Day 15. Two Weeks in Da Nang!

Yet another day in Da Nang! I really like it with the exclamation point. It was something I came up with upon my arrival and I still like it. I was so giddy when I first arrived to this city; the first few days were beautiful, containing majestic adventures. From forward things became plain-jane, but I wasn’t arguing with the lifestyle. Now I am officially exhausted. I chart course to move on from Da Nang soon, possibly tomorrow. From here I will go to Hoi An, and I am excited to do so. After that I am not sure what my move will be. I heard about this music festival in Hanoi, and honestly I’d love to go, but that is far more traveling then I planned to do. I really feel like I should venture to northern Vietnam, but I am not sure I will make it on this trip.

I just received an espresso with fucking banana smoothie on top. It’s so lit. I definitely have banana smoothie in my mustache, but I ain’t complaining. It’s a little more than I really wanted in a morning coffee, overall; probably a lot of sugar, but I was so enticed by it on the menu, I just had to try. There is quite a bit of banana on this thing, and since the banana is cold it cooled the espresso down, and so it’s not exactly what I was hoping for lol. Okay…I mixed it all up! and now I really don’t feel great about it. Imagine, literally, a hot espresso, and now pour in cold banana milkshake and whisk it; that’s what I have in front of me. I give this Kafe two high-fives on attempt, but the execution here has something to be desired. I got this thing from Bro’s Kafe, in Da Nang. I haven’t even properly had their coffee! So I can’t even tell you if it’s good. Wow. That was fucking crazy that I just drank that. I am going to…order another one.

Just kidding, I ordered an espresso this time. I also moved to the Kafe instead of sitting at the hostel, because the lady is sweeping up the front area. This cafe is pretty popular and I have been slowly embracing it. I started with a sandwich one day, and a fruit yogurt the next, and now I’m a custy. I actually had lunch here with my friend from Germany. Good times those were. He said he’s coming back to Da Nang next month, but idk if I will still be here…since I was just talking about going south in the last paragraph. I could always go to Hoi An for a week and then come back here, and then go south. It would be better to give myself a boost on my schedule though. I’m getting caught up in the good life here in Da Nang, and you know what? I don’t feel like I have earned the good life yet, and that in turn if I settled for the good life now I would feel like I didn’t hustle hard enough in the future. [I am actually smoking a fucking cigarette while I am editing this, can you believe that! It started with the spliffs, spliffs everywhere! and then I wanted to do it myself. Then I just wanted something to smoke one day, so I ripped the filter off a cigarette and then smoked it…makes me feel like I’ve not gone back to the traditional habit that way. I’ve smoked like 15 filter-less cigs at this point. Once I leave Da Nang NO MORE SMOKING!]

I am reading this article from Viper Chill about the future of blogging. I feel that I could be at a pivotal point in my life [although I often feel this way] where if I really give my all to a blog, I might actually be able to walk away with something. What I give my all to, that matters a lot to me. Recently I have been considering ASMR, and I talk about all of that in the article prior to this one, but now I am considering the nomadic life vs the urban life, and I am considering ease of monetization and I am considering what do I actually like doing. I have come to realize I need to do more research, and in fact, I think I will take a break from writing this article while I read some of the one cited above[it’s pretty long, I’ve yet to finish.]

*             *             *

The time is now 18:03 in Da Nang. It’s almost dark, and I am at Surf Zone. If you have been in Da Nang in the last two weeks you would have been able to catch me at this bar, as it is the bar next to my hostel, and they are chill and let me cool out here. There are two dogs, Aikido’s, and there are two cats, or kittens if you would because they are so tiny it’s incredible. There is actually a video here of the kittens playing, the most recent thing on my YouTube page. I can’t believe I moved right into this neighborhood full of expats, and all I did was choose a hostel on I didn’t pick at random, I picked a spot that looked good on the map. This place was close to the beach, and the area was a highlighted urban section on Google Maps; the price is only 75,000 vnd per night, which is just over $3. I arrived in Da Nang on a Friday, so this must make it exactly two weeks.

I sit here and I write, because otherwise I know not what to do. I can’t imagine being a writer one-hundred, or even forty-five years ago. The pen and the typewriter? Fuck that. This is easy. I always hold the pen to firm, you know? I hurt my fingers in the process. Strain the muscles. I can’t imagine the typewriter because I make a lot of mistakes, and I’d have to white-out a lot of shit if I used my current style with a typewriter. I wonder if it would be better for my writing, because I would be spending more time writing each thing, so I would be more exact. Then again, I produce so much work with a keyboard I think it’s like comparing apples to paintballs. Only children use apples.

There is a DJ from Japan performing here tonight, and where I am sitting now should theoretically be boppin in about 4 hours. Right now it’s dead, but it’s only getting dark now. I…kind of think I just saw one of the resident dogs eat another dogs poop. No good. I am pretty blind, so I can’t really tell, but it looked like he was sniffing another dog while that dog was pooping, and then I swear I saw him eat something off the same spot. Okay. These mosquitoes are killer, so imma go somewhere else quick. Peace.

Okay, I went to Le Petite cafe up on the corner. I am the only person on the premises, except for the workers of course. I wonder if they were about to close or something. It’s only 18:30 now, and they aren’t supposed to close until 22:00, so I would guess no. This place doesn’t exactly sell ice cream, but they have blended drinks that are pretty good, and I consider it ‘getting ice cream’ in my head. Today I got the ‘mint cookies’ frappe. There might be milk, but there is no ice cream. I think there is ice.

After this I will get some proper food, but I wanted to finish this article, and then post it, as well as an additional one I wrote the other day. It’s a little crazy I have been in Da Nang for two weeks already. Two weeks. Poof! Gone. My mint cookies dealio is here. Oh shit! It’s pretty good. This place isn’t the cheapest, but it certainly doesn’t fail me.

I guess that’s it. I should wrap this up. Got a lot of editing to do, and all I do is sit around all day and think of what blog I want to start. But I want to start a new blog, I know that. Okay…I will leave you with that.


* * *

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