Day 2 In Saigon; Real G’s Don’t Smoke

I need video. and sound. Let there be lights, and then let there be rock! I am listening to G Shit by T.I. and Jeezy. It’s not impossible to write while I listen, but it’s not easy lol. I do love rap music, and sometimes I wonder if it’s not good for my mental health. When I was in Da Nang I got to spit some freestyle rap and I realized how much I missed that shit. I could have been a profiting rapper if I had put my life to it; still could. Things are different now. I don’t even drink anymore. The song has stopped. I am not as pumped as I was ten seconds ago.
There is a gentleman sat in front of me hunched over some papers, presumably doing math equations. I saw him run back to get a calculator. His name is Nichola and he is from Germany. We are staying in the same hostel, but I am writing to you from the coffee shop up the road called ToGo. It aint bad here, but I’ve only had the Vietnamese milk coffee.
Today I will be switching hostels to a place called Flipside, which is on Bui Vien [street] in Saigon. I went there with Will yesterday because his girl Alex and him have a room there, but once I discovered there was a rooftop bar with a chill area, I went downstairs and booked a dorm bed for myself. Totally the move for me. I will stay a couple of days until I figure the situation out, and then I will move onto someplace cheaper. I think being around the travelers will allow me to learn a lot, and very quick. I won’t have that same opportunity at my current hostel because it’s not as busy, forsure, plus there is no good area to chillax. I am excited to head to the new place. Think I’ll post this before I go? I’ve already written two articles from this city that have gone unpublished lol.
The ice in my Vietnamese coffee isn’t melting fast enough for my liking. On a separate note, I think I am going to smoke a cigarette. I’ve been going ham; smoking over a pack a day for like two weeks now. I have decided my best option would be to quit the week before I leave Vietnam, but if I fuck that up then my plan B is to remain very strict in San Francisco, because after almost two years of not smoking cigarettes I am not going back to that shit. I am an alcoholic that has traveled 3 months on the South East Asia backpackers circuit and not drank a drop, I’ll be damned if I get stumped by these fucking tobacco companies. Willpower is there, I just need to summons it…jury duty fucking mandatory.
I am sitting here with my cigarette now; it’s almost gone. Now it is gone. I listened to that T.I. song again, and I went to the artist radio so now I am listening to Pimp C. I like UGK but I have not dove into them deep. Once I am rich and have a license again I will whip my Ferrari from SF to NY and bump some UGK on that journey. I greatly look forward to driving across the United States…probably by myself. I need to keep that shit at the front of my mind to maintain my discipline. I am excited to get back to San Francisco and get to work! Making a little bit of money…I will have circumnavigated the globe this time around, so I confident about finding contentness in the city I now call home. When I was in SF the first time it was an overload. So much of the world was still becoming new to me. Now? I will be 27 in eighty-nine days, and I am about to enter a 10 year quest to become a better version of myself. I know what I want. Before, I wanted to travel, and meet new people. Now, I have traveled, and I have met new people, and I will be a traveler for my eternity. I still haven’t made any money however, and so that’s next on the list.
As I am sitting here smoking another cigarette, and the time is 09:50 in Saigon, I am realizing I want to work with a group of other bloggers. I have been scared to talk about my ideas with anyone in fear they may get stolen, but then today Nichola told me he heard in Silicon Valley the way people go about building projects is different, and that everyone encourages open discussion in an effort to make the most optimal product/service. This is what I desire: open conversations to benefit both parties, but being as I have nothing [relatively] at this point, I would like to contain that conversation to other individuals who are in my similar position and working toward similar goals. Okay. I am going to write an email to Chris from, and ask his opinion. He also runs a blog for car enthusiasts, so he would be someone I consider in my position. He’s better off than I am, I believe, monetary wise, but he is still one of the small fish in the pond. I also don’t believe he is a bottom feeder, which is what I need to avoid. A wise bottom feeder could potentially fuck me right now. I do consider myself knowledgeable in my niche, but I am not yet a master of it. I will be. I would like to be the premier source of asmr knowledge and insight…we shall see. Okay. That’s it for now. I am going to edit, publish, and then work on some other stuff. Peace!

* * *

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