It’s short, but she still likes it!

I didn’t have a great morning yesterday, and I dare say today feels like it could start the same way. Bu Hao! I cannot accept this. First of all, I love the morning. It is by far my favorite thing to wake up early, and get straight to writing, or walking, maybe listening to music…I just enjoy the morning time. So when I am having a bad morning, or string of mornings, it really puts a damper on my overall mood. I just fucks things up. I get real picky about certain things, and it just gets worse from there. I’ve found that giving up my main ideas and goals for the day is the only hope. I began yesterday by looking for work,  but soon began to feel overwhelmed and frustrated, and I knew there was no sense in carrying on. Any letters one might send out while they are angry with the world, well, that shits gonna sound angry! So Jo and I just went for a walk and then ate some food, which took nearly two hours to receive.

It was kind of a trip that it took two hours for the food to be received, because we were a little stoned and time was passing abnormally for me. I had always been told that food took a long time in Laos when you ordered it, but that was by far the most extreme experience I have discovered on the matter. It wasn’t until Jo pointed out we had been walking to the restaurant at 13:05, and when she told me that it was 14:45 and we still didn’t have our food. It was a crazy time. I didn’t even order because I wasn’t hungry yet, but by the time the food arrived I could have eaten. Oh well. That was yesterday, and this is today. In the end it worked out because we went out to eat for dinner and I was quite hungry then. I suppose it is the case, that I might eat because I am bored sometimes, and that is not a good habit to get into.

In between the two meals we ate, something unusual happened. It was a planned thing, but it was still unusual. Are you ready? I cut off all my hair. Shits gone. I had a lot of hair, and now I have a little bit of hair. I did this for several reasons, but the main contender of reasons is that I have wickedly bad dandruff, and I am hoping the sun will help to cure my scaly head. I didn’t get to experience any sun yesterday after we cut the hair, but today I am gonna burn the shit outta that mother fucker. It’s gonna be great.

Anyway, I am currently sitting on the porch of my guesthouse, second floor, across the street from where I will have breakfast (it’s three buildings here at the Khamphone Guesthouse, and we are directly across from the main building). We paid an extra 10,000 LAK (Laos Kip) each to have breakfast included, and I will tell you: it’s totally worth it. He told me there would be rice…and there isn’t any rice, but that’s okay. There are eggs, bread, jam (jelly? I haven’t actually had it yet), soup…well anyway, it’s a decent spread for what we pay. If we didn’t eat here we would end up paying like 20,000 LAK per person to eat at a restaurant, so this deal is good. Saving like 2 or 3 bucks each day this way. Right now there is a plethora of Chinese tourists here, presumably for the Chinese New Year, and the guy who runs the guesthouse tells us that it is busier than usual. That’s cool though, we were ready before we even arrived. China is buying a lot of property in Laos…just a honorable mention. I guess that doesn’t strike me as surprising though. China is the future.

Well…the time is 15:34 in San Francisco, and I know only that because my computer never changed times when I started traveling. It’s not like my phone that changes as I go (which is dead). But morning is upon us here in Laos, so I am going to close the word doc, open up the internet and surf the news for a bit, then I am going to eat breakfast. Eventually Jo will wake up, and then we are going to go for a morning swim in a local lagoon. Should be a good time! Peace for now.


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