Day 16 in Da Nang. A Fresh Look.

Today, I am just going to open a word document and let whatever fly. I am messaging Kalen at this very moment. It looks like he keep deleting what he’s saying and starting over. We shall see how long the message is. It’s a hot day. My coconut iced coffee just arrived. It is pretty good.

I just found out my friend Casey switched jobs. He always bogging down on life, when he should be speeding up! Oh well. He’s still working. I have a weird thing going on with my eye today. Kind of like seeing sun spots…but more psychedelic than that. Man, talking to Kalen I’m super excited to be back in sf. The possibilities I have are endless. I’ve come to realize how great a life could be here in Vietnam, especially in Da Nang. I just want something different right now. Would it fulfill my exact terms and conditions of life to settle into teaching English in Da Nang while I write a city blog in my free time? YES, that would fulfill my exact requirements! So why am I going home? I suppose I just feel called there. I feel like going back to SF is going to open some doors up to me that I just wouldn’t have access to if I stayed here.

I just smoked a fucking cigarette. Man! I put it out not even 10 seconds ago, and I am already disappointed in myself. Once I leave the city I’m certainly not going to smoke anymore. I was feeling good, and then I fucked it all up with that cig. Okay, I think I am being a little hard on myself. I know I am not going back to smoking, it’s just going to end up being a Da Nang thing, but still… At first it seems like a good idea, but then I smoke one and I feel a little tired. Not the move.

I am messaging Futura4200 on Instagram some questions I have about opening a forum website. If you have never heard of the Futura blog, I suggest you check it out. I don’t follow his website as much as I follow his IG, but just to be following what the guy does is to be learning from him. The time is 10:42 in Da Nang, and after that cigarette fiasco I am not feeling as bout it-bout it as I was 10 minutes ago lol. Now I will return to my hostel…cool out for a little bit, and then maybe venture back out into the world. It’s a hot day in Vietnam, but I am getting used to that. Only gonna get hotter as I go south! Okay, peace from H-Coffee.

*             *             *

I am back at my hostel, and I had just ordered a smoothie and had begun to write a letter to tarotreaderasmr, when a young lady approached me selling peanuts. She said it was a donation for her school, and the price was about the same as the ones I had seen at the store so I bought some peanuts from the lady. She also had cashews and some chicken fry things, but I feel in a peanuts mood. Well anyway, I just thought I’d give a little update before I forget about the peanuts lady. I am going to write my letter now, and then probably continue this. I need to plan my trip to Hoi An [forreal forreal]. I’m gonna get stuck in this fucking city. Oh! I can’t forget to tell you about the guy I met from Colorado making $1000 per video shooting music videos, and he lives in Da Nang.

Okay, I am back. The time is 13:06 now. Writing that letter probably took 30 minutes, and I already sent it out. Woo! To getting work done. I am pretty set on an asmr blog. I keep talking myself out of it: “it’s already being done,” “there aren’t enough readers,” “people only watch asmr, they don’t read about it,” but you know what? I am ready to take a risk. I have visited other asmr blogs and websites, and I don’t think they are putting in as much elbow grease as I am going to put in. I don’t really see much competition in the field, honestly. What is going to separate me from the other asmr blogs? My approach to marketing, and the high quality content I will be continually producing. I am already wondering where I can get writers for this project. It matters a lot to me that quality is maintained on my websites, relative to what is expected of said site, and for that reason I will hold heavy scrutiny over who I allow to write for my new asmr blog. Maybe SF will be the place I find writers. Maybe I won’t even find them in the United States.

I know what my next move has to be though? Save Money. That is what made it so easy to buy a ticket back to SF; I know my goal. It is true, now that I think about it, that I could have probably saved more money teaching English out here in Vietnam. Also however, I think I can accomplish more in SF as I will be surrounded by successful, motivating individuals in my field. There are bloggers here in Da Nang, and that pass through Vietnam, but it’s not the same as what I am trying to do.

While I stack the money, I also need to be writing. I need to write 2 or 3 asmr articles a day, and I need to make as many connections in the community as possible. I need to maintain focus, and I will succeed. The first steps were these blog posts [the recent ones, basically so I can keep track of my journey, and hold myself accountable], and sending out that email to tarotreaderasmr. I am interested to see what she replies with on the topic.

I really am running out of things to do in Da Nang. We know I should just be sitting and writing, but all I do is sit around, period! I really feel that way. It’s such a lax city. In the next two days I really should head out to Hoi An. I can catch a grab in the morning and be there in 45 minutes. I will find a hostel in Hoi An and a coffee shop near it, and I will continue working on this project with a fresh mind.

The time is 13:21 now, and I should really just go to the beach. I don’t feel like the beach though. It’s very hot, and with the sun I can’t stay out there long or I get crispy. I am excited to see what HCMC is like. I might still try and get some shirts printed while I am there…but maybe not. I might just save all my efforts for when I get home. I can’t believe I’ve been here for two weeks and never rented a motorbike. I still can’t ride a motorbike! I would think about riding a motorbike up the Hivan Pass, but I don’t feel I am up to the task. Learning to ride the bike, and then doing the pass, only to take a bus back down south anyway [probably]. I will go to Hoi An, and then just take a bus to another close city. I might try to travel through a town called Plieku, but we shall see how out of the way it is for me. I don’t want to get to HCMC too early though, and then all the sudden I’m bored and I still have two weeks before my flight. April 12th…it will come. Then it’s back to the normal job, and the normal life out in San Francisco.

