Slow Boat To Luang Prabang

The date is January 31st, and I am in the middle of a two day journey. I am writing to you from a slow boat in Laos, upon which I travel from Pak Beng to Luang Prabang. It is mildly cold this morning, evidenced to any on looker by the droves of tourist-passengers asking to dig their bags up from the floor so they can retrieve their cloaks.  Jo and I are fairly prepared with our coat and sweatshirt, respectively. When I left Chicago on November 29th I was wearing

From The Bakery Window

two sweatshirts. When I arrived in India I gifted one of the Carhartt sweatshirts away (the less worn, yet less sentimental one) to the host of my first Air B&B. He seemed grateful, as he later sent me an email with him wearing the hoodie. In the picture he had the hood up like a real gangsta (r.i.p. Treyvon, who was not a gangster). Anyway, take note, if you are taking the Slow Boat in Laos (it’s a tourist attraction nowadays), don’t go without dressing warm on day number two.

I have Kanye West in my ears, and as I have stated before I don’t usually write while listening to music, but I guess that is a changing thing. It’s on shuffle, so let’s see what comes next. It was Schoolboy Q, then SHXDE, then Soulja Boy…I settled on Kiss Me Thru The Phone, lol. It’s early, but still a practical piece of music to bump on a relaxing riverboat through the center of Laos, right? Sorry Josh, I didn’t mean to skip you in favor of some shit tunes this time, but I do have you on my playlist bro, and I try to spread the word.

We left our accommodation this morning, which is named Donevilasuk Guest House, and went to get breakfast at

The Dock

the only place in town that has an espresso machine (I read that piece of information online at, which has provided me an abundance of information to get around Laos with confidence). The place with the espresso machine is called Monesavan Bakery. Jo and I both ordered the same thing, an egg and cheese bagel with some coffee. Jo got Lao coffee, and I got Cappuccino. Breakfast was very good, and the price wasn’t bad either. In addition to

Look! Fog!

breakfast, we ordered five sandwiches from the same bakery so we could eat on the boat.  Pleased with the bakery’s service and quality, we proceeded to the dock to claim our seats for the remainder of the slow boat trip.

Two Boats! Woo! We had read online that, in the past, they had crammed all the tourists onto a single boat the second day. I was very glad to find we would not be in that same predicament, especially since we fill both boats with ease, all 180 of us passengers. Jo and I got on to the boat with less chairs and settled ourselves into a front row seat. I then left to gather snacks from the village while Jo stayed behind to watch the stuff (we did it the other way around yesterday). I spent 62,000 Kip buying snacks, and 85,000 Kip is $10, so I spent less than $10. When I returned to the boat I found Jo to be seated among the locals, as they took the front seats, and all the tourists sat near the back. Cool! I am happy. The tourists forever invite me to share a beer, but as we know, I don’t drink. I used to drink. Now I only smoke. Anyway. So now we are on the boat, and about 40 minutes into our journey while I have Big L and Jay Z with their seven minute freestyle bumping in my ears, and I am going to leave it here and continue to enjoy the musica and the vistas. Peace! Until later.


* * *

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