Day 3 in Da Nang (43 Coffee Factory)

I am at 43 Coffee Roastery. Whew! Big day already. I awoke and brushed my teeth, and then I hoofed it over to the Banh Mi sandwich shop I have been frequenting. I ate an egg sandwich and met a nice gentleman from South Carolina and a lady from China, the western side. The lady approached me first and asked if I was Jewish, citing that I have a large beard. This is far from a new thing for me, and I am quite honored to be considered among the beard elite. After she was chatting me up (in pretty good English) for a minute, I turned around to find a older gentleman from the good ole USA standing right behind me; NFL hat and all. I talked to him for a bit, and he told me about his travels in China, and he also happened to know a bit about the Bay Bridge because apparently he was included on the construction. The Bay Bridge was built in China and shipped over…maybe I knew that. He also told me about a massive earth quake in China in 2008. Sad story really.

My friends Greta and Nora just walked into the coffee shop I am at, and walked directly out the side door. I wonder if they know I saw them. Overall it was a rather confusing thing to watch, and being as I am in the upstairs seating area I saw it in one smooth motion. Today I ordered a coffee, and a brownie. Good stuff. The people at this shop take the coffee very seriously, and I can appreciate that. In two days time I have a demo scheduled for teaching English. It was be a trip and a half if I got accepted into the position. I would really like this town…and I would be here for like 6 months! Crazy af. That would be a life changer. Okay. The people are all here now, so I am going to go join them. I guess…I am just going to post this now and do more later. Peace!


* * *

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