It’s Teachers Day, and all you get is this DATA-T article.

There are two types of people in the world. The dead, and the living. Which are you?

I am writing to you from Data T Cafe in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The cappuccino Jo and I split yesterday was splendid, and so we have made our return. This morning we have ordered two steamed rice with fried egg, a side of spicy Chinese pickle, a Cappuccino, and an Americano. Actually make that two Cappuccino and two Americano. We have probably been here over one hour already. We arrived and ordered, and I managed to type the top of this page quickly before initiating a deep conversation with the gentleman who owns the place. I have not determined if he is here with his wife or not, but it is possible. The gentleman is from Taiwan, spent eight years in Atlanta, returned to Taiwan, worked in China to help minimize air pollution, and has now retired to Chiang Mai.

Today is no different than any other day I have spent traveling, except that I am going to make every effort to force a difference today. I have been writing this blog for quite some time now, and have also grown into making YouTube videos. I can’t lie about it, these outlets for my creative passion make me happy. They make me happy with impunity, and when I first started writing I wanted to make money with my talents, but now I am going to make money with my talents. I have long been speaking to Jo about starting a YouTube channel together, perhaps one where we focus on education, or travel; many things to be talked about in this globalizing world we inhabit, and no better time to start than now! I have decided I want to move onto the next step, and by default Jo is coming with me. It’s a must. I long thought that we would come to some sort of glorious conclusion together, where passion would spark a move into profit, but I no longer feel that way. We are going to leap. I am taking my father as well…

As I write this, I can’t actually say I have a plan, but I can say I have focus. I have learned much while operating this blog. I have also become comfortable with “The best camera is the one you already have.” The tools Jo and I have are miniscule in comparison to the tools our parents have given us, and so with practice and hardwork, I sternly believe we will find ourselves living the life of profitable digital nomads. After we put in the initial work of…whatever is about to happen, we will be able to pursue our passions with vigor, unafflicted by the amount of money we have. Money will always effect and come into play. One should not assume that if they do what they love forever they will find success, but it is fair to say that when vigilance is maintained, the former is true. So today is the day! Planning is ahead. Hardwork is ahead. Frustration is ahead. However these tasks will not amount to abyss, they will amount to bountiful harvest. HeartOfZeus is just telling the story of Chris Buckley. I am glad to have to have you here with me. Let’s pray I don’t fuck this up.


* * *

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