A Hot Day In Hoi An

Today is a hot day in Hoi An. Have you ever been here? Vietnam is so nice, and this is a rather cool little city, with a surprisingly wry nightlife scene. I ordered my first, second, and third nitrous gas balloon last night after this girl Steph showed me what it was all about. I guess it’s legal here, and in fact I have heard of these balloons before, but this was the most opportune time I have had to try it out.

As soon as I did it I was like “Oh. Whippits.” Back in America that is called a whip-it, pretty much anytime you’re getting down with that stuff, and I guess I never knew it was n02. It was pleasant. I got a little high for a second and then it faded. What’s more impressive than that? I also smoked a whole pack of menthol cigarettes last night! WTF is going on with my life?!? Seriously. Here I am, living the non smoker life for 2 years, and then I’m smoking a whole pack of squares in 12 hours flat? I’m falling off the wagon my dudes! I kid. I am steady in it for the money, and smoking cigarettes isn’t part of my plan. I might keep smoking for a little while, but I’ll kick the habit soon, and hopefully for good this time…I obviously didn’t quit smoking when I left Da Nang.

I met a group of totally cool people last night. Steph, Chelsea, Lena, Daniella, Raphael, and then this dude Will I spent two hours talking to at the end of the night. It was more people than that, but I’d say became the core group. We started the night with good ole fashioned conversation over some free beers at the hostel, and then moved [much later] into the nightlife of the city. We went first to the Mr. Bean Bar…which was a trip. Then we went to Hair Of The Dog, and that girl Steph told me it was gonna be…I believe she said filthy? I remember her telling me something, and at the time I didn’t know how to process the information, but I could tell she thought it was gonna be lit. It was lit. I had only been one place similar [I don’t get out much], and that was a place in Seattle. Filthy, grimy, low-life spaces I’d say, and I couldn’t help but feel quite at home. I lied. I had like 6 NO2 bLns.

There is much more I could tell about last night, but not today. It is far to hot in Hoi An to be going into the complicated proceedings of last night; ephemeral camaraderie, if you will. Just know that I only got two hours of sleep! The time is 10:27 and I have written this to you from Mia Coffee. The Cappuccino was quite good, but I reckon I’d have rather gone espresso.


* * *

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