March 29th – April 4th, Saigon.

Ca Fae Sua is the damn sugariest thing I’ve ever had; it’s so good. I’m back at ToGo coffee, still not writing about anything productive lol. Will has gone five hours north with the blue-haired Irish lady, and he told me she and him are going to Cambodia together too. That’d probably be good for Will’s health…I think…she did do some no2 balloons yesterday and passed out multiple times. Those balloons are crazy unhealthy. Will got it on video though, he showed me on his snapchat the girl passing out. He still fucked her [presumably] and is going north and then out of the country with her lol. She reminded me of Karleigh a little bit, except that she talked a lot about politics and had a big nose. Granted she could have just been rambling about politics because they were off that white. It wasn’t the wildest night for me, but I’ve been there for several of Will’s wild nights. I wonder what I would be like out here if I was still drinking. A dog?

“Toxic” by Brittany Spears is playing here at ToGo coffee in Saigon, and the time is 16:37. I decided to get coffee instead of getting stoned, and that was just 17 minutes ago. I took a Grab here today [like Uber] instead of walking. Honestly it took about the same amount of time, but I found the bike ride rather enjoyable so I am glad I did it. I am drinking this coffee wicked fast. I am already wondering if I should get a second one, and of course the answer is no cuz I’ll probably be all sweaty and anxious then, but I might order one anyway. My goal is to smoke one with the girl in the bed above me tonight, and if I can summon the courage in the moment I am going to try and make out with her on the balcony. I hope she doesn’t end up reading this and I still haven’t made a move on her, that would just be sad. I am slow to bust moves, we all know that.

I went back and took a shower earlier, and after my shower I laid down and listened to some asmr and took a nap. Quite pleasant. Before I showered I spent some time reading on the internet about the most popular blogs in 2019. Research! I’m thinking mad about that asmr blog idea. I so love it! But am I in love with it? I want to write about something I want to write about! High on the list were news blogs, crypto blogs, and tech blogs. What do I do with that information? Honestly I don’t know yet. I am torn because I do want to write about asmr, but I haven’t yet, and that’s just a fact. I keep writing these posts. I am writing about travel right now, but I am about to stop traveling and then what am I? A San Francisco blogger? Kinnnnabutnotreally. A hippie blogger? Ha, maybe but I am not going to rebrand around that. The idea is definitely to start a new blog, and then in the future I will adjustments to this current blog, but I am not going to overhaul this one and try to make it popular. I feel like I am in too deep with this one, and I just want to ride it out at this point. I’ve been doing this for two years with virtually no success, but I like the name I have built for myself. In Milwaukee, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, Greely, San Antonio, Kolkata, Chiang Mai, Da Nang, and Saigon I’m laka bruh.

I’ve considered starting a blog for individuals that want to tour the U.S. I mean there are probably already usa blogs, but is there enough? Ha. Blogging about hosteling in the USA I bet could get some views. I don’t really plan to move around much though. I think a forum would have success, like an asmr forum, but any forum could do. I am thinking about topics, and then I am thinking about all the content I would need to generate for them. What do I want to see on the internet? I mean I use travel blogs a lot, and since the only travel blogs on the “top 50” list were theeverywhereist, and Lonely Planet, I believe there is room for travel bloggers to come up still. I am looking for something I already do that I can just start blogging about, and asmr is that. I still don’t know though. I feel like there must be a better topic, right? or I wouldn’t still be pondering. Even though I overthink everything. Now, one thing I think is worth mentioning, is that I still want to sell the shirts. In fact I was thinking of just doing the shirts, and maybe writing a minimal blog, but then just selling the shirts and still starting a blog about something else. I’m wonder what a blog about 3 or 4 cities would be like. If it was like a San Francisco, Mexico City, San Antonio blog? You know, I think I would have to choose three smaller cities. All of those cities could support their own blog, and anyone who lives in the city full time would be able to outrun me as I would be going between cities.

I’d like to write a blog about nothing, and it’s just me traveling the world having sex with different women and writing about it. Have I said that before? That would obviously be the life lol. The Casanova of the blogging world, I could be! I’d have to keep hanging out with Will I think though. The time is 17:02 and it’s Friday, March 29, 2018 here in Saigon; I just don’t know what to do with myself. I don’t drink, and I feel like most folks just go out and drink here. I guess I’m gonna smoke another cigarette. I smoke way to many cigarettes. Went from 0 to 100 quick. Maybe I’ll listen to some rap music for a second too, and then come back to this.

If I could start all over, what would I do? Would I still blog? Would I study harder and become a doctor or a lawyer? I guess I would focus on making money and I’d probably blog about that. Can you imagine if I had been blogging while I had been slanging? I did keep a journal, I could always put the writing in there on this blog lol. There’s some no good shit in those journal entries.

Maybe a blog isn’t the answer. Maybe I should be writing stories. Ugh. I shouldn’t be thinking about this right now. I’m all worked up, and now I’ve got coffee in my system. I guess I felt full, but now that I’m rethinking [overthinking] the asmr blog idea, I feel empty again. I need to find something to occupy my time. If I go back to the hostel right now what am I going to do? Not shitttt. I want to go back, but I don’t want to go back. I am actually excited to be back in SF and be working. At least I can save some money while I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. We’re over 1200 words at this point, and I am thinking I’ll just wait until tomorrow to edit, or maybe if I’m really bored I’ll go in the lobby and either write more or edit tonight. Okay. Peace for now.

*             *             *

I’m in my bed at the hostel and the time is 19:20 in Saigon. Am I bored? Yes. I am waiting to get stoned because I think the girl in the bed above me might get stoned with me, and I want to be present for it. Part of me wants to just get stoned now and go downstairs and write, but then I know I might be too tired to try and hangout with the Swiss lady later, and I don’t want that to be my fate. I find her highly attractive. Her and her friend [also Swiss] went out with two dudes that looked not as tough, but wealthier than me. The one lady invited me but I declined because I knew they were meeting up with two dudes, and I didn’t want to fifth wheel that shit. You know what? I feel terrible though because I don’t remember their names! I am trying to get better with the names, but it is difficult. Kalen told me [I’m messaging him on IG right now] that I should “just go for it with wreckless abandon” because I’ve got nothing to lose. If that ain’t the truth! If I spend the next two weeks in Saigon and I don’t get laid, I will selfishly consider that a failure. Not that I’m prepared to drop my high standards, but there are plenty of beautiful women that come through Saigon, and specifically this hostel. I am not excited to receive the bill for my stay here lol, I’m too broke to be paying $7 a night, but I want to be in this environment. What’s to be done?

I am a pretty boring person, I have realized that. Will kept telling people to “tell him he’s boring,” but you know what? I really am boring af. It’s Friday night and instead of going out I am sat in my room writing. Woohoo! Nah. I’m not upset or stressed about it. I just need to find a way to make money doing this and everything will be gravy. The girl in the bed above me, Sina, as I will call her because that’s what it says her name is on IG, had all sorts of crazy ideas for writing a blog. She said I should answer the question of “why so many people wear elephant pants.” I could probably, with some research, answer that question. When I was younger my father had a book titled Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise? and I found it to be quite an interesting read, the parts of it I did. Maybe I should open a blog like that, where people ask me weird questions and I answer them. Eh. Lots of competition in that field. I would immediately be fighting against one of my favorite online personalities XKCD. If I had his kind of knowledge maybe I would have more confidence in blogging the answers to questions. Or maybe it’s just not what I wish to do. I can’t even tell!

I should blog about money, since it is what interests me the most. That’s it! I need to write about something, right? but I pretty much know nothing about everything, so I should choose a topic I enjoy doing the research on. I don’t really enjoy the research I do on asmr. I usually just end up listening to a video and falling asleep. Plus there are a lot of topics within the asmr realm that I really have no interest in covering, but for the sake of the blog I would have to do that. I don’t want to research asmr. I want to research how to build wealth! What Futura4200 does is pretty cool. He runs a forum, but I it’s also a blog if I am not mistaken. He focuses on making concentrate, but has grow into a sustainable living page also. If I was already on a piece of land and building from there, that would be the optimal choice. Alas, I am not that far yet. I need to write for people who are in my position. Don’t have much except a good education, and know they want to accumulate some wealth. Another thing is, video is still on the rise! If I don’t produce any video content, I will be missing out on quite a lot of money to be made that’s forsure. A YouTube channel and a blog all at once? Yeah, that’s probably the move. But the topic!?!?

