The Iditarod Life

I am writing to you from Sinouk Cafe, and let me tell you it is not as good as Common Grounds. So if you find yourself in Vientiane, Laos, you are welcome to try out both places, but I think you’ll find Common Grounds to be the best cafe in the city, both in quality and bang-for-your-buck. Jo is sitting across from me looking up information on teaching English in Vietnam, as that is our next move. I have a real good feeling about it! Not so long ago…I quit drinking alcohol, and I told myself it would be worth it because if I didn’t drink I would certainly find success. So far, that has not come to fruition (I know what I like, and numbness is one of those things). Sure, I am able to travel and explore the world, which I undoubtedly couldn’t have done as a drunkard, but you know what I really want? Money. I want money af. So I am going to keep doing what I am doing, and part of what I am doing will now have been teaching English.

The goal, at least my goal, is to stay in Vietnam for a year. One year will do. I don’t need more, and I hope to not give up settling on less. Afterwards the plan…well it cannot be predicted. Life after one year in Vietnam would never be the same. and if I complete my free online coding camp? Well shit. I actually think I’ll be happy! I am happy right now, don’t get me wrong. Traveling with Jo, exploring the Earth, drinking coffee and writing. These are what separates the current model from the defunct Chris. but to have a career? That’s a different Chris entirely. I’m not going to end up dead or in jail, mom. I think I might actually do something with my life. I am pretty excited to start! First, I need to take a year and prepare the reins, otherwise I’ll end up cold and alone in this Iditarod . Can’t have that.



UPDATE: Literally just as I finished editing the above, Jo leaned over and told me to get a work permit in Vietnam requires a college degree. Fuck. So…we shall see. If I can’t get work in Vietnam that is going to be quite disheartening, and I have a plan B to go back to the states and work at a restaurant while I teach myself coding. Obviously though, I think I would find more success if I stuck to the original plan. Either way, we just bought 3 month visas to Vietnam yesterday, which we pick up in a week, so we’re going.

* * *

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