. Now, most people assume right off the bat that I have money because I am a ‘farang,’ but they are assuming wrong. Granted I spent fucking thirty dollars on breakfast yesterday, and that certainly was one of the dumbest things I’ve done on my whole trip. but I am seeing how if one comes to Bangkok with a reasonably high budget and doesn’t worry about expenditure, they are going to have a good time. Me? I have almost nothing to my name, and I am planning to land back in (at this point) San Francisco with even less than nothing. My trip is certainly being dictated by my funds. It’s pretty lame. I am beginning to see how one can live comfortably in a familiar area, simply by learning the grounds and making friends. To live comfortably on a world scale though, requires money. I am certainly opening up my money mind out here! I have big ideas, yet still no plans for my arrival back in America. I am reading three books, and honestly I should spend more time reading, rather than taking 2 hour 45 minute walks like I did last night. Granted, I saw quite a bit on my walk, and I rather enjoyed exploring Bangkok at midnight. Walking around a new city is just one of those things I like to do. Last night I happen to do it in my fancy pants, lol, just in case some drunk rich person decided they wanted to hangout with me I would have been dressed for the occasion.

All that being said, I think I am going to take my leave of the Quarter Cafe. I bought two nights at this place called the Cubic Pratunam Hotel, but they have upset me by listing on Agoda that I would get free breakfast, only to tell me this morning that breakfast is 200 baht extra for guests on the top floor (the hostel portion). Well rather than give those asshole my 200 baht I came and spent it here at the Quarter Cafe…I actually paid 290 baht for a meal I calculated to cost 210 baht, but I didn’t bother to argue with the nice ladies…who are cooking fish behind me, I can smell it lol. So anyway, I had other problems with the Cubic Pratunam which have made me think I might go seek shelter elsewhere for the night. The bathroom lights are on a sensor and go off every 7 seconds. The staff has something to be desired. and last, but very important, is that I suspect they changed their name recently to confuse with the Cubic Hostel in Bangkok. I am getting the vibe that after they added the hostel rooms on the top floor maybe they went through a name change, as well as a facelift for the building. So I want to venture into the city and look at the options, but I didn’t really want to leave my computer at the hostel…it’s clear those mf’s would do nothing if it disappeared. Hmm. Now I am thinking I should just take it with me all the way. I was actually thinking I would bring the computer back, but you know what? I am going to just take it with me even though it’s kkiilliinngg my back. My lower back up to my shoulder is just destroyed. I am so sad about it. but no use bitching about the situation. I am simply going to come up hard. I still have to write a book, and whereas for a while I thought I might write a nonfiction book I have now decided I am best suited to stay in the realm of fiction. Story tellers are important, and I can still teach quite a bit through story telling. Anyway. I am going to head out and…hop on the river boat? I think (I took a random bus instead). Which is actually called an express boat. Hmm. Maybe I’ll take the number 59 bus actually, I think that’s a little closer and easier (I took the 36 cuz everyone else was doing it). Should be a fun time. Okay! That being said, I am off! Wish me good luck. and perhaps I will be writing more today since I will be taking the computer.

*             *             *

The time is now 9:11 on the following day (Jan 4th, 2019). I am quite stressed about how I can’t get comfortable in this cafe. Nothing to do with the cafe. It’s just that I have a crazy broken shoulder, and there is really no fix for my pain. Just suffer until I’m rich and can pay folks to help me out, I really think that’s the only solution.

It’s amazing the amount of Supreme gear available for $1.50 in this city. I already don’t buy expensive clothes, but now my eyes have been wayy more opened to this bullshit. There is no more easy money to be made! It’s time to give the idea up. The best time and place in the history of earth to get rich was the Unites States of America in 1835, and you know what? It’s 2019! So you are too late to the party for the easy money. but you can still get the grit money; the hard doe. It don’t have to be that hard doe! I’m out here doing what feels good for me, and I am not making any money, but at least I am doing something I really enjoy: writing. I write a lot. I have hundreds of pages of unpublished writing, and I feel a mix of emotions about it, but I am certainly not upset I did all that writing. I think if I had been taking the time to edit it and publish it as I have gone along it might have done me more good, but still, I feel good that it has been written. I do need to get it onto a public medium soon though!

Woo! I just finished eating an egg and cheese (and tomato and mushroom) sandwich from The Quarter in Bangkok. It was pretty good! Lots of cheese though, that’s forsure. I have already checked out of my hotel because I was just sick of being in that shitty place, and so I am on my own out here! Waiting to check into my next room…which I am hoping will be infinitely better, and if I am lucky I will be able to do laundry on site there, because I seriouslyyyy need to do laundry. I also am in much need of a shower; preferably hot. (No laundry on site).