Kalen is reading the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and he says he really likes it. I’m glad. Honestly that ended up being one of my favorite books. It was intense af, and interesting, and had a computer hacker; everything you could want, all in one book. I should probably focus on comedy. I am funny, that’s forsure, and if I could channel that into something productive I think I would find the good life. Kalen told me he thought my last blog post was funny af, which I really appreciate, and I believe him when he says such things. How long do you think I’ll wait to smoke this J with this girl Sina? It would be totally lame if I just didn’t get stoned all night and then at like 21:00 her and her friend come back and shes not trying to smoke. It’s not like I will have wasted the night away though. Look, I’m writing! Hmm. For now though, I think I am going to smoke another cigarette on the porch. Not really living the good life smoking 30 cigarettes a day, but I am certainly doing what I want lol. So peace for now! Maybe I will just come back in and write more in a little bit, or maybe I’ll talk to your ass in the morning.

*             *             *

The time is 20:52 now and I am sitting in the lobby of the Flipside Hostel in Saigon. I went out and ate a banh mi in the alley across the street, and while I was there I ran into a girl I met in Hoi An last weekend, and the two guys I had seen there yesterday. They all spoke German, but also English so I only felt lost some of the time. I talked with this guy for a while, the oldest one of the group [It was six people including myself. The two dudes I met there yesterday, the girl I met in Hoi An with her bf, and then this older gentleman. I think they all just met at the banh mi spot.] and we talked about India for a little bit, and he told me when he went twenty years ago compared to now, there are a lot less tourists now a days. Overall it was quite an interesting conversation. I’ve been thinking about the Swiss girl though, so I was not been there fully, mentally speaking. I keep thinking about girls. Healthy? Probably. But I gotta keep my mind on the money also.

I got back to the room after my banh mi to find it full of people. Two couples moved into the room today, and they were both there. I am assuming it’s two couple because both parties showed up together, and both consist of one man, and one woman. It wasn’t awkward or anything; I’ve spent many hours in many dorm rooms full of people, and I don’t feel any type of way about it. But the girl in the bed diagonal across from me was laying down an  I could see her ass, so to prevent myself from spending too much time looking at her I came downstairs. Good plan, right?

While I am down here I will probably go outside an smoke a cigarette. I really gotta kick that habit, but I don’t think this weekend will be the weekend for that one. I am hoping to catch the Swiss ladies when they come back in, as they went on a double date, but they have been gone long enough where I am starting to lose hope that I’ll get with the one. Gotta keep that shit on lock! They invited me with them, and I totally could have gone and spent the night hanging out with the girl that’s on my mind, but instead I hung back. Will there be a next time? Probably not. I bet they’ll get back all late and then I’ll just end up smoking that J by myself. Can you believe I am actually waiting to smoke? What’s come over me. I’m weak. I’m weak af.

It is humid as hell in this city. Seriously, and I feel like it gets even worse at night, somehow. It might just be because I am staying on the walking street, and the thousands of people bring the heat with them. I tried to go smoke a cig in front of the hostel, but the lady wouldn’t let me. There some sort of restaurant they run out front at night, and as soon as I went to sit down the lady waved her hand at me. I didn’t want to stand in the street holding my laptop, so I’ve come back upstairs. The girl covered up her butt now. What a shame.

My plan is: go to the roof! Eventually I will make it there. The girl from Hoi An said she was going up there and I said I would see her [and her bf] up there. I know if I end up going up there I’m gonna smoke that J, and I want to wait for the Swiss girl to smoke the J. I am in a bad state lol. I wonder what things will be like for me when I return to SF. I can’t see myself sleeping with a different girl every night, but I also can’t see myself sleeping with nobody. Ha. Maybe I can see myself sleeping with nobody. I guess the other alternative is that I find a gf. I’m definitely not looking for a gf, but sometimes that doesn’t matter. I am horny, and that might be the only thing that matters.

If I was with my significant other I don’t know if I would want to sleep in a hostel room. When I met Chelsea in Hoi An, she told me [and everyone] that her bf and her spent most of their time in separate hostel beds. Lame. I would pay extra to have the privacy, and of course to be able to fuck [in private]. Having sex in a dorm room just isn’t the move…until it is the move lol. Okay…I guess I am going to go…smoke a square? It’s probably not healthy for me to keep waiting for this girl to get back. I’m fucking with my own head, you know? First of all, nothing says the girl even likes me, second I am actually basing my decisions on assumptions, which is probably as bad as it gets. I’m waiting around assuming the girl is gonna wanna smoke with me. Now, she said she smokes, but that a far cry from blazing it up on the porch and trying to make out with her. Ha. I’ve been picturing in my head what it must look like for me to be hitting on these young girls. Kindddda funny, since I probably look like a 35 year-old man with my beard. I didn’t even think about it until today actually. Eh. Can’t stop what I’m doing just cuz I’m getting old though, that would be against what I believe in as a Hippie. Ugh. To go to the roof and blaze this J? Or to just go on the porch and smoke a cig. I can feel it in my bones, that I’ll go smoke that square outside, come back in, and the girls still won’t be back and I’ll still be in the same position I am now. If they come back and tell me they’re not trying to smoke? Travesty. I should just do it. I should just go on the roof and blaze it up! Alas, I am going to go to the porch and keep dreaming. I can’t be the only one?

*             *             *

What did I tell you!? Back inside after smoking a square, and still in the same position. The girl whos butt I was !looking at before is reading Lily Allen’s biography. I didn’t know she had a biography! Or any books for that matter, because technically I am not sure if she is reading a biography or not, all I know is it says “LILY ALLEN” across the front in big bold letters. I can’t actually read the title of the book as I am too blind, but I am pretty sure it was written by Lily herself, as her name is where the authors name should be, and I think I see a title that I couldn’t possibly mistake for the name of an author. I will have to pick up a copy of that book someday. So I’ve decided I’ll wait until 22:00 to go to the roof. It’s 21:35 currently. I am going to brush my teeth right quick.

Okay! Teeth = Burshed. Now I sit…I might not even wait until 22:00; or I might wait longer! Why would anyone even want to read about this? Oh wait…they wouldn’t lol. Then I start my whole process over again tomorrow. Wake up early, disturb everyone in the room as I get ready, smoke, leave, coffee, writing, hostel, smoke, nap, day dream. I got like two more weeks of this, idk how I am going to make it. I should just go to the roof and try and enjoy myself. I am sure there is some girl up there I can chat up, and once I’m into it I won’t even notice it’s not the girl I want to be chatting up, right? That’s how I feel. People come and go in life, and you gotta be careful who you get attached to. It’s so easy to just fall into friendship, that’s definitely something I have learned traveling. The time is 21:44 on March 29th 2018. I sit. Okay. I am going to stop writing for the night [unless I have a sudden change of heart]. Soon I will head to the rooftop, and blaze, and then in a couple of hours I will come back down and go to bed. The girls will probably be back by then. Maybe I will chat her up tomorrow. Peace from Saigon!

*             *             *

I am writing to you from ToGo Coffee again, the time is 09:20 on March 30th, and I am messaging this guy Leigh on Instagram. I met him at the Tortoise while I was working there. A little older than me, and he is from Australia. He mum just passed away, so I am just talking to him about the situation. I don’t think he likes weed, so as I move into the rest of the article…well yeah.

Last night was fun, but uneventful. I ended up rolling another one downstairs in my room, and then I took to the roof. The Swiss girls were on the roof. I didn’t talk to them. There was also the girl I met in Ho Chi Minh…that I’ll now never see again because she went to Phu Quoc today. I didn’t talk to her either. Instead I sat down with these French guys I met the other day, one of them reminds me of Alex a little bit, and the other is hella goofy but funny. I sat with them and pulled out what I just created, and we destroyed it. She was a fatty, I’ll tell you that.

Afterwards some more got passed around, and we chatted it up until almost midnight I would say. I learned that the names of a lot of countries, especially in Europe, are different in French. I watched the Swiss girls talking to these two dudes, and I realized I truly am an old man. I’m an old school alcoholic that likes to eat ass and smoke weed. That’s not what these 19 year old women need in their life. Although from time to time I’m sure it will be what they receive.

“Won’t you come on and come on and raise your glass.” Pink is playing over the speakers. It just ended. Oh wait, nvm, still going. I’ve got my phone sitting on the chair across from me, charging, but more importantly I am creating a video that I will upload to YouTube, hopefully it will be live before I finish this piece of writing. I have decided I will edit and post this before I leave the shop today, and then I’m on a clean slate again [as I sit editing 10 days later]. I really learned when I let the editing in SF slip away from me. I was left with a fucking novel of bullshit to page through, and I still haven’t done it. Apparently it’s P!nk radio or something, cuz: more P!NK.

