White Temple; PART ONE!

Yesterday I visited The White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Let me tell you about the most mystifying temple I have been to, and more than likely the most interesting temple in Thailand. In the late 20th century The White Temple was known as Wat Rong Khun, and it was decaying. A man named Chalermchai Kositpipat bought the property; an artist. A magnificent artist bought the property and has been using his own money to fund a renovation and expansion to the Wat. You can read the Wikipedia page here.

Jo and I arrived at the bus five minutes before it was supposed to leave, only to find out that there was no planed departure for 35 minutes. Okay, so we missed the bus. This did provide a great opportunity for me to buy sunglasses however. I have been putting off the purchasing of sunglasses for almost two whole months, but yesterday (1/28/19) I finally got the task done! I bought grey shades from a place called MINISO. I had visited the store with Jo the day previous, where I took a couple selfies with the Pink Panther (officially licensed) goods, played with the amazing

Wat Rong Khun

plush toys, and gawked at the price of silverware. When I mentioned to Jo that I wanted to look at sunglasses at the store, I was practically kidding; I thought prices would be through the roof! I was wrong. For only 200 Baht ($6.34) I am now sporting a pair of polarized beauties!

Sunglasses perched upon my bridge, we took back to the bus. This time the bus is full, and we are lucky to get the last two seats still available next to each other. In time, several more people would enter the bus, and I would give two different seats away, two different times. When the bus finally departed I settled onto a fold down seat next to the open door, also located close to Jo and this nice French lady we met. It was strange actually, because we had met this lady already on the van ride from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai, but we didn’t much talk to her. This time we chatted with her a bit. She’s from Paris, and mostly speaks French. This is okay, because Jo can also speak a little bit of French. After speaking with the lady for the length of the bus ride, we had a new friend! Perhaps we will see her one day in the great city of Paris.

Hands Up For ART!

Wow, I am barely into the story here! Okay, so we arrive at the temple. It’s bright af. Like, seriously. Most of the temple has these tiny mirrors on it, and the thing is all white. This building is super bright. We buy our tickets for 50 baht each, and we enter. From a distance the temple looks ornate and beautiful. I took some obligatory photographs which turned out quite well. Then we headed for the bridge which leads to the main building. The temple is still being built and isn’t scheduled to be finished until 2070. Eventually there will be nine buildings. Holy shit you guys, I did NOT expect what I found. Underneath the bridge leading to the main attraction there are hundreds of hands reaching up from an unknown abyss. Fire, perhaps? The sight was grueling, and of course I immediately knew I was getting into a memorable adventure.

Part One: FIN!


* * *

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