I’ve realized I need to start by compiling a list of all the ASMR artists I can find, that way I have at least a general idea of what I am working with as a whole. What will be blog do? Talk about who has new videos so you can find all your asmr in one place? Yeah probably that. Plus more. Interviews, and linking other news that talks about asmr. Mhm, I think I’m on to something here.

Okay, the list is fucking huge. I just looked up “asmr artists a-z” on Google, and I was brought to a reddit page with the top 100 artists [idk if they are really the top 100 though]. I went through one of my YouTube accounts and unsubscribed to everyone that isn’t an asmrtist, and I am going to follow everyone on the list from reddit. Then I am going to go through and follow more and more artists until I think I have followed everyone I need. Then I am going to make an information sheet of how to contact the ones I believe would be best equipped to work with my project, and I am going to go down the list. At this point I will have enough to start a daily video section [about new videos] on my blog, but I probably won’t be ready to go live as I’ll want to compile more written content. Once I have my list, I am going to start writing articles involving the artists from the list, since I’ll have a base to look through now. Then I work on printing some shirts, and seeing if I can get some artists to wear the shirts. Boom! My computer is going to die so I need to find a plug.

*             *             *

The time is now 16:29. I let my computer charge in my room for a while, while I played chess and ate a sandwich from Bros Kafe next door. It was a pretty good sandwich, but I need to start considering my health. The sandwich had a lot of cheese, and over all I’ve just been eating a lot of greasy and cheesy food here in Da Nang.

I’ve realize it’s all work from this point out. It feels like I have nothing to do, but there is tons of work to be done! I gotta get this blog rolling. This is going to be tough. I should make myself a schedule and an agenda, so I am accomplishing tasks, and so I can keep track of how much I get done. Then I can start to figure out logistics and stuff. I just put a video on my Instagram story asking people if they want to get involved with this. I wouldn’t shy away from some help. I am going to need help with WordPress, and graphic design, and writing. I might need to hire someone who has worked for a blog before, or something like that. I think this is stuff I can worry about when I get back to San Francisco.

Whew. I am losing my mind again. When I get too far out, I get a little emotional about things. I really want to succeed on this one, that’s all I know. I am picturing being able to go on vacation with my grandpa; actually showing him I am doing something with my life. My mother too, I should talk to her, it’s been a few weeks. I should let her know I’m coming back! I look forward to hanging out with my family and not being a kid anymore. Having the kind of financial independence that would allow me to invite the family over to my house… Right now I don’t own a house, but that is my goal. In fact, one of my driving goals in life is this: I want to own four pieces of property at the end of my life. I recently changed from the “I just want to be rich” mindset, to the “I need realistic goals” mindset, and I decided owning four piece of property by the end of my life is a good goal to have. If I have that goal now, is it not likely I will maintain my sanity and my certainty when money comes to me? Also, is it not true that a goal will help set the future in motion, and that a goal of four properties is not an unreasonable life goal? Real estate seems like the real deal, and I just want to have a business, that I can love because it will take awhile to get to the real estate level, that helps take me to that level. Then I can watch the business go on for my lifetime, and see what becomes of it. I will have time to write and live in leisure. It could be the good life by my 30’s or 40’s!

listening to Tai Lopez on YT has inspired me to think outside the box. He talks over and over again about starting a social media marketing company. In this one elongated advertisement I saw of his, he was practically giving away the secret formula. He went to the website of a restaurant in LA, and he cited all the things wrong with it. Now, he got paid to use their site as an example, but as I was watching this video I was thinking “I agree with the flaws he is pointing out. I guess all the old-time business owners aren’t 100% caught up with the times. I think I could do what Tai is doing. I think any millennial with practical business sense and a base education can look at a website and determine things about it that are not helping viewership.” Tai was literally just going through this website and pointing things out, and I guess if I took time to assess a website, I could find things wrong with a great number of websites for a great number of restaurants in my home town. “Some of these places might actually pay me to help straighten everything out,” and then it hit me. Tai’s right! An smma [social media marketing agency] is the way to go for the millennial who is really hungry to get out of the struggle. Those guys who would have become great car salesmen if this was the 80’s? Those guys probably rule at running an smma. It’s getting out there and meeting the people, and actually getting a long list of people you have contacted. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but with the initial money you making doing an smma, you can move into a different sector, and of course Tai thinks real estate. Boom. That’s what I want to do. Except I am not going to run an smma, I am going to run a blog, and I am going to apply some good business principles to running the blog from the get-go. Do you see what I am saying? If I can dismantle a website…I can build one, or at least pay to have one built [I built my current site, but I might not be able to keep up if I try to build the new site to new standards]. I can use what I know about advertising! I tell random people I meet to advertise themselves on IG all the time, because they have a service or own a businesses or whathaveyou. I am hungry ladies and gents! and I am going to get myself a bite of the action, and I am going to make it in an industry I love being a part of, and that is asmr. The blog might not go off without any hitches, but if I stick with it I know I will succeed. This article is my reminder to myself that I need to see this one through; that I have too many ideas that will all work, I just need to choose one, and there is a reason I am choosing asmr. I will always be listening to it, and if I don’t try to build a blog about it in my lifetime, I know I will look back later and feel extinguished.


* * *

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