I just realized I’m going to do like 19 hours of traveling, and I won’t be able to smoke a cigarette the whole time [I’m sure it would be possible in HK, but I am going to skip it]. That will be a good jumpstart to SF, where I will not be smoking. Lol. Seriously though. I am the master of myself. I wonder what Will and that Irish girl are up to today. He is supposed to check out tomorrow, but if I don’t see him by tonight maybe I’ll extend his stay for him. Or move his stuff to storage? That would be a bold and friendly move lol, idk if I’m that friendly.

I’m feeling good today. You know, I’m just going to try writing without rambling about a crazy blog idea or something. I know it will come to me. Oh wait. Here we go lol. Now I’m thinking about a short story blog. That would be successful if I could write good stories. We shall see. About traveling? I could write some stories about traveling. You know I really have no plan for my return to SF. I am going to pull up, and go to Casey’s, but that’s all I know. I might message Misao and try to get my job at MAC’D back. That would be the easiest thing to do. If I can jump into saving $1000 a month right away, I’ll be sitting pretty. I think it’s doable. If I can really just move into Casey’s place that easy, and his roommates don’t trip, I could be well off. From there? I guess I am still planning to print those t-shirts. I am also thinking about traveling, again and already. Mexico this time. I would like to go to Mexico City. If I could learn my way around Mexico City, I think I would be sitting pretttttty. I want to learn a second language, and Spanish seems like the obvious choice. If I just immersed myself in the city with the goal of learning a little Spanish, I bet I would find success in a short couple of months. Plus it might be cheap enough down there for me to live and write. I could teach English to kids in China, ha. That’s what a lot of people are doing. I need to make money off of a blog though. I wonder how a Mexico City blog written in English would do. Probably not bad, actually.

Now we’re on a Rhianna kick here at ToGo coffee. The time is 09:46. The Swiss girls came back in at about 04:00 in the morning; I was asleep but I heard them come in. The one girl messaged me at 01:00, but I slept right through that and didn’t get it until this morning. Oh well. I was a little less excited at the end of the day, especially after I chilled with the Frenchmen. I’m starting to feel that coffee! It could be the sugar too. Lots of sugar in these Vietnamese coffee’s. A lot of sugar consumed in all four countries I’ve traveled through. In India they were making this Chai Tea on the road everywhere, and it was really just black tea and sugar, sometimes lots of sugar, but it was good and I consumed it. I was thinking about my sugar intake at the time though. Then in Thailand they put sugar in the papaya salad on the regular, and Thai coffee is filled with sugar too, I remember the first time I ordered one. Laos was similar. I can’t recall anything specific to Laos like the coffee’s of the neighboring countries, in fact Lao Coffee is just black coffee [but it kind of tastes like instant coffee to me], but they have iced sugary drinks at every cafe there too.

Okay. I just spent like five minutes hunched over my computer holding my phone, instead of sitting down with my phone like a smart person would to save their back, and I typed up a description for my new YouTube video and it is currently uploading. It will be live before I finish this forsure, unless something strange happens. No, holy shit, it’s like almost uploaded already. I wonder if the WiFi here is crazy fast…or what. I mean the video is only like 17 minutes long, but still. Sometimes that shit has taken half-an-hour to upload a fifteen minute video! Now it’s lightening speed? I’m suspicious, but if it works I will obviously be very pleased. Almost done now…95% processed but I was waiting for it and it didn’t move forward.

I’ve been meeting a lot of people who have gone to the Cu Chi Tunnels, which are tunnels that were used during the war. I should really go see those tunnels. There is also the War Museum that I need to go see, and I am excited for doing that. Soon. Will has to leave the country soon, I know, so I might not go with him. That’s cool though. I bet I spend more time going through museums than him lol. Okay! The video is live! Let’s take a look and see how it plays…It works! Woo! I wish my voice was a little louder, but I have this lapel mic I can wear. I wore it in one video I filmed, but I couldn’t tell if it made much of a different, but now I’m thinking it does.

I just watched quite a bit of the video, you know, just to make sure I’m not making a fool of myself by posting it. I am happy with the finished product though. I mean it’s just something I whipped up on my phone in like one-hours time, but I like what I’ve produced. I am supposed to check out of my hostel tomorrow, and I am going to follow through with that. If Will is not back…I guess I will just leave his suitcase on his bed. Where will I go? I am thinking I will venture across the city and stay in a totally new area. If I just stay in this part of Saigon the whole time, I will probably get quite bored. Plus I should really just live the plain life for a little bit before I head back to SF, otherwise I’ll be jaded upon my return. Were at eight pages now for this article. That’s a fuckton. I don’t want to edit eight pages lol. But I will. I said I will, and I intend to follow through. Does that mean I should stop writing and get to editing? I don’t feel like I want to stop writing yet, but maybe I just don’t want to stop working yet, or better even, maybe I will hit some sort of work limit. Like when you bike really far, but then you realized you have to bike the return trip also and you’re like fuuuuuuuuu. All the sudden I’ll have written like ten pages and unless I sit and edit it, if not right there at least within a day or two, it’s kind of useless to me. I’ve written lots of stuff that I haven’t posted to my website, even a few things from Vietnam. I will have to get this up there today [here I sit editing, two weeks later].

It feels good to be back to my rambling self. This is the kind of writing I like. Just sitting…and writing…and really kind of not thinking about much because I am brain-dead from all the coffee and stuff. Nah. I am familiar with this feeling, but I am certainly not in love with it. I do enjoy these moments, and these articles that get really long because I’m just having a ramble sesh, but I know the money will be in the well researched articles that take time and patience to write. I will perfect the method. You know when I started freestyle rapping, I would just rap syllables when I couldn’t think of anything to rap. A lot of the time I was rapping quite fast too, because I was listening to dubstep a lot, so I’d be rapping over Skrillix for instance lol. So I would just fill in the space if I couldn’t rap it. Now? I can hella rap, and I love doing it. That’s kind of what this blog has been for me, as I’ve grown I talk about less and less bullshit and get right to the meat and potatoes. Still, it is good fun to have a ramble like this once and a while. Good fun.

You know this writing is all I’ve got. What am I going to do after this? Not shit. Literally. I could go out, but I never really do. I haven’t gone and seen the attractions or anything. I am quite lazy, and that’s okay. The alternative is however, that I need to get some work done. I am supposed to be spending my time here figuring out what kind of blog I am going to start when I get back to SF. Instead I have just been writing long winded articles of little importance. Maybe today I will spend the day working on the new blog. Maybe. I still haven’t eaten anything today. I am not all that hungry, especially since I am all caffeinated now. Eventually I will eat. If I go back I’ll probably just get rocked on the porch again and sit on my phone. No good! I could sit in the lobby of the hostel and do blog research. I don’t really know what to research though. I know that no matter what subject I pick, if I work hard, and stay smart, I will find success; or at least I have to believe that. So I just need to find something I am passionate about. I have been looking up the most popular blogs, in fact I talked about that earlier, but it isn’t helping much. I just gotta do my own thingggg. I need to look inside myself and figure out what that thing is. Maybe I am not spending enough time meditating. You know what they say: Everyone should meditate for 20 minutes a day. Unless you don’t have time, then you should meditate for an hour a day.

I could do more filming. In fact, that’s it! I should do more filming while I am in Saigon. Save the over-thinking for another day, at least today I could walk around and film. Go back to the hostel and get ready, and then maybe walk from the hostel, or catch a Grab someplace and walk back. I think I will end up just leaving from the hostel though. Now I’m sitting here thinking. Also I am letting my phone charge. I got two phones, one has a Vietnamese SIM, and that’s not the one I film with. Man it’s gonna be hot af today, just like every day. I haven’t seen a lot of people walking around filming like I saw in Thailand. Maybe that’s good. I would also like to take some more Google photos. If I could jump to 2 million views quick by my birthday, I would be ecstatic. I know it is possible to do from Ho Chi Minh City; this place is hella busy.

Ugh. Now I definitely don’t feel like editing this article. Maybe I will just do it later. After I walk around and film I will be tired af, but maybe I can muster an editing session. We’re at 6,100 words right now. That’s so extra. Part of me wants to order a second coffee and sit here and get caffeinated af and just play on my phone. Probably end up playing chess or something; I’ve been playing a lot of chess on my phone lately. I need to call my grandpa again before I leave Vietnam. We talked once from Laos, and we were planning to talk again soon after that, but I never called him back. I am terrible. I’ve not even been that busy, but I’m so in my own head all the time; I feel preoccupied.