Okay. The time is now 9:49, still the morning obviously. I am thinking of moving on from this cafe to another cafe. This street seems to have many of them; all expensive as fuck. I hate how expensive the world is. Attention Americans! You are POOR! Minimum wage there is a joke. The people in Bangkok probably make more money than you, especially if they get tips. All I know forsure is that the price of things is similar. I just paid like $6 for an egg on a piece of toast. Honestly it’s a joke that I am finding extends far outside of America. There is no cheap place anymore. If spending money stresses you out…just give up! You need to have more money! It’s the only solution. It literally makes the world go around. Okay…I am going to walk down the street. Which probably isn’t in my best interests, but I am going to do it anywayyyyy.

The time is now 10:17, and I have migrated a mighty 100 meters down the road to a place called Chao Coffee. I have ordered a cappuccino and it is very good. I got the large, against my better judgment. Paid about $2.50 for it. On the TV there is a new broadcast, and the only coverage I have seen is about a hurricane. I am guessed a second hurricane hit Indonesia (Wrong! A tropical storm is headed for Thailand!). Maximum Bu Hau! It is clear that global warming is fucking things up for everyone, but to see an increase in seismic activity is really a downfall on a large scale. Death and destruction are coming for us…and I am gonna write about that shit.

I don’t know what to do. I’m killing as much time as I can at this spot. I don’t feel too riled up from the coffee. The coffee in Bangkok is very good! In Kolkata it was not so good. The cheap shit gives me the heebie-jeebies. I don’t like the heebie-jeebies. So it looks like a massive tropical storm is about to beat down on southern Thailand. I quite wish I was there. I have never experienced a tropical storm, but I like danger. I might still be able to convince Jo to head down there with me. But! The big news is that the tropical storm is going to hit the Andaman Islands directly. I almost went there! If flight prices would have been good I might have gone. The islands are owned by India, so I can go on my visa with no issues. That’s also the set of Islands where the Bow and Arrow people live (as I call them). Recently a crazy Chinese-American went there to try and convert the residents to Catholicism, and they killed him. Good. Serves him right. We should be containing the word of God, not spreading it. I really do think religion is, at this point, holding us back from our full potential. I really have been ahead of my time for quite a while. The book Sapiens I am reading talks about how religion (myth) brought humanity together, and the author hasn’t gotten to it yet, but I bet he will go on to say we need a newer, better myth to reunite us again. Colonization of another planet is the only option! It’s all we’ve got left!

Six people just walked into this coffee shop. Woo! I am no longer alone. They all look like me, but they are not speaking my language. They are from Lithuania! Cool af. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone from Lithuania. But now I have! I don’t really know if I could ask them anything…although I would like to. I wonder if I will ever go to Lithuania. I just looked at the map and saw that it is just north of Poland. I have considered going to Poland, and so maybe going north is the move from there, especially if I am trying to save money.

The time is now 11:07. I don’t know what the move is from here…I was going to continue to a different cafe. Google says if I take the 59 bus it is going to take an hour and 45 minutes to reach my destination. Am I ready for that? I think I might be. It will save me a couple of bucks, and really I don’t have shit else to do except for spend money down here. I could take a Grab (like Uber) and get there sooner, but it will cost me a couple of dollars. The bus costs a couple of cents. What do you think I am going to do? Okay. I am going to pack it in and talk to these Lithuanians for a second before I go. Peace for now!

The time is 19:10, and I am at my new homestay, which is basically a house someone has turned into an eight room hotel. It’s called Donmuang At Last. There is no free breakfast, so it’s not a b&b. I can hear planes pass over me quite often. Every 10 minutes perhaps, or maybe even closer together than that. I am waiting for Jo to arrive tonight. She will landing on a jet plane at 11:15, and so when her flight leaves at 9:15 I plan to begin a walk to the airport to meet her. It’s about an hour and fifteen minute walk, so I will have some extra time in there, but I can use that time to take a break. which after the walk will be much needed. Okay, just now I heard two planes only a minute or two apart. Maybe nighttime will bring more planes? I doubt it. It will probably be equal to the daytime planes. So anyway, I guess I am going to wrap it up here and edit the article, and get to publishing the thing to my blog. I have accumulated quite a bit of unpublished writing even since I left America. I also just made myself some instant coffee with a lil chocolate in it. and there is a single mosquito buzzing around making me upset. So I will wrap it up with that, and next time you hear from me I will be reunited with Jo!


* * *

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