In The Zone

Today was a dope day. I arrived in Da Nang, Vietnam yesterday, and I am feeling hella good. I can’t even lie about it. Vietnam is pretty oh my god the roof on my hostel just retracted  cool. That’s literally what happened in real time, but it’s also an accurate description of how cool Vietnam is. I wonder how difficult it would be to learn Vietnamese. Probably viciously hard for me, but they use the same alphabet. The letters just sound different.

On a different type of thing, I am considering teaching English here, but I suppose it starts with looking around about a job. I am being told that teaching English will be easy for me, and so I am tempted to give it a shot. I will certainly update if that come to fruition. Otherwise I’ll be buying a plane ticket and will soon have a date of arrival. Unless I teach…I do however think giving college a shot might be the move for me, so I don’t want to lock myself into Vietnam. I suppose teaching would actually be pretty good experience though. Damn, I wish I had applied for residency of California before I left. I bet I could have gained residency already, and if I can’t get into the school I might just wait and work for a year while saving money in the city. Have we talked about all this? I feel like we might have.

I think I’ll go to the beach again tomorrow.


* * *

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