Now I’m thinking a lot about video editing. Video is the fucking move, forsure. I met this dude in Da Nang who was filming music videos, and I’m pretty sure he was making hella doe. I don’t know if I will get into film though. I could write scripts, I suppose. I think it’s a different animal, script writing, but I am so young that I would have time to master it. If I was writing scripts for Hollywood movies I would be sitting hella pretty. Maybe. Right now I’m just thinking about editing my Saigon YouTube videos. I could make a pretty decent video about the coffee shops in the city. Actually, I wonder if that’s the move. One thing about YouTube is that there is no back end. I can have the best article in the world about Saigon Coffee, but Google probably won’t pick up my page up because my website is so !SEO friendly. YouTube however, if you have a good piece of film you have a good chance of making it to the top of the page. I could still do it all from my phone. Film the coffee shops for a second and talk about them, then insert a picture of the map so people could pause and see where they are. This would be one day’s work. Maybe I will give it a shot. I could even invest a little in buying some Grab’s and going around the city. Even if I didn’t shoot the whole video in one day! I should really do this. It’s another one of those ideas I have that would work, if only I follow through!

We’re about to be at ten pages. I knew that shit would sneak up on me. I’m still thinking about ordering another coffee, but I would probably regret that shit. Especially if I am planning to go film some cafe’s, because I can always get a different coffee somewhere else; maybe get an egg coffee somewhere else. I’m smoking another cigarette now while I continue to think. I’m thinking about how to be funny on camera. If I had a funny YouTube channel, it’d be a wrap. I’d have the game on lock. Mostly I produce boring content, and I am quite aware of that. Some of what I write is funny, but mostly it’s just on&on&on&on about my own boring life and shit. Way back at the beginning of this blog, I may have posted some versions of my more interesting stories, like the time I crashed two cars in one day, but I should retell some of those stories. First of all, I believe myself to be a more advanced writer now, and I recall when I wrote some of those stories and put them on this blog, I didn’t think they were very good or detailed enough. I thought I would go back and edit them. Now I realized I can just publish a totally new version of the story and still just leave the old one there. No harm, no foul. I am glad I started my YouTube page and uploaded those videos of my travels. Not many people have watched them, and they may never watch them, but at least I have a channel to work with, plus I will be able to rewatch that shit forever. Okay. I am going to head out from TOGO Coffee and head back to the hostel, chill out for a minute…and then I really think it would be in my best interests to go film. So I will try and stay motivated in that regard and I will go film. Peace for now! The time is 10:49 in Saigon, and I will probably add to this before I post it.

*             *             *

The time is 14:26, and I am at Highlands Coffee now. I decided to try something new for a change, and the reviews of this place were good. It’s a chain, and there are a couple of other competing coffee chains in Vietnam. I’m not sure if ToGo Coffee is a chain, otherwise I haven’t been to any of the coffee chains. The Milk Coffee [Ca Phe Sua] came unmixed. The one I get at ToGo is always mixed, and when I would get them at 43 Factory…I don’t recall, but I think it was a mixed. Time for the taste test! I’ve been letting it sit a little bit, trying to let the ice melt, but now I am going to try it. Wow. Quite good. Just as sugary as the one at 2go, but this one has a better flavor. It’s probably the coffee, if this place really brews their own coffee. Damn it’s so sugary and good. I wonder if there at Vietnamese folks that drink like 4 or 5 of these a day. That would be intense. I’m already thinking about ordering a second one because it’s so damn good. I got the large too, but it’s not like crazyhugeamericanlarge, it’s just 16oz.

I went at looked at this place Skygon Hostel today. It was on the 12th floor of an apartment building, but there wasn’t a balcony, and it’s $5 a night so I don’t think I am going to stay there. I think I will go to Himalaya Phoenix again. That place was pretty nice. It’s really close to the other coffee shop, but I might start coming to this one. Even though it’s busy I find it easy to write. I might even find it easier to write with all the voices becoming a certain level of ambience to my setting. Plus, everyone is speaking Vietnamese, pretty much, so I can’t eavesdrop and that makes it hella easy to focus.

There is a hella screaming baby in here right now. Just doing its baby thing screaming and crying. I’ll have kids someday and they will probably scream and cry in public, and shit. Idk what I’d do. Idk if I’d leave though. These people didn’t leave, but the baby stopped crying pretty much right away. I’m already halfway finished with my damn coffee! I might order another one…but I always think that. and sometimes I act on it. One difference between this place and 2go, is that I can’t smoke cigarettes in here. It’s obviously much better for my health to sit here and not smoke cigarettes. I will be living that cig-free life soon, I feel it. I am quite tired as of late, and that’s just unacceptable.

I didn’t do any filming today like I was talking about doing. I just went back…sat on my phone? Then I decided to go look at that Skygon place, but once I crossed the bridge the intersection was crazy busy and I didn’t want to cross it, so I walked the other way and ended up getting a potato, egg,  and bean burrito at this place called Tippy’s Mexican Food. From Tippy’s I caught a Grab to Skygon, which was in building B it turns out, and like I said, I don’t think I am going to stay there. It was cool that it was high up and shit, but the beds weren’t very long, and I would like a porch. In fact, after I am done here what I should do is go to Himalaya Hostel and reserve a bed in a room with a balcony for tomorrow night. Will I do that? Remains to be seen.

I’m one or two sips away from finishing my drink. That’s terrible. I have this cup full of ice now. I should have gotten the freezy one, where they blend the ice. Maybe I will still go get one lol. I have some money I got from an atm recently, and I am trying to make it stretch as long as possible. Well, not really, apparently, since I’m out getting coffee. OMG The lady just touched my feet with the mop. She came from behind me, under the chair, and boop. Right in the Achilles. Damn. My. Drink. Is. Gone.

Whoa the guy next to me just busted out what looks like a huge computer, for like gaming or something. I bet he can read what I am writing about him too, but if that doesn’t stop me in San Francisco, it shouldn’t stop me in Vietnam. I am highly considering ordering another drink. I’m just so antsy; I already feel like bouncing out, and I just shouldn’t feel that way. It’s a really nice Dell, like a 17 incher or something like that, and it’s got a dev sticker on it. Cool. Remember when I was trying to do coding classes online? Yeah, that’ll never happen. Ha. Not a good attitude, but seriously. It’s a really good idea to learn to code, but I just want to do something…more simple than that. I’m a beast, and I know it, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think I want to tackle something with as many endless opportunities as coding, and not really coming from the heart, I would say that I think my efforts are best exercised in other ways.

Maybe I will get another drink and dip out. I could easily walk back to the hostel with my drink. I could go post up in the park too. Options are endless. I could also go to a different cafe and try something new again. Options options options. I am tired though. Focus is needed and I feel like I am totally lost. I never even filmed the videos, you know? I am such a tosser. Yeah, okay. I am going to get a second drink and get it to go, and then I am going to walk to the park, and eventually to Himalaya hostel. Peace from Highlands Coffee in Saigon. The address starts 187, like on a mother fucking cop.

*             *             *

For anyone who knows me, they know I am a very paranoid person. Like seriously hyper paranoid. I used to trip when I got in my friend’s car and they told me they were about to “make a quick stop,” as it were [even tho I did the same thing]. It took me a long time to get comfortable smoking in public. I watched Corey smoke on the way to the bus stop several times before I realized “Nobody gives a shit. Wow.” We’re just talking about some ganj here, but I’m scared of everything. I used to avoid cheating on tests because I was afraid some presence unknown would penalize me. It was years into my adulthood before I realized  just how organic life is. No one is watching. We are all just animals that, for some reason, can talk to each other and are crazy intelligent. It doesn’t matter what we do, it only matters what we get caught doing. I’d rather have a more middle-ground view of things, but as usual I’ve gone from one extreme to the other.

I am not paranoid in Vietnam. I can just be my normal old self, and at 05:00 I am comfortable smoking on the street even. I did not know Vietnam would be like this. In all honest OMG a roach just crawled on my leg for the first time ever. Hella. Nasty! I feel violated. I’m also on the steady lookout now. Anyway. In all honesty I don’t know how Jo traveled here for a whole month and didn’t experience what I am experiencing. This place throws California vibes like you wouldn’t believe. When I got to the West Coast of America I was finally comfortable living in my country, and I thought I would never find that kind of comfort again, but I have found it in Vietnam.

Last night I was giving hella thought of moving to Detroit. Can you picture me living in Detroit? It all starts with the idea that I could live comfortably in Michigan also. Do you catch the pattern? When I look at a map of the USA and I think “Where is the best place for me to build a future?” Michigan is the only choice that jumps out as “Obvious.” It’s the perfect mix of cheap, yet growing; in my eyes. Is Michigan not on the come up? I saw a map on IG yesterday showing the fastest growing areas of America, and the whole midwest rustbelt was on there. The map covered the entire bottom half of Michigan, labeling it as growing. Not long ago I gave thought of opening a hostel in Ann Arbor, to catering to tourists, college football fans, and students. That could still be in the cards for me. I wonder what would happen if I saved up…$5000 in SF and then moved to Detroit. Think I would be living the good life? One thing that I am thinking about is starting a city blog. What if I moved to Detroit and just started blogging hard af? Just went HAM with it, and kept it up until I found success in Detroit. What if I became Detroit Famous? Is Detroit a world class city? Could I help turn it into one??

