Sook Jai Guesthouse in Chiang Rai

I am writing to you from Sook Jai hostel in Chiang Rai. There are mosquitoes about, I see them in my presence. To my one o’clock there is a group of individuals gathered around a dying fire, chatting about the types of things individuals chat about while they are touring the world. Somewhere around here is a cat, I am sure of it. In fact, I am sure there is more than one cat about, I ran into the black one this morning, and there are two tabby kittens also. Jo and I saw on our first day here. So anyway, while the traversing travelers sit and cite their certifications around the embers, I sit alone at a picnic table with opera in my ears typing these words to you. How are you doing on this fine day, the 28th or January, at 21:30? I hope you are very, very well.

Today was a good day! It started as I led us to a street full of restaurants that we later found out aren’t even the lit places to have breakfast. We walked past several establishments later on in the morning and decided they would be the better places to eat, and so that’s what we will do upon the upcoming morning. Our plan is to wake up at 7:00, and hit the road by 7:30. The private rooms are full tomorrow, and we are planning to switch into the dorms. So we wake at 7, leave at 7:30, eat breakfast, and by 8:10 we will be at Spinomad to do our laundry. That’s a laundry mat and cafe (and hostel, I think), all rolled in one. Then we will be back by 11:00 to switch rooms, and after that we will probably go to this place called The Black House, which I had heard miscalled The Black Temple at first. Today we talked to these Irish folks on a rickshaw and they described it as ‘strange,’ which is right up my alley. I am excited.

Today we saw The White Temple. Holy shit. It was crazy. In fact it was so crazy, I need to dedicate a whole article to it! and so I am cutting it off here. The bugs are here, and so I don’t want to be. I am going to edit this, post it, and then go back to join Jo in the room and get an early nights rest so we can wake up bright and early and adhere to our plans tomorrow. Perhaps you can expect more as soon as tomorrow? and then the day after tomorrow we will leave for Laos. Good times.


P.S. Just as I finished editing, the cat brushed my leg, but then when I looked for it I couldn’t find it. Oh well.

* * *

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