Coffee in Luang Prabang, written from Mekong Coffee House.

I am in Laos, and I am feeling pessimistic today. I ordered a cappuccino and the thing is practically all milk. You know, I wouldn’t know the difference between a good Cap and a bad Cap before I left America, but now I feel like I can certainly make the identification. So here’s the rundown for Luang Prabang: Saffron Coffee has the best cappuccino, and probably the best coffee as well. Also, a lot of the proceeds go back to the coffee farmers, which is nice. I read online that Mekong Coffee has good WiFi, and so I came here to stream the Superbowl as it is February 3rd, but my stupid VPN isn’t able to trick CBS and so they won’t let me stream the game because I’m outside of the United States. Fuck You, CBS. Anyway…this Cappuccino sucks. I ordered the large…and maybe they just take a small Cap and add double the milk in this part of the world? I mean if I order a large, shouldn’t two shots just be a given? Seems pretty much like a trick in my eyes, but I’m starting to see what’s going on.

Mini House (which is a restaurant on the main-drag) doesn’t even have real coffee, they just give you NesCafe. It’s amazing how often you can order coffee at a restaurant and get NesCafe out here, and by amazing I mean despicable. The first cafe I went to in the city was Dao Coffee, and so far it’s actually my favorite shop. It’s not as busy as Saffron, and it’s got quality goods. Plus the WiFi works well enough for all the tasks I have tried. Man…I’m literally sitting here drinking warm milk. It’s actually pretty gross when you want the bitter taste of coffee in your mouth. What else could I tell you about…Oh! The best omelet with rice (my favorite breakfast) can be found at this place called ‘Lao Coffee,’ if you search on Google Maps, and they only sell rice after 10 AM. I am not so sure I would order their coffee…it doesn’t appear to be a coffee shop, and in fact when I saw the sign in the building for Lao Coffee I took it to be a retired signage. I would venture to guess that they serve NesCafe there. So, anyway, that’s what I have for you.


P.S. The music at this place sucks a double dick too. This guy is just playing dance hits…and its 08:15 in the morning. Maybe you’re into that. You can read my review on Google Maps HERE under the 2 stars category.

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