For a while I considered saving up some money, coming back out to Vietnam, and then opening a city blog here. I could easily move to Da Nang and start blogging about the city, but damn…I could have done that when I was there for the past three weeks too! I could be blogging/vlogging about Saigon right now as well, but I haven’t been. Maybe though, if I were to make the choice first and then choose the city to settle in to, I would find good fortune. I might want to make a major move to a new city, and then build some roots there. If I move to Detroit…I will potentially be rooted there. I’ve considered Chicago too, but that’s just…not my vibe. I don’t know why I know that, but I know Chicago is not my vibe.

What about starting a group that purchased investment properties in Detroit, Milwaukee, and Chicago? That way I could bite off a little piece of all that action. I was considering asking Kalen to come with me, and maybe Casey as well. I don’t know how much they would enjoy Detroit…but after a couple of years we might all be able to move onto bigger and better things. If we split the acquisition of a house three-ways and then fix it up a little and sell it five years down the road and split the money three ways? Or instead of selling it we started to rent it and then split that money three-ways? I think we could go real far with that. If all three of us had 10k and we invested 30k in a house, I don’t think there is any way we could go wrong anywhere in the United States.

Getting some investors would be key. If I could get people to invest in the property, and then I just manage it? Yeah, that’s the move. The big problem I have is that I don’t think I would like working in Detroit unless I was running my own business. I was thinking about asking my cousin if he wanted to open up a landscaping business there. Painting business. Restaurant? Car wash. I would need to keep myself busy somehow, and blogging might not pay the bills, especially at first. You know what I just realized? I need to go to fucking Detroit lol. I should go there! Otherwise how do I even know what I’m getting myself into. I can’t actually know if I want to move there without visiting first. So I guess that settles it. I’m going to Detroit.

*             *             *

I am now in the lobby of my hostel. I am  the only one down here. There is free breakfast, but I have only had the “fruit salad,” and I made that same choice today, except today I paid extra for yogurt. 10k Dong, we shall see how it is. I’m hoping to get like a…parfait? Is that what it is when you mix fruit and yogurt? Or do you need granola too? Soon the food will be up, and then I will eat. Today is Sunday, so it will probably be a slow day. It’s my 7th day in the city. The time is 08:08 in Saigon, and my breakfast just showed up.

It’s not bad. The yogurt is in a personal sized container. I thought they were going to dish it out from a larger container, you know? They must not go through very much. I dip the fruit in the yogurt. Arianna Grande is playing in the lobby here, and it’s pretty early for that sort of thing, but it’s tolerable.

I just downed all that fruit and yogurt. Except the watermelon, which has seeds so I didn’t want to eat it with the yogurt. Now I’ve only got the watermelon left. Never been a huge fan of watermelon, but that’s not to say I dislike it. I just prefer cantaloupe.

So I don’t think Detroit would be a good place to open a hostel. If I want to continue to travel the world though, Detroit would be a great location. I could leave in the winter; it would be a dream. I have given thought to having people from other countries come into Detroit and live/work. I could write a blog and translate it into a different language to help promote different types of tourism. OoOoOo OR I could work with someone/people who speak other languages. That could be my best move…I wonder if I can find anyone who wants to move to Detroit and start a business. My computer is going to die…I suppose I will let it charge while I go blow down a square out front.

*             *             *

This article has gotten way out of hand. Anyway. I am sitting in the lobby of my hostel eating peanuts and writing. I feel good about life, in this moment. It’s the 31st which means 12 days until I return. I have a flight at 05:00 on April 12th, and I intend to make it. I fly to Hong Kong, sit and write for four hours, and then I continue on my way over the pacific ocean to arrive in San Francisco five and a half hours after I left. Total travel time: 19 hours. I paid $490 for the flight from SGN to SFO. Philippine Airlines was running the same special, but I decided I’d rather fly though Hong Kong, so I choose their airline.

I checked out of my hostel today, sat in the lobby for a while, and then I checked right back in. I waited a couple of hours and then they put me in the same bed I had just been. Awesome. I am glad to still be here. I thought the Swiss girls were leaving but it turns out they leave tomorrow. I was already toying with staying at this hostel two more days, because that’s the limit on how long I can stay, so when they said they were staying; plus Will isn’t back yet, I decided to just see-out the seven day limit. I told you I liked the girl in the bed above me [she has really huge tits, you wouldn’t believe it], but that’s irrelevant anyway because I think it’s the other girl that’s keen on me. She asked if I was okay with her turning the light off last night, and it wasn’t that late so I was like “why tf this bitch goin to bed?,” but then I turned to look at her and she didn’t have any pants on. I told her she could turn the light off and went back to playing with my phone. Ten out of Ten would smash again.

That’s a joke. I’m playing one of those “men who never get laid but look! he came close” characters. That’s kind of me. I get laid sometimes. Maybe that’s being generous. I stopped eating the peanuts because, well, I’m done with the peanuts. I’ve yet to close the package. It’s still sitting here open. Breathing in the Saigon Flipside Hostel air. Mmm. Did you know you can order food from a website called Well, now you know. So if you’re ever in Vietnam! Now you can get food delivered. No problemo. Idk what they use in Mexico. I’d like to find out though. I have…intent, to go to Mexico City. I have no plans, reason to go, money, or time, but I would like to check out Mexico City without a doubt. It would be cool if my Dad came with me, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get him to come to Mexico with me. Okay. I ate another handful of peanuts. Even better then I remember.

Vietnam is a progressive country. I wonder if I’ll ever come back. Two girls just walked in. They sound American? Did I really just say that. I can’t believe I can identify my own accent now lol. Sounds like Hollywood though, so that’s like…unfair? They look Indian…is it wrong of me to assume? Oh shit, there’s a white girl too. She’s making a fuckton of noise dragging a suitcase upside-down down the stairs from the luggage room. I think it’s three American girls. I reckon that calls for a change of setting. I am really finding it peaceful here…but my plan was to go get a coconut coffee. Should I still? I read online that the place is expensive…I accidently walked inside on two different occasions; the walls are full of books and it’s a dark green, like a moldy bathroom, or the Slytherin dorm.

*             *             *

I am at the cafe. My table needs to be bussed, but I am not bothered by it. At least I know it’s popular. It was a little expensive at 59k for a coconut cafe, but I paid and I think I will be satisfied. Arianna Grande just came on the speakers. I love this song. It’s a remix of “My favorite things,” have you heard it? My coconut cafe just arrived and it’s hella lit. It’s worth the $3, I would say. It’s not even a whole $3. They gave me a spoon. If they don’t give you a spoon it’s a bum coconut cafe. Okay Arianna is over, back to reality. I can’t lay off the cafe! It’s dank, can’t even lie about it. Okay now something smooth, but unfamiliar has come to the speakers. I’m jiving though.

I’m still thinking about other U.S. cities to go inhabit. Idk if it’s worth it. I’m just going to have to go visit some more places in the U.S. and that’s all there is to it. I learned through IG last night that they are closing the MAC’D Marina location. That place has a lot of meaning and memories to me in San Francisco. I met Kalen there, who has turned in to one of my best friends. I got to work with Casey there; he was okay lol. It also means I can’t just jump into doing the same job when I get back. Even working at the other location was a little bit more difficult, just because it was run more strict. I don’t think any job will ever be as easy as MAC’D was though. Those were the days. I should have never left, and by now I’d have a couple thou in the bank. Alas. I did leave, and now I am writing to you from Saigon; the time is 16:21.

I will probably just zoom through this coconut coffee and then get outta dodge. Idk what I am going to do tonight. probably not jack. I should get food, realistically, because I haven’t eaten since breakfast. Brekkie, as the Australians call it. What would I like to eat…Hmm? That’s always the question. I am realizing how unhealthy I eat back in the states, because to choose something I would choose at home is to choose something unhealthy. Burrito? Bad af for you. Burger; Pasta; Pizza; Fried Chicken is all unhealthy. If I eat Pho, I at least feel like I am eating healthy. Oh. There is this Bun cha place down the road. Maybe I will eat there…they let you order extra noodles right from the get-go and I like that. The coconut cafe is almost gone. I took a picture. I am so addicted to sugar. and cigarettes. I want a cigarette. Shit. The fucking vice is back in full force, I can feel it. But I still have confidence. I smoke so fucking back-to-back much that it’s gotta be from one extreme to the other, or nothing. I feel that shit in my blood lol.

