Day 2 in Danang (43 Coffee, and H Coffee)

43 Coffee

It is my second day full day in Vietnam, and I am writing to you from H-Coffee in the My An district of Da Nang. Dare I say I will spend all of my time in this one little area of the city? I seriously love it, and I am certain I could spend a significant amount of time here, the only question that remains is: when should I be purchasing a plane ticket for, because then I am forreal locked into staying. Right now the cheapest ticket is for May 17th, and honestly everything before that date has risen significantly. I was excited to get home, and now I feel like ‘who wouldn’t want to spend three months living at the beach?’


I am falling into a routine. I wake up at my hostel, and I walk to get a Banh Mi sandwich at this local spot I’ve found, and that runs me about 15k Dong, which is like sixty-six cents probably. Maybe it’s 70 cents. I think 23,000 Dong is $1. After I get my sandwich I go and grab a coffee. The coffee (at least in this part of the city) is extremely well made from what I’ve seen. Yesterday I went to 43 Coffee Roastery, which was super lux and lavish. It has a large glass wall at the front letting in loads of light, and 50’s music coming at a perfect volume out of the speakers. For individuals who take their coffee, and their atmosphere seriously, 43 Coffee is the place.  I will certainly be back, but not every day because the coffee runs 60k, and that means it’s probably the most expensive place in the neighborhood.

Today I am at H Coffee (as I have stated), and the Americano is only 20k, which doesn’t seem like a bad price. The coffee is not as bitter as I would prefer, but it is certainly fresh; none of that NesCafe bullshit that I ran the chance of receiving in Thailand and Laos. I am under the impression I have the Koreans to thank for this, because I read online Koreans take their coffee pretty seriously, and as a large portion of the tourists are Korean I believe the coffee scene has developed, at least in part, because of their thirst for the stuff. Cool. I’m a thirsty man myself.

Every day I am going to try a new coffee shop, and I will write to you from the different coffee shops. I am going to make a real effort not to falter this act, as I know I will really appreciate it in the future. I am also considering getting a group together while I am here, but I know not what kind of group yet. Most of the individuals here are probably more…ritzy than myself. I believe it is a slightly more sophisticated, and well-off expat community than, where as I have like one paychecks worth of savings which I am trying to stretch lol. So maybe the common interest barrier will be stern and difficult to breach. Nevertheless, I intend to try making as many friends as possible while I am here. I really like Da Nang. Not to get ahead of myself…as I usually do…but I could see making Da Nang my lifelong travel destination. Every time I need a break from San Francisco or just the Western Hemisphere, I could see myself coming here. Let’s not forget I spent a month in Kolkata as well, and I love it there. I loved the price, and the food, and the people. This place though? Well this place feels like home to me.


* * *

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