Today is an exciting day! I am on my way back to San Francisco! At the moment, I am writing to you from the Hong Kong International Airport. Very mountainous here. My flight doesn’t leave for like 4 hours, and in fact it isn’t even listed on the departures yet so idk what gate to sit at. I bought a blueberry muffin from this place called Pacific Coffee, which I am sitting across from. The muffin was 18 HKD [Hong Kong Dollars], or $2.29 USD. So not cheap, but not expensive. It’s not an amazing muffin, but it’s going to hold me over. I am still having stomach issues, and so I am thinking I won’t eat a ton before my flight. I read online that there is supposed to be a Popeye’s Chicken inside this airport, but I can’t find it. That would have been cool to try two chicken chains that are American two days in a row, both new and both consumed away from home. Alas. I sit here crushing a muffin. [UPDATE: I met a couple from Texas, and they were eating Burger King. They said they had to take a train from one part of the airport to a different part of the airport to get the BK, and the workers didn’t even leave off the tomato! [mediocre service], but this also means the airport is muchh larger than I thought, and I probably missed my chance to get Popeye’s in HK, although I bet it would have been a trek and a mission to find that shit.]

Lots of boats on the water! I saw as the plane landed. The time is 09:38 on Friday April 12th, and that means I land in San Francisco in less than 1 hour! Woo. Except I’ve gotta fly over the whole Pacific Ocean first…and I’ll be flying against the sun so I’ll do a 24 hour day in like 12 hours, or something like that. I’ve been up for quite a while, and I feel quite tired, which is the goal. Is it possible to sleep a full 8 hours on a plane? I imagine those rich mf’s in first class have no issue, but how about for the people in the seats? I teeter totter between thinking plans are a fair price, and thinking they are too expensive.  When will plane travel become a government subsidized commodity? First class flights for all!

I just coughed a little bit of chewed muffin into my hand and then ate it back up. The good life. Okay. I think…I am bored. Which is the worst attitude to have at this stage in the game! I know I am about to go through 12 hours of turmoil to reach my homeland…and to start it by saying “I’m bored?” That’s just fucking lame. I can bored the plane at noon, and that’s only 2 hours and 15 minutes from now; HK is an hour ahead of Vietnam.

You know [obviously] I can sit down and talk to anyone that speaks English; and I am just thinking about how it’s crazy learning the world through that medium. The last friend I made before leaving Saigon, he is this guy named Hussein. He’s black, his father is from Ethiopia, his mother from Djibouti, and he was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. He can speak Arabic better than he can speak English. He seemed only a little different than the people I grew up with, and that was strange part. Once someone can speak your language and tell you their story, you start to see just how alike people, all people, really are. Idk what else to say about that. Sometimes it’s cool, sometimes it’s lame.

I can picture walking out of the Montgomery BART station, and I am just so excited to be there. and Casey has the day off?!? Literally my lucky fucking day. I am going to make him sit down at a cafe and do my taxes with me, and then hopefully I’ll be looking forward to some money in the mail, which I will hopefully be able to invest. I have to pay some debts too, but maybe I can have that all figured out by the time the tax return arrives. I bet Casey works Saturday though. Ehh. I can already feel myself waiting until Monday to get a job, forreal. I suppose I’ll go into a couple of places I know about and start there. If I can avoid working at a restaurant…I might avoid it lol. I am thinking about this cafe uptown that I used to go to…and now that I am thinking about it I wonder if the lady who owns it was trying to sleep with me?!?! She totally was. Well, maybe I’ll go try and work for her. I’ve never done something as exciting as fucking my boss, knowing that she is married, but I feel I am in a good place in my life to take advantage of the things I possess that would allow for that.

I can picture myself sitting here; I can see it in my head: keeping busy writing for the next three hours. I really don’t know if that is happening. I think…I want food! So maybe I will go try and find food. The goal is to fall asleep no later than 4 hours into the flight, but no sooner than 2. Sooo there is balance to be achieved here. Okay! I am going to pack up, and go find my gate. Might whip my laptop out again and write more while I’m here…or on the plane, but otherwise? See your ass in San Francisco.


* * *

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