Being in Vietnam I’ve been giving a lot of thought to opening a Vietnamese restaurant, or just any sort of foreign restaurant. More like a coffee shop that also serves Egg Coffee. If I opened a hostel I could hire a Vietnamese trade-worker and then maybe Vietnamese folks would come visit my hostel. If I set up a hostel in Detroit would any Vietnamese even visit? I doubt it. I don’t think the average citizen of Vietnam; aka the people that I’ve met can afford a plane ticket, much less a round trip ticket.

I feel it deep the opportunity and possibility to just save some more money in SF and then keep traveling. I feel it. Idk if that is what I want to do, it’s certainly too soon to tell, but I know it’s possible and even though I feel like it would lead to a higher chance of me being unhappy later, I still know I might just do it: save and travel. I really want to go to Stockholm. Ever since I read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo I have wanted to go there. Plus…the women. I’d marry a Swedish girl forsure. Sometimes I wonder if I, say, decided to go to Sweden for a summer and find a wife, like that was my goal, would I be successful? Also, what does that make me…morally speaking? Am I evil. Girls are so plentiful! I love some and hate others. Is it wrong to choose a mate based on their passport? I think…I need help answering this one lol. The light above my head has a birdcage as a lampshade? 1) It’s not effective and 2) I just stood up and found myself inside a birdcage. Yellow by Coldplay just came on the speakers. This is my Grandma’s song, at least I consider it as such. She passed away…I remember that morning on the video chat with her…she wasn’t conscious really…and then at night Danae wanted to go to this party for her work, she had been telling me about it for weeks; I just left and started walking. I walked all around that part of Seattle that I lived in, all the way up to Capitol Hill and then back to Pike Street. I got a call while I was out that my Grandma passed away. That was a sad night. The next day I was sitting smoking a cigarette in the smoking room at the Seattle Green Tortoise, and someone came in and told me there was a guest in the lobby trying to sell a Coldplay ticket for $10. I saw Coldplay that night. They opened with Yellow. I was still thinking about my Grandma. It was hard not to cry at that concert but I aint no bitch. The song is over. A new Coldplay song now. The Scientist? I think. Well anyway. Those were days…I thought the death of my grandmother would somehow help motivate me and propel me into bigger and better things. She never got to see me move to San Francisco, the city I now call home. Idk if she thinks it’s bigger and better. That’s all I can talk about my grandma right now.

I am thinking about leaving this Cafe so I can smoke a cigarette. Ha! My grandma would like that one. She clung onto smoking. I feel that shit Grandma. Mmphff. I think I will hit the road. This Coldplay shit is killing my vibe. I am excited about going back to San Francisco, but it doesn’t compare to the home I can never go back to because my grandma isn’t there. I can, and do visit the house though. Okay. Peace from Cong Cafe. I’ll talk to you soon. 15 pages strong!

*             *             *

I’m on the roof of my hostel blazing one up. I’m gonna be done early again tonight, I can feel it. This isn’t as fat as the one I rolled earlier, but it’s getting the job done lol. I bought a grinder! I bought a fucking grinder. It was only like four bucks and I really think it was a good investment. If I had switched hostels I wonder what I would be doing right now. Honestly I would probably be writing some better material lol. I also considered that Will is going to come back, and then if he stays a couple of night here I will have to go because I already paid up until Tuesday, and that’s my seven day limit. Where will I go next? I know not. All the hostels are in one area though, so I probably won’t go far.

I am already feeling used to consumption again. I will need to take a break before I head back to Cali. I already talked about that, I know I did. Jeez, this place plays Bruno Mars a lot. So two years ago, don’t you know? They living on the Flipside though, I get it.

I definitely need to move onto story telling. I would love it if I was working on some sort of interesting story right now…so why am I not? Maybe I am scared of failure; you know, in the broad sense. It’s also that I always want to jump into a huge story, instead of just telling the small ones, but I rush the small ones anyway so there is no telling if a long one would be a good one, because the short ones are so blasé. I should just write a short story about Will getting that handy the other day, that would be a good one. Or just anything. I have this grand idea in my head that I am going to write some sort of coming-of-age, travelers story. Ha. We shall see. I write a lot, but it’s so unstructured. Am I ready to put in the work?

I need a writing project that I can’t get enough of! This blog is…easy, at this point. I’ve given up on having it be worth anything monetarily, and so it is just a whatever blog; I put whatever on it and it doesn’t affect anything yet. I hope in the future this blog will help me, and not leave me with a tarnished reputation. I’ve talked so much shit on this blog, and I don’t remember most of which I have written. Terrible. Stories are the move for me. I realized, as I was thinking between writing this paragraph and the last one, playing on my phone, that I do tell stories, I just don’t dive into them. It’s more like I’m rambling on my blog, and then I need to tell a story to explain something that way I can move on with the ramble. That’s not how it should be. I need to, if I’m not going to get better at telling stories within this format, cut those stories out [mentally speaking] and paste them into their own universe. Forever I have thought it would be cool to create my own universe like Tolkien or Adams, but I just realized that I have my own universe. My own unique group of friends and people I’ve met. My own morals I’ve learned which govern my universe. I have my own superpowers that have allowed me to travel around the world. I would like to create my own world, but for now I will just show you the one I occupy.

Ugh. It’s like, that would be a perfect place to end this article, but I’m not about to start editing right now. It’s dark. It’s late. Whatchu want? I gotta lotta excuses. I’m gonna smoke a square and think about life and shit for a second, then write some more, then…go to my room and be bored? I still haven’t figured out what people who aren’t always drinking do with their time. I just sneezed three huge ones into my shirt. I still feel it in my nose tho. Oh no. If I was here long I would have time to go to some concerts. Actually, I guess I do have time, but I don’t consider myself having the money to do so. Okay. Ciggy ciggy smoke break. Bitch.

Jo is writing her own blog now. I haven’t read it. Someday. I was just chatting it up with these two English guys that were on the roof before I got here. I asked one of them to turn on the light and then he asked me where I am from. That’s the thing about traveling, the same ole questions never get boring. I do get bored of having that same conversation, but not more than I get bored of asking people what they want in their MAC.

I feel quite tired after smoking that cigarette. I might go downstairs. I am thinking about going to eat again too. Terrible. I just had some Vietnamese chicken curry. It was so good. It wasn’t as good as Panang Curry I would say…but it was quite good. The consistency was like that of cheese, and I didn’t know what to think about it because…it wasn’t cheese. When I picture it now I picture it like an egg yolk but with the consistency of the white part. My computer says it’s on battery stretch, but also that it has an hour and a half left of life…I was thinking I might stop writing. I might stop anyway. It’s hot af up here on this roof, and that’s just cuz it’s Saigon. It’s dark. The daytime is just atrocious. No shade up here, all sun, beating down on you. Probably a good place to catch a tan though. I should try and catch a tan before I leave. That would be the move.

Going downstairs, going downstairs. What will it do for me? I’ll probably just end up in bed playing on my phone, like always. It’s a good life though. I learn a little and get carpal tunnel a lot. I talk about ladies a lot, and I’d quite like to meet one…thick with blond hair…but I wouldn’t even know what to do if I met her. Talk about the weather? That’s the type of shit I do. I’ll probably do better on my home-turf. That’s another good thing about living in hostels. I could continue to stay at hostels sometimes when I go back, if I’m bored and want a place to write or whatever. Oh wait, I’ll just travel to new places and stay in hostels there. Like LA, LV, and New Orleans, which so many of my friends have been to but I’ve never been. I would like to do business where I get to travel. Selling T-Shirts, anyone?!? Ha. I am still on that kick, and hopefully I stay on it because I really believe it will work. Just gotta have that initial investment.

Today I thought of an idea for a blog. I hope I didn’t already talk about this. The idea is that I am a website you go to, and I link to you to all the different city blogs. I could have a front page where I display some of the most popular blogs or cities, and I can have a list of most popular and then I can have an index where you can search for blogs by city or state. Let’s say you’re going to Toledo, Ohio. Want some information on that area? If there is a blog about Toledo, we will find it and have it ready for you to find too. What do you think about that idea? Good? Bad? Too much work? So easy it’s already stolen? Yeah, I believe you.

