New Fame LLC Concert, Da Nang day 4

This is the greatest town I have been to in my entire life. Who woulda thunk I’d travel almost all the way around the world and end up having the best time of my life in Vietnam! I seriously never could have guessed that life would take this unexpected turn. I’m in the part of the city called My An, and although I think the whole city is lit, this neighborhood is where it’s at. In all seriousness I wouldn’t be surprised if this neighborhood becomes some epicenter of a renaissance movement, I am that impressed with the attitudes of these local folks.

Last night I attended a hip-hop show, and one of the reasons I attended (because normally I just sit at home) was because they were having a freestyle rap cipher before the show, and if you know me then you know I like to rap. So I went. Boy oh boy…it was literally a life altering experience. At first I was unsure of how sizable the crowd would be, but it was massive! We’re talking a bar with only outdoor seating, and there was at least 50 people packed in there, maybe there was 80! Maybe people were standing. Upon my arrival I went and greeted the band, since I was really there to check them out. It’s odd how when you travel, supporting a group from America is supporting your local talent. I’ll have you know that I did spit some raps, and some other folks came up to spit some raps too. It was a pretty successful cipher forsure, and I am happy I went to the show. The name of the band is New Fame LLC, and the two members are Adrian and Cruz, presuming I have the spelling right, my memory is serving me, and I heard correctly over the music lol. Their next stop is SXSW, so if you are in Texas for South By South West Music Festival, look for New Fame LLC and check their show out, but they will be touring America all year. It was really bumping.

So this duo from America brought all these people together, and it made for the most agronomic environment and it was very relaxing and I felt right at home. If I was a man with more direction, I might consider becoming a tour manager for sending bands through Vietnam. Even if a group just came to Da Nang and set up shop playing shows here for 3 months, they would make a serious impact on the global community. As a location that attracted both nomadex (I’ve combined Digital Nomad and Expat, and at the same time I’ve made it a plurale tantum. FWM) and tourists from all around the globe, it leaves little to the imagination the kind of impact a great band with unwavering confidence could leave upon a neighborhood like this.

Whew! I am quite excited about the prospects of this place. I can’t believe that I am really thinking of spending 6 months or more here. but you know what? It all rides on a demo I have tomorrow at 11 AM, and for that reason I must put this article to wrap and move onto planning a lesson, followed by going to get a SIM card. It’s going to be a good day today, and tomorrow, no matter what happens with this lesson. Ugh. Decisions, decisions! Whatever shall I do!


* * *

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