Day 19 in Da Nang. Poof.

I have made a spreadsheet of information relating to asmr, and I have reorganized all the files in my Google drive and on my computer. I still have not made a proper plan for going to Hoi An, but I might leave this afternoon still.I have everything I need at my hostel, I just jump in a cab and go! But idk. I feel rooted to Da Nang at the moment, so who knows. I could just fucking fly to hcmc if I wanted, and strictly dominate the two cities [I’ve visited].

The espresso this morning was good. I forgot to order a double shot…but it seemed the same nonetheless. After I finish this I will return to my hostel and likely pack my things together, and then I will probably sit around avoiding a decision for a while before I finally go to Hoi An. I am excited. I think Hoi An will be a nice city, and even if I only spend a couple of day there I think I will enjoy myself. Then I will either take a longg bus ride to the next city, or I come back to Da Nang and fly to Saigon. Both are good options.

I don’t have much to say today…in fact, that’s it! So peace for now, and I’ll catch you soon. Peace!


* * *

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