I’m chillin on this roof right now. I can see a tall building lit up in the distance, and I think it’s the one that looks like it has a UFO sticking out of it. Very cool looking building overall, and it’s nice to look at at night. Tonight is Sunday night. A good Sunday night. I remember as a kid sometimes Sunday nights would feel the loneliest, but tonight? It don’t feel anysuch way. What do I look for in a city? Friends. I see now the importance of having friends. Without Casey and Kalen to talk to, what would I have done in San Francisco anyway? Gotta do some stuff if you want to have anything to write about. Sometimes I think about going back to drinking because it would be good for my writing, maybe. Although it might make me lazy too and then I never write anything. But I haven’t returned to drinking. I honestly believe if I go the rest of my life without drinking alcohol, I have a real shot at making a million dollars. What do you reckon? Yes? No? I think it’s feasible. With that…I’m going to sign off? I still don’t quite feel like leaving.  But it’s like…I’m going to have to edit all this bs. We’re at 18 pages now. wtf how did we get so deep into this? I just don’t know. I just don’t…know if this is healthy lol. The fact that I could go the rest of my life and only a handful, maybe 20 people, could be all that ever read this. Is that crushing? Only on my soul. Only on my soul…

I’m thinking about smoking another cigarette. Ahhhhh a breeze. That was so nice. It’s so nice when the breeze comes. and you can actually feel it up here on this rooftop. Okay, I am going to smoke that cigarette now. The time is 18:59. How long do you think I’ll be gone for? || The time is 19:05 and I’m still smoking, but I think I’m gonna shut it down and good eat some sugar or something. Peace! for now…

*             *             *

It is now the morning of April Fool’s Day. This is not a drill. I don’t think they celebrate afd in Vietnam though, so I’m just gonna blow past it like it aint even there. Normally I am alone in the smoking room of TOGO Coffee, but today there is a bearded fella and his lass sitting across from me; the long way not the short way, which is decided not by the shape of the room, but by a rectangular table in the center of it. They are sitting over there, and I am sitting over here. I still haven’t drank my coffee yet. I am waiting for the ice to melt a little. But then I’m gonna drink it and smoke a cigarette. That’s like the highlight of my day, which is sad, because it means I am not keeping myself busy enough. If I really wanted it, I could have jumped into teaching English. Naw tho. I would rather work in a restaurant? Certainly not! But damn, I just feel like there is some opportunity for me in SF; just gotta really get out, meet people, go places, and find the individuals I am looking to associate with.

I talk a lot about blogging, and selling T shirts. Last night I thought of a blog about blogs. My considerations have gone deeper, but not as of late. I still consider school as an answer to my problems. sometimes. For the shirts, I keep coming back to “Why not just start screen-printing,” but it’s like…I don’t want to screen print lol. I would accept less money to have someone else do that, you know? What else can I sell? I considered custom drawn maps, and then I moved on to consider any sort of art; if it can be made, I should be able to sell it. One of a kind pieces of art. I should have DL do a series for me. But then what about naming and marketing? I’ll have to get on that. I could have him paint me a series, on wood, and then we could do them up nice and sell them for $420 a pop. Mmmmm the CaPhe Sua is very good today. Time for that cigarette; I’m going to message Dennis.

I messaged Dennis. No response yet. If I started selling art, that would be a fucking move. I could be an art dealer lol. Whoa…I should start an IG that just reposts other artists that are selling their art…like that’s it. I’m just a place to browse a bunch of random, cool artists. I like that idea so much, I might act on it today…maybe even right now lol. Hmm…what do I name the IG page? I am just going to use my asmr.apparel ig to do this, since I have not done anything with that username yet. art4sale is taken, plus it’s kind of too…generic.  notyourmothersart is available. artincrease is available.  Okay well I changed my [other] IG name from asmr.apparel to arts.prints.originals and I made my profile photo a picture of the Coldplay “Love” pins on my bag. I haven’t reposted anything…but I will! I spend enough time on my phone where I should be able to pull this off lol. Awh. My computer is going to die…should I let it? I could return home already. I might drink another CaPhe Sua though. Also, I’ll plug in my computer.

Computer plugged. Coffee ordered and recieved. This is the first time I’ve actually ordered two of these things in a row; let’s see how it goes. They are just littered with sugar, it’s kinna crazy. But it’s so good! Ugh lol. I’m probably gonna fuck my stomach up drinking two of these. So I am already losing my oomph with the art page. It’s like…there’s so many people doing that already! But you know…I just need to breath…and remember that I am going to have to do a lot of trial-and-fucking-error if I want to get anywhere with business. Reposting art would be like the easiest choice I could make right now. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. I’ll start by posting…three piece of art a day. I find it, and post it if it is for sale, and I just start growing from there. After a month…maybe I’ll have some followers. We shall see. My problem is going to be finding new artist all the time. I can’t always be posting with the same people. I might end up featuring a lot of San Francisco artists since that is where I will be. I do like the name though. art.prints.originals. It describes exactly what we do; We sell originals pieces of art, as well as limited-run prints. Okay. So I’ll make a description for the page explaining that that is what we do. I will also have to keep track of if a piece of art has been sold or not. Damn this cafe drink is so sugary and good.

I guess eventually I could move into other businesses involving art. My computer just restarted. I also messaged my Dad. He wants to own rental properties, and holy shit man, so do I. I think we gotta start with a smaller business though. Like selling something online, I think that is the move for my family right now.

So I’ve got this ig page I’m trying to handle now. Think I’ll keep myself busy? I literally do nothing out here. I could spend the whole day filming videos and I wouldn’t miss a beat. I got this really sweet picture of a kid spitting fire last night. I wanted a different kid to be the one who spat the fire, but his friend got to my money first. Tonight I think I will go try and find the first kid, and then pay him to spit fire and get a photo of that as well. It will make for some epic ig photos.

In a little while I am going to head back to my hostel. Then what? I suppose I should plan out some more endeavors. I gotta make this money, and I want to make it online. One ig page is a good start, plus I’ve got this long winded blog, but I want more. I could film some more videos today? Yeah, maybe I’ll do that. Or edit this post. I should also be reading more. I might just work on my ig art page though. I could follow a grip of folks and get to posting! Woo. I wonder how long I’ll keep this up for though. Knowing me, I could quit before this post even goes live.

The time is 08:37 in Saigon, and I don’t know what the move is. I just sit here and write and smoke cigarettes every morning. It can’t be healthy. I just finished a square, and I am already thinking about lighting another one. When I do quit I gotta quit in the morning, because if I have a square in the morning the rest of the day is a wrap. Whoop! I feel a poop coming on. Okay. I guess I am going to go drop this deuce and then return to my hostel. Peace!

*             *             *

The date is April 2nd and the time is 17:40. I am sat in my room dreaming about writing a book, and then instead of continuing my outline I decided to write. Twenty pages though…yikes. That’s hella editing. If I don’t get to this soon it will seriously get lost. Maybe I should do that tomorrow. But I also want to start work on this story idea I have, while it’s still fresh in my mind! Hmm. I have a good, rugged, explicit story for the world, and I think the world is going to like it. At first I was considering a short story, but as I wrote the outline I realized I could say quite a lot. I suppose I just have to write how I write [freestyle lol], but I want to make an outline, that way I can create a well-thought-out, organized piece of writing. Hopefully something I feel like investing money in printing copies of, and then boom! I’ve accomplished one of those bucket list goals. Early in life too. and if it were to become popular or whatever, then I would have time to write even more crazy stories. So. The story is something I have lived, and within a couple of days I hope to have the outline finished, and then I will begin work, and I’m just going to…write until I feel finished with the story. If it’s 10 page’s that’s cool, if it’s 100 pages that’s cool too. Only time will tell.

Right now I am feeling…a little tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night. I had to get Will to the airport and it was the most dramatic thing ever. He was way fucked up. I hope it went well for him in Bejeing. I think he would be on his second flight by now. So that all ended at 03:45, and I was asleep by 04:20 forsure. Then I woke up at 09:57, went down stairs and extended my stay [which I’m really too broke for], then I ate some fruit for the free breakfast. It was a good start to the day, even with little sleep. I never usually sleep late. It’s just not my thing; never has been. Except when I used to drink, but that was long ago that I spent my days sleeping; it feels long ago.

My room is quite hot. I was going to head to the roof and smoke a J before, but they are doing work in the stairwell, and right when I went to head to the roof, they [as a team, to me] dropped a huge steel beam down the center of the circular stairwell. After I saw that I turned right around and went back into my room. Went to the porch and did what I do. Square. Came inside. Now I wrote all this. Where are we again?

I think I will…stop writing and…go outside? I have literally nothing to do except for write and read. I’d like to meet some women I guess, I think that’s what’s missing. Maybe I will go out and meet people. I’m pretty strange and awkward, and it makes it weird for everyone when I’m there lol, but I still have fun. We shall see. The clubs are soooo loud here it’s like insanityininininsanity. To go, or not to go? For now I will save this, close the computer up, sit on my phone for a while, and then head for greener pastures. Peace!

*             *             *

This is the last post on this article, no matter what happens. It’s April 4th at 08:54 morning side, and I am at Workshop Coffee in downtown Saigon. The coffee shop is upstairs so it’s kind of…strange? to get to. It feels like you’re entering a speakeasy [I imagine] as you ascend the steps toward coffee. Awh. My breakfast just arrived…which I might start calling brekkie because that’s a cheesy, but cool word, anyway, this was not worth 125k size wise. Lets test the taste though. I was actually trying to save money because I am running real low af. I am thinking I might go to the Mekong Delta tonight so I can chill out and save money for a couple of days. We shall see. My day wasn’t supposed to start with a 125k omelet, but I wanted to try this place before I left. I just wanted a dbl shot of espresso and instead I’ve bought cappuccino and an omelet. I overthought it and have done too much. I like trying espressos. It’s kind of a cool thing I’ve found I enjoy. So why do I have a cappuccino?

This place reminds me a lot of 43 Factory Coffee in Da Nang…except a little dingier. I used to like dingy places a lot, but these days I prefer the finer things in life. Okay, this food is pretty damn good I can’t even lie about it. Even though I paid 125k for this, which is like $5-$6, I am happy. I won’t be crazy full, but I’ll be happy…and maybe even healthy? Probably not. My cappuccino is here. It’s a dbl shot, let’s find out the taste tho. || Okay whoa. I got lost in the food for a while there. Okay! I just came up with a plan! I am going to take time to write my next story, which may turn into a book if I am not careful, and I am going to market it the right way…I am going to market myself as a modern day beat who travels the world while making a home in SF. I think that’s my move. I am going to use Instagram. I am going to need a team…I need to meet and chill with some other writers in San Francisco.

I should have gotten the espresso. Now I don’t even know what the espresso tastes like! The cappuccino is not all that. I would not order it again. Maybe I don’t know what a good cappuccino is supposed to taste like tho, forreal. I never even had one before I left the usa. For. Real. People are coming in now, it was a little dead when I arrived. I want to smoke a cigarette. There is actually a table out in the hallway where I can smoke, and so I am probably going to move out there. I might order another espresso, and at 65k or 75k for a dbl, I am looking at like a 225k bill. Fuck me! that’s a lot for some coffee in Vietnam. I am glad I came here to itch that curiosity, since I read several articles stating that this is supposed to be the spot for coffee, but I am finding to like it less than 43 Factory [granted they’re in two different cities], which I loved the coffee and hated the cups they serve it in. Here they have food, which is good if you are looking for that sort of thing, but I really just wanted to try the espresso and I have failed to do even that. 43 Factory was a little cheaper. Da Nang is sometimes cheaper and sometimes more expensive than Saigon, but as is economics, wouldn’t you say? Okay. I am going to move to the hallway. I know I am going to smoke that square and my throat is going to hurt a little, and I’m going to type slower while I’m smoking because I have to type funny while holding a square. I will quit soon. I feel it. I haven’t smoked a square since I woke up today, and that’s always the first step. Eventually it will be the last step. Quitting smoking starts in the morning, I have never been more sure of anything.

I’m in the hallway smoking a square now, and there is this bulletin board out here full of business cards. So what did I do? I tacked the very last of my 500 business cards to that board; slipped it behind a business card advertising small batch gin. So I am fixin to make an epic IG post right now, where I post a picture of the board and tag everyone I can. First I need to get the wifi. That should keep me busy for like 20 minutes tho. I shouldn’t be wasting time, but I am just so good at it.

I gave up on that idea quick. After I walked up to the board to look at all the cards, I realized the size of the task, trying to find all these people on IG. Nah. I’m cool on that, at least right now. The time is 09:33. I have to be back at the hostel to check out at 11:00. Technically I have a booking down the street; 4 nights for $10, which is pretty damn good. But I might just go to the Mekong Delta with this Israeli guy I met two days ago, Dani. I met him the night that Will left actually, and he stayed up to see Will to the taxi with me. What I should really be doing is working on my outline for the “Chronicles of Will,” which I have decided I shall name something else. I am going to write the whole trip I had with Will, but I am going to change all the names. I think there is enough interesting bits to make a whole 100 or maybe 120 pages out of. I saw some crazy shit! It will be a good run. First though, I gotta write the thing. So I am writing a long-winded outline of everything that happened for the duration of the story, and then I am going to create character profiles for all the people I intend to portray, which will include naming them, and then I am going to spend some time writing the story. I have considered going to City Lights and seeing if they will work with me. I should read some of the work they have published before I walk in there though. I feel like they might be a little more…modern…than I am with my writing. They started with the Beat movement, but to think they would be stuck on the same shit is just preposterous. I’m about to write a pretty vile story. Maybe I will be able to print it and sell it myself. We shall see. Maybe Milwaukee will have my back! Or fucking Detroit. This could be my ticket into Detroit lol.

I suppose I am going to make a fictional, slightly altered version of myself, and then I can use that same person for every story. You know Robert Langdon? He is always the lead in Dan Brown novels [at least the popular ones that I have read], and it works out. You get to know the guy. Well, if I model the main character after myself, I should have no problem writing about him forever. The fun/problematic part is I have to name this person, and subsequently everyone in the story, and I have to make them just a little more interesting than in real life, you know? It’s story time now, no more reality bs. I am going to write a story about travel, and honestly I am hoping it brings a ton of Americans to the backpackers circuit out here. My sister should come out here, I think she would enjoy it.

So much work. The writing doesn’t even feel like work, but I feel like I am on the wrong end of my journey for any chilling out. I return to SF in 8 fucking days! That’s so close. I am going to land with pretty much nothing in my bank account, and I am going to find a job straightaway. Maybe I live with Casey? I will at least crash at his place until I can get on my feet. Maybe a week, or two weeks. I have decided I should get a job I will enjoy. The question is, do I work shit hours at a hotel, or work good hours at a restaurant? I don’t really want to work in restaurants, but if I find a gig that’s like 6am to 2pm or something, I think it would be wise for me to jump on that. Working overnight in hospitality I wouldn’t have to cut my beard, but I just don’t know if I am ready for a schedule like that. I can barely figure out the next eight days though, so I’ll worry about what’s in front of me first. I need to figure out if I am going to the Mekong Delta tonight or not. If I am…I need to be ready. Either way I need to be ready because I will be checking out of my hostel today. The bus my friend is taking is at 9pm. If I take a night bus I will save a little on accommodation. It’s like 120k or something for the bus. Then I’m chillin in the lobby of my hostel all day, I can see it now. The Delta would be good for me though, I know it. Spend 5 or 6 days there and get back to my “normal” self before I return to SF. I want SF to be refreshing, not the same old. I can’t be smoking cigs when I get back there either! We know this already though.

The time is 09:51 now. I suppose I will return to my hostel soon. Maybe smoke one more cig? So bad…so bad. I really should smoke another. That will be three cigs practically back-to-back. Eh. Then I return to my hostel, pack up, and I’m in the lobby by 11…and then I need to decide if I’m going to the Delta or not. I need to talk to the Israeli guy forsure and figure this all out. I booked a bed on right down the street, like I said, so If I decide to go there I can do that too. Why wouldn’t I go to the Delta though? Exactly!

I just took a pee. I thought that would help me make a decision. It hasn’t. Okay! One more cig, and then I pay, call a grab, and arrive at the hostel with time to spare. I guess I am a little nervous for my journey to be ending. It’s been nice. It’s been especially nice just going through life and not having to worry about much. I see the folly in my ways now; spending too much on coffee and now I will be broke lol. Next time I might play my cards differently. I am excited to return, don’t get me wrong, but it does mean going back to work, without a doubt. and MAC’D is closed now, so no returning to my old job! Oh shit! I also have to remember to file taxes. I will arrive with two days to spare, but I could do it from the TurboTax app at anytime so I might do it before I return.

Well this coffee shop was nice, but I would have never made a thing out of coming here every day. Too expensive. I am glad I came and experienced it though. Google says Can Tho [the city I am thinking about traveling to tonight] is only 3 hours and 34 minutes away. Damn. So if we are leaving at 21:00 we are arriving in the middle of the night. I’ll have to talk to Dani about that. I guess I feel like this is the end of the journey right now. The last week is upon us. If I go to the Delta, then say peace out to my Saigon travels because I will only be back for a day or two. My cig is finished now. I just put it out. So I am going to save this and hit the road! My intention is to edit this instead of writing more, so I’ll catch you next time. Hopefully on a shorter article. Peace!


* * *

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