4.20 @ SPARC

I am at SPARC, and I am really disappointed to say I just spend $63 on a half ounce of weed. Just a couple of days ago I was looking into the prospects of purchasing by the pound for $250 per. Ugh. It wasn’t a lit 420. Now there is ppl at my table. I’m gonna smoke a j.


Wow. What an evening, especially after the day I had. So I closed up my computer after a group of three people sat down to my same table at SPARC and starting talking to me just a little bit. I thought it was about to be a full on conversation I got into, but it really wasn’t all that much. So I sat and smoked the vape, sharing the Volcano with the 3-person group and then one phone-loner sitting next to me. Eventually they left; in reverse order, and then a group of five gents from NYC sat down. Well they just said New York…but I think they meant the city. To me, they implied that they live in the City of New York, not just the state. I chatted it up with them, and found it interesting when I asked: “ever been to Chicago,” and the guy closest to me replied “No. I hear it’s small and windy.” BOOM. Small and windy. Idk if that’s how I’d describe Chicago, because Milwaukee is so small in comparison, but ‘small and windy’ doesn’t sound good; if that’s how 5 New Yorkers know your city. lol

Soothe small bit of writing from SPARC was like 19:00, and I was there for like an hour and a half. Currently the time is 21:08 and I am writing to you from Happy Donuts in North Beach. I have too many stories to tell…how can it be that I say that? I spend so much time writing, I ought to just tell the storie. So actually those guys from NYC left SPARC and then a new guy sat down named Raj, and he is from the city, and he was doing the rounds to the smoke shops tonight for 4/20. Interesting thing though, he works at The Ferry Building, and I was like “Oh cool, my roommate works at Farm Fresh Produce…or Fresh To You Produce or something like that,” and before I even finished my sentence he was like “Oh ha, really? I think I know who he is.” “Hmm, Yeah?” I replied “Yeah. Let’s just leave it at that.”

Whattt the fuck does that mean you guys? He knows Casey because Casey is…a lunatic? He is a bit crazy man; does totally abnormal stuff, no doubt. I just left it lie. I didn’t pick it up. He knows the guy I live with just because…there is probably only one guy who’s eclectic and sticks out at the Fresh Grocery Store. So you know: I had a rough 4/20. Kalen has the total plug on weed, and what happens? We run out of weed like moments after 4/20. He also told me he is going to stop buying weed, so essentially stop smoking. He has been acting in a strangely irritated manner as of late, and I would judge he is having both: some problems with people from his homeland, and some general growing pains with life. He has a pretty basic, but good job, and he is on the road to shallow success; but still success. I get how that can be lame, but it’s gotta be more than that. He has just been acting a fool as of late. He broke his pipe a while back, and now he just went total flat-out lameo on us for 4/20. Casey wasn’t bothered, but I was; a little. We didn’t even smoke a good joint today! Kalen is obviously having something upsetting him, but idk if I want to get into that with him. I’ll just write about it on my website…for my 4/20 post.

There is this group of people next to me getting really into the gambling machines here at Happy Donuts. Kinna wild. Idk if I would ever want to get that into gambling. So what’s my plan for tomorrow? Well Casey has the day off, so he is just going to wonder. I would like to find a job. I think I am…fed up. I hate that I smoke weed and then I am so mellow about everything. I am not happy with my living situation! Or my money situation! I should have been had a job by now. Idk. I am fucking up my second SF start. So I am going to work on that tomorrow; the getting a job thing. Hopefully send out like 5-10 emails, and maybe even walk into a place. I need to cut off my beard, definitely by Monday.

The lady gave me an extra donut. I was confused at first, but it is as I figured: kind of a damaged donut, plus it’s 4/20. I can not wait to start working and making some money in this city. Can. Not. Wait. But I have to wait. I think I have written that same phrase before. Recently, maybe. I am eating my third donut btw. Wow. Three ole fashion’s. You think I’ll live to see 97 years old? That would be a good age to view things from. It would be crazy if my G made it to 97. 2033. That is the year he will be 97. I will be 41. Think I will still be writing this blog? Honestly I hope so. I was wondering to myself today if I will ever want to, in my older years, go back and re-read my oldoldold posts, and I came to the conclusion that if I keptkeptkept writing, then I would have no interest in my old posts, or rereading any of my work in general. I have a seriously unhealthy fascination with donuts, that’s all I know. Omg I want to eat another one, but it’s like ughhh I am sickly full rn forreal. I’m actually not full…but I have consumed a lot of sugar, and I think it’s affecting my joy.

So my plan is to go back to Casey’s, pee, crash, wake up at probably…6 or 7 in the morning like usual, and then head over to USCH…maybe BSCR if I am feeling frisky, and get some coffee and a pastry and sit down and edit…all of my writing? All of it! and then move onto looking for work. After? Idk. Probably go meet up with Casey since I need him to get into the house. Okay. That’s it…the time is 21:36 in San Francisco and I am saying peace out. These cats to my right are still gambling on the machine but they haven’t won anything. Okay peacepeacepeace. H appy 420420420420 … .. .. .


* * *

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