Day 23 In Da Nang…The Final Morning

For the final time I am writing to you from Factory 43 Coffee. The time is 09:10 and I am sitting right under the air conditioner in the upstairs of the building. I am a little cold. Soon will arrive a cappuccino and a croissant that I ordered. If I am not mistaken this is the first time I have tried the cappuccino here. I almost got a brownie, but I am sure there will be plenty of brownies in Saigon; I arrive at 05:00 in the morning tomorrow.

This guy I met in Ha Noi, did I tell you about Will? Well he is trying to come to Saigon too. We discussed many different plans last night, but I think I am just going to make him come to the train station with me, and hopefully there is a ticket available so he can get on the train. If there isn’t, maybe he can get a ticket for later in the day, and then he can just go cool in the large part of Da Nang until his train leaves. I looked up the refund situation online, and it doesn’t seem easy to change trains or get a refund. If I could switch my train to a later train and ride with Will, that’s probably what I would do, but I can’t lose the $40 I already paid.

The time is now 09:19. Really I shouldn’t kill too much time here. I probably should hit an ATM and buy some snacks for the train and shit like that. Apparently I could have paid by credit card for my ticket! I should have totally done that. Talk about a fail. Now I am talking about going to the ATM again. Lame. Plus Will has to hit the ATM and pay for his room before I can even get him to come to the train station. Yeah. I should just kill this cappuccino and dip outta here. The cappuccino is good! It’s a little milky for my tastes, but certainly it’s better than most that I’ve drank[I hadn’t really drank cappuccino’s before I left America]. Okay…here I go! I only just arrived at this cafe, and I haven’t done much…but that’s okay. I’m going to edit, post, and leave. Peace.


* * *

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