The Switchup

I often find myself wondering what I should do next, and today is none different. Dare I say I am thinking of bending my plans to the graces of someone else? It is certainly possible. Patience must be applied.

I met this girl last night, and she’s still asleep, but I want to hangout with her again, and there inlies the problem: We’re going to be in two different cities. I did manage to find a hostel bed in Hoi An for 130k, but I just don’t know if this is where I want to stay tonight! Right now the plan is to return to Da Nang about 17:30 and then move right back into the hostel I was at for 20 days. The difference is that this time, my plan is to catch the train to Saigon the following day. But wait! There’s more.

What if the girl wants to hangout? Welllll shit, then I guess I should be sticking around. When she awakes I am going to talk to her about it…so it’s either catch the train to Saigon, or keep my room in Da Nang and come down in a grab and spend the day hanging out with her. I actually gave it some significant thought. I will be in Vietnam for another three weeks. That’s enough time to get to know someone, without question. At the same time I don’t think I want to stay in Da Nang another three weeks! I could come and chill in Hoi An, but first of all it’s more expensive than Da Nang, and second…it’s not as much of my scene as Da Nang.

All of this said, transportation between the two towns in 100k with a Grab Bike, and 300k with a Grab Car, which really isn’t that bad. It’s not something I want to do everyday…but I could do it several times before it impedes my progress. In truth…I’ve spent quite a lot of money since my arrival, and I forsure won’t be able to keep that up. At this rate I’ll arrive in San Francisco with almost nothing, and that is not the come back I need to make! If I want to show up with $420 [at least] in the bank, then I need to be a little more cautious of how I spend my money the rest of my time in Vietnam.

Other problems? In fact I was just talking to Will about this last night. When you try and follow someone, or bend your plans to accommodate someone else’s life, you almost always end up unhappy. Ahh! So the slick move? See is this girl can meet me in Da Nang, and we can chill out there for the day. That would at least be a good start.

The reason I sat down to write is because I have nothing to do, and a lot of decisions to make. Oh, I suppose it’s worth mentioning that Will is heading to Da Nang tonight, so we were planning to split the car [I need a car with all my stuff]. If I hadn’t run into him again this morning? I was actually prepared to go rent a room across town…but I actually like the idea of commuting much better. In fact! If I took the bus it’s only a measly 20k, which means I could stay in Da Nang and come down here for the rest of my trip and it wouldn’t break the bank lol. I don’t think I would get to much done on the bus, but I would do my best practice being efficient.

Okay. That’s all I got. I guess I am going to edit and post this now, otherwise it will get lost to the abyss of documents. I will probably talk to you next from Da Nang, but at this point anything is possible.